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Art cover for the book "Tin Angel". Tin Angel by Jim Friend   A coming of age story, set in Glasgow in 1969. A 16 year old boy dealing with gangs, puberty, his mother's mental illness and exams that would he thought, chart the unalterable course of his life, but the hormones affecting his body and brain, have a different plan.. A single year changes everything. Read all
Art cover for the book "40 Days of Floating". 40 Days of Floating by Alyssa Grant   Spending two years living in a Mayan village in Guatemala, I have been exploring was of reintegrating in America and to process my experiences. I was engaged to a local and accepted the invitation to move in with his family, yet I was challenged by our differences in religion, culture and perspective, yet felt an intense love that still runs deep. Read all
Art cover for the book "The Chronicles of Elydir:  Book 1:  Silverdream & Bloodfire". The Chronicles of Elydir: Book 1: Silverdream & Bloodfire by Brenda Wynn   This is a unique fantasy story about a young woman who is disabled from a birth defect in the real world who becomes able to walk when she accidentally crosses over into the fantasy world of Elydir. At the same time, a prince of Elydir crosses over into her world and is unable to walk. They must adapt to their new surroundings and face obstacles. Read all
Art cover for the book "Whatever You Cherish". Whatever You Cherish by Dallas Sproule   Ivy struggles with feeling out of control of her life. After her sister goes missing, she's left with more questions then answers. When another person is killed, Ivy begins to investigate the murders. But the reality is - circumstances can change perception and lead a good person to do bad things. Read all
Art cover for the book "Faith and Rainbows". Faith and Rainbows by Helen Baumander   Every teenage girl worries about fitting it, but for Chava, the pressures of ordinary teenage life are as terrifying as a war zone. Cody, seen and heard only by Chava, is her feet personified. He tells her how to stay safe from the bullies and avoid any unknown risks. Until one assignment could mean the difference between graduating high school. Read all
Art cover for the book "Klick, Fathers and Sons". Klick, Fathers and Sons by Milam Smith   Tommy ‘Clyde’ Klick, the Fort Worth, Texas private dick, whose motto is “I find it quick,” meanders from getting the dirt for the cheated to protecting a movie star from her dangerous movie star husband to hunting a possible serial killer. Klick is just a blue-collar man trying to make a living - and survive through the end of a bad day's work. Read all
Art cover for the book "Grey Siege". Grey Siege by Jeremy Pecitti   Grey Aliens begin abducting humans at an alarming rate so that the conspiracy to cover them up for centuries falls apart as an Armageddon scenario takes over the planet. Read all
Art cover for the book "Station Councilor". Station Councilor by William Sherman   The year is 2025 and an International Space Station has been built--funded by a anti-elite crypto-currancy would-be world leader. A group of the greatest scientific and social engineering minds have congregated to discuss the culminating wars, famines, and environmental issues on Earth--where mighty factions still have power to rule... Read all
Art cover for the book "Bound and Released". Bound and Released by Eyvonne Leach   People who have been abused in any way try to find any means of escape. What if there was an escape route through their mind and a positive belief system! Everybody wants something to believe in and someone to show them unconditional love, This book will give them examples of how a girl names Abigail made it through by escaping through her mind. Read all
Art cover for the book "DNA Darn Near Alien". DNA Darn Near Alien by Tabitha Baumander   Three products of alien abduction and experimentation struggle with awakening powers meet just in time to defend the world from an invasion of their alien creators with the help of a home guard made up of ghosts. Read all
Art cover for the book "“Tumor on the Soul”". “Tumor on the Soul” by Mike Gallagher   Believe it or not this is our true story, about how life just kept knocking me down. Read all
Art cover for the book "The Sins of Our Past". The Sins of Our Past by Amanda Quiroz   Everyone has sins from their past. We would like to forget them, and we hope they won't come back to haunt us. What would you do if you were forced to face them? To face the consequences of every decision you ever made? Face every lie you told? Every secret you kept for someone else? Would you do it to save the people you love the most? Read all
Art cover for the book "The Horse". The Horse by Michael Steinberger   Nathanial Newberry is a former artist and massage therapist who suffered an accident blinding and paralyzing him. When a mysterious horse wanders into his small Oklahoma town, his contact with it facilitates a miraculous healing. He becomes the protector of the Horse as it continues to wander... Read all
Art cover for the book "The Secret Bunker". The Secret Bunker by Paul Teague   The Secret Bunker Trilogy: Who Will Be Left To Hear Earth's Final Screams? On a day-­trip to a disused Cold War bunker, Dan Tracy makes an incredible discovery which could threaten the very existence of life on Earth. The key to human survival lies in his own genes and those of his twin, who was thought to have died 3 years ago. Read all
Art cover for the book "Evangeline". Evangeline by Deenugaa Shan   Evangeline is a woman living in New York . Every day is the same for her, until she meets Thomas. From that day Evangeline's life changes. She starts viewing life differently. Soon she encounters with a wise individual telling Evangeline that she is destined for more in life. Evangeline soon goes on a journey of figuring out her true identity. Read all
Art cover for the book "EMILY". EMILY by T.C Chadinha   I'm an ex-Murder and Robbery Detective Captain from South Africa. I write from experience. From the heart. And the readers will feel that. I take them on an authentic journey through a labyrinth of bloody corridors. Thrilling and fast-paced. Gripping. Read all
Art cover for the book "Charged". Charged by Casey Harvell   Kat Greene is completely average until a band accident leaves her charged with electricity. Strides in nanotechnology go horribly wrong in the medical field and the result is the end of life as we know it. Kat's energy is the only thing that can stop it, but is she strong enough to save us all or is this the end? Read all
Art cover for the book "The Vitandi". The Vitandi by Denver Batiste   What if the relationship between the 12 Apostles and Christ as detailed in the New Testament wasn't true? What if it was all fabricated to hide what really happened? What if the beloved disciples, instead of walking the path of righteousness and representing the Twelve Tribes of Israel were in fact the very first vampires to roam the Earth? And it Read all
Art cover for the book "Binding". Binding by Alex Parsons   Knox Weiss was a pretty normal guy. An aspiring novelist who happened to be the star in one of the hottest new movies, Jake Rider: Monster Hunter. He was a pretty normal guy until he found out that Jake Rider (occupation: monster hunter) was a real person, and got pulled into the crazy world of monsters and magic. Read all
Art cover for the book "FUN Can Be Murder". FUN Can Be Murder by Jacqueline Fleming   FUN Can Be Murder would make a great action packed movie! It's a quick, easy read that is perfect for a day at the beach, or a rainy day curled up in bed. It has excitement, romance, murder and intrigue! Primarily set in Dubai, Kathryn Kage finds herself engulfed in a mystery while experiencing emotions she never thought she would ever again. Read all
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