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Enter the first social contest to reward writers and readers in the search for the next blockbuster story. Entry period ends August 13, 2014
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  1. Contest schedule

    Three Rounds of reviewing, rating and voting to discover the next blockbuster story.

  2. August



    Entry period ends

    Submit your story before it's too late!
  3. August



    Round 1

    Review your favorite stories to win!

  4. September



    Round 2

    Who will make it to the top 100?

  5. October



    Round 3

    Final round of voting!

  6. November



    Announcing grand prize winner and finalists

Latest Stories

Art cover for the book "kamaria – Birth of a new breed". kamaria – Birth of a new breed by Orion Diaram   This is different by which it was written to put the reader in that position. It's all very well telling a story, but this was written in such a way which makes you ask "What would I have done if this was all happening to me?" Putting people into a sense of the unknown and danger, you can't help but know the characters. Even I cried at the end! Read all
Art cover for the book "ALEXA". ALEXA by T.C Chadinha   I'm an ex-Murder and Robbery Detective Captain from South Africa. I write from experience. From the heart. And the readers will feel that. I take them on an authentic journey through a labyrinth of bloody corridors. Thrilling and fast-paced. Gripping. Read all
Art cover for the book "Brogan’s 14 Rules of the Wilderness". Brogan’s 14 Rules of the Wilderness by Kaitlyn Morgan   A scared, 13 year old girl decides to take charge of her own life when it seems like there's nothing left she can do. On her adventure, she recounts the many reasons why she's left home and what she's learnt in the beautiful wilderness. This is a great book about overcoming your fears and making the right choices that will change your entire life. Read all
Art cover for the book "This Side of the Sphere". This Side of the Sphere by Camille Moore   The Technosphere is the first autonomous robot world. The inhabitants have not seen a human since the Schism which sent a divide between them and their human creator, as well as among themselves. One young robot has made it her mission to bridge the gap by promoting a life-saving upgrade to descendants of the robots who rejected it long ago. Read all
Art cover for the book "The Vampire Collector". The Vampire Collector by Scott Norman   The Vampire Collector includes elements of: Bram Stoker's Dracula The DaVinci Code In the Name of the Rose CSI FACT: The Carta Monastery, which has been open for 292 years, is closed 18 years after the death of V Vlad the Impaler,the figure who inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula. The Vampire Collector addresses what happened during those 18 years. Read all

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