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What If LADY GAGA Wrote Gone With The Wind?
What If Lady GaGa Wrote Gone With The Wind? Would you read a line from Rhett saying ""The lions are hungry for your meat dress." or “If I said I was madly in love with you you'd know I had a P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face" Share your ideas in the…
Q&A With Alice Hayes 2014 Top 3 Winner
Q; Your story The Thread That Binds was the third place winner of the 2014 edition of World’s Best Story. Did you think you were going to make it so far when you entered the contest? How did you react when you got the news live from The Toronto International…
What If Oscar Wilde Wrote Sex And The City?
Imagine if Oscar Wilde had written Candace Bushnell's blockbuster hit Sex and the City? Agree or Disagree? Samantha Jones would say "Experience is simply the name we give our one night stands." Please share your ideas in the comments section. We will draw 5 books of our 2014 winner Family…
A Big Welcome To Badass Marketing
We are so excited to welcome Anne Chaconas of Badass Marketing as a partner and prize contributor for the 2015 edition of the World's Best Story contest. All top 3 winners will win Badass Marketing packages: 1st place Gold Package A re-release day launch blitz and three-month comprehensive marketing and…
Welcome FriesenPress Our Publishing Prize Partner
We are beyond thrilled to welcome our publishing prize partner FriesenPress for our 2015 edition of the World's Best Story contest. Our top 3 winners will win a customized FriesenPress publishing package that includes an editor's manuscript evaluation, custom layout, as well as paperback and hardcover editions. Book distribution features…
Q&A With 2015 Judge Warren Adler
As a huge fan, I'm thrilled to share this exclusive interview with Warren Adler. Q: Your novel “The War of the Roses,” published in 1981 was a smash hit. It follows Mr. and Mrs. Rose, a fictional happily married couple who wind up in a macabre divorce. What inspired you to write their story?…


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