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Art cover for the book "Go in Peace". Go in Peace by Jeff Forristal   A mysterious hitman—a former Buddhist monk— always gives his mark a chance at redemption. Those who pass his tests get to live, and those who do not must die. Read all
Art cover for the book "Tin Angel". Tin Angel by Jim Friend   A coming of age story, set in Glasgow in 1969. A 16 year old boy dealing with gangs, puberty, his mother's mental illness and exams that would he thought, chart the unalterable course of his life, but the hormones affecting his body and brain, have a different plan.. A single year changes everything. Read all
Art cover for the book "Sanctum". Sanctum by Katherine Bogle   Sanctum is the story of a powerful woman who will not give up, no matter how many misfortunes befall her. A novel full of romance, hope, action and with a unique twist on classic superhero tales. The characters alone aren't your average mary-sues, and with superhero franchises at an all time high, it's about time they be explored from a new angle! Read all
Art cover for the book "On Her Way Home". On Her Way Home by Sara Petersen   Northwestern Montana 1923. Jo’s searching out a future. Mac’s hiding a past. With each of them fighting for their path, who is left to protect the ranch? During hot summer days and cool revealing nights, can Jo and Mac find the courage to become one or will they be reminded once again that the worst pain is the kind they don't see coming? Read all
Art cover for the book "Faith and Rainbows". Faith and Rainbows by Helen Baumander   Every teenage girl worries about fitting it, but for Chava, the pressures of ordinary teenage life are as terrifying as a war zone. Cody, seen and heard only by Chava, is her feet personified. He tells her how to stay safe from the bullies and avoid any unknown risks. Until one assignment could mean the difference between graduating high school. Read all
Art cover for the book "Binding". Binding by Alex Parsons   Knox Weiss was a pretty normal guy. An aspiring novelist who happened to be the star in one of the hottest new movies, Jake Rider: Monster Hunter. He was a pretty normal guy until he found out that Jake Rider (occupation: monster hunter) was a real person, and got pulled into the crazy world of monsters and magic. Read all
Art cover for the book "The Chronicles of Elydir:  Book 1:  Silverdream & Bloodfire". The Chronicles of Elydir: Book 1: Silverdream & Bloodfire by Brenda Wynn   This is a unique fantasy story about a young woman who is disabled from a birth defect in the real world who becomes able to walk when she accidentally crosses over into the fantasy world of Elydir. At the same time, a prince of Elydir crosses over into her world and is unable to walk. They must adapt to their new surroundings and face obstacles. Read all
Art cover for the book "It’s Only Rock n’ Roll". It’s Only Rock n’ Roll by Thomas Goldman   Nobody in the band could have predicted such an apocalyptic recording session. They all knew the new songs were going to revolutionize the sound of modern music. They had been told as much by pretty much everybody in the know. It's just that as soon as they punched the record button, the first plane hit the Twin Towers, then, moments later... Read all
Art cover for the book "The Horse". The Horse by Michael Steinberger   Nathanial Newberry is a former artist and massage therapist who suffered an accident blinding and paralyzing him. When a mysterious horse wanders into his small Oklahoma town, his contact with it facilitates a miraculous healing. He becomes the protector of the Horse as it continues to wander... Read all
Art cover for the book "MEVROUW JANE". MEVROUW JANE by Josane Mary Amorim   ‘Mevrouw Jane’ was a pleasant trip into an imaginary place in the future, to express about the my past. The memories that ‘Mevrouw Jane’ tells to Sofia are mine; they are the ups & downs I faced, especially in my early years in the Netherlands, where I live; for instance, when I was mislead to believe that I had a BPD. Read all
Art cover for the book "This Side of the Sphere". This Side of the Sphere by Camille Moore   The Technosphere is the first autonomous robot world. The inhabitants have not seen a human since the Schism which sent a divide between them and their human creator, as well as among themselves. One young robot has made it her mission to bridge the gap by promoting a life-saving upgrade to descendants of the robots who rejected it long ago. Read all
Art cover for the book "The Pyramid". The Pyramid by Jonathon Nichols   A farmer and his trusted dog-companion encounter a crop circle and strange pyramid that transports them to another world, where humans have become part of a hybrid alien society who travel forwards and backwards in time to change various historical events that malevolent forces made to shape the history and destiny of humanity. Read all
Art cover for the book "Klick, Fathers and Sons". Klick, Fathers and Sons by Milam Smith   Tommy ‘Clyde’ Klick, the Fort Worth, Texas private dick, whose motto is “I find it quick,” meanders from getting the dirt for the cheated to protecting a movie star from her dangerous movie star husband to hunting a possible serial killer. Klick is just a blue-collar man trying to make a living - and survive through the end of a bad day's work. Read all
Art cover for the book "Life in a Nutshell". Life in a Nutshell by Jeannie Palmer   Look out world, here comes Riley Jones. She’s somewhere she didn’t expect to be. Back out on her own. And now, she’s divorced, dating and potentially dangerous! Read all
Art cover for the book "The Zygan Emprise:  Renegades/Redemption". The Zygan Emprise: Renegades/Redemption by Yolanda Pascal   Teen Shiloh Rush stars in the Singularity TV show Bulwark, but, off set, she's an agent for the Zygan Federation, following in the footsteps of her beloved older brother, who's missing on assignment. On his trail with her British partner William Escott, Shiloh stops alien terrorists from destroying earth and killing a young Judean prophet. Read all
Art cover for the book "SHE CRAZY!". SHE CRAZY! by Donald Duff   This story should be blockbuster because of it's social significance. Mental illness in this country has been swept under the rug way too long. Now we starting to see the effects played out on the nightly news, with the proliferation of mass shootings and the very public meltdowns of the rich and famous. Read all
Art cover for the book "Life Will Have its Way". Life Will Have its Way by Angie Myers Lewtschuk   In a suspense filled journey behind the Iron Curtain, the discovery of a mysterious young girl alone in the city leads a pair of women to become unfortunately entangled with the secret police. When separate events come together to reveal the girl’s true identity, the past joins with the present to alter the future of everyone involved. Read all
Art cover for the book "The Erlonan Tales: The Destined Child". The Erlonan Tales: The Destined Child by Dominique Jordan   The Erlonan Tales: The Destined Child is a thrilling, compelling, and high-paced novel about Dean Richardson, who learns to survive in a captivating world filled exotic wonders, strange inventions, and diverse, heart-warming characters. But when his world is suddenly threatened by a relentless villain, Dean faces the hard challenge of defeating it! Read all
Art cover for the book "The Stones of Bacal". The Stones of Bacal by Bob Hilton   A hidden Mayan civilization in Guatemala. Modern day greed and murder. Danger, suspense, evil and revenge form the backdrop as two lovers try to connect across the miles. Can ancient rituals impact a modern-day run for the U.S. Presidency? The priceless Stones of Bacal Ring of the Gods hangs in the balance. And final justice always awaits. Read all
Art cover for the book "Aroha". Aroha by Teri Drake-Floyd   When James, Amy's mysterious childhood friend, moves away, she thinks she'll never see him again. Years pass, then suddenly he's back, and Amy finds herself thrust into a new place, unguarded and naive. Soon trapped in a labyrinth of pain and secrets, bound by love, loyalty and hidden shame, only a fragile new friendship can offer Amy hope. Read all
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