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Enter the first social contest to reward writers and readers in the search for the next blockbuster story. Entry period ends August 13, 2014
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  1. Contest schedule

    Three Rounds of reviewing, rating and voting to discover the next blockbuster story.

  2. August



    Entry period ends

    Submit your story before it's too late!
  3. August



    Round 1

    Review your favorite stories to win!

  4. September



    Round 2

    Who will make it to the top 100?

  5. October



    Round 3

    Final round of voting!

  6. November



    Announcing grand prize winner and finalists

Latest Stories

Art cover for the book "Keeper Of Lost Souls". Keeper Of Lost Souls by Cynthia Clark   i have a very extraordinary imagination. My demons are made of my nightmares that can become real. Are there different levels of the underworld? Do they really fight for domination of the earth? My characters come to life as the Keeper of Lost Souls and the Demon King battle for a queen they both need, and desire. A human queen . Read all
Art cover for the book "THE KNOCK". THE KNOCK by Peter Taylor   It is a dark and unique story about competing news reporters and the pressures that can affect their actions. Set in a small regional newspaper in England,it shows how young journalists at the start of their careers are moulded to become impervious to the grief in lives they doorstep and intrude on. It resonates with the UK phone hacking scandal. Read all
Art cover for the book "FAR OUTSIDE THE ORDINARY". FAR OUTSIDE THE ORDINARY by Prissy Elrod   If anybody had told Prissy, a Southern housewife, she would one day be driving around town with a stoned, drunk black man named Willie in her backseat while she begged --no, ordered --him into her house for the night, she would have told them they were nuts. But it happened. An emotionally honest account of unexpected love far outside the ordinary. Read all
Art cover for the book "Chasers". Chasers by Vivian Hwang   It's something completely unique, and the main character produces a lot of shock value to the readers. Read all
Art cover for the book "Where the Forest Meets the Sea". Where the Forest Meets the Sea by Deborah McNemar   "Where the Forest Meets the Sea" is the tale of a wizard coming of age trapped between elves, humans, and his own questionable conscience. With his power growing beyond his control, time is running out and the decisions he make may overturn the world. Read all

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