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30 Must Look At Book Covers
There's a reason why books have unique covers, they grab attention and distinguish themselves from others just like any other product brand. Here are thirty of my favorites. You can see more at our Pinterest page.
12 Literally Cool Shoes
Why not show the world your love of reading with every step you take. Here are twelve super creative and fun shoes that show love for your favorite book characters. Check out our Pinterest page for more...
Here They Are! The 2015 Top 10 Finalists!
Here are the Top 10 finalists voted by the public. A huge thank you to the thousands who voted. Find out who will say "I have the World's Best Story!" on December 8th 2015. 1. SACRED MOUNTAIN by Paige Robbins 2. SHATTERED by Jeannie Palmer 3. SHE NEVER GOT TO…
12 Lyrically Great Stories
Have you ever heard a song which tells a story within two and a half minutes? I'm sure we all have. Here are twelve songs which evoke not only feelings of pleasure lyrically but also as a great story literally. Do you have a song which tells a great story?…
10 Great Opening Lines
Just like the first scene in an unforgettable movie, the first word or sentence to a story can truly grab your attention and not let go until the last sentence. Here are ten of my favorite opening lines. 1. “Mother died today. Or maybe yesterday; I can’t be sure.” The…
20 Literary Must See Inspired Tattoos
Would you get a tattoo based on your favorite book? You can see these and more at our Pinterest page.


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