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B.F.F Boyfriends Are Not Forever, is a young adult genre geared towards females who are in the transition of growing up and graduating high school and moving on to college and new beginnings. The two girls learn the priceless value of a best friend. While a boyfriend can cause the tears to fall, a true friend waits to catch them.

Chapter 4


Chapter Four

EB pulled down the long narrow asphalt drive way that led to Darren’s three story prewar colonial white house with hunter green shutters. Bright spot lights shined above groups of drunken students staggering in and out of the house with cans of beer in their hands.
“Well we are definitely not early,” I said as I dug through my new purple suede purse.
It didn’t match my neutral colored outfit I had so carefully pieced together, but neither did EB’s orange and cream tote with her purple cardigan. EB and I made a habit of coordinating each other’s outfits with our purses. We’d switch and hold each other’s purse all night. That ensured we stuck together and left together no matter what. EB stuck out her right hand and asked, “Can you pass me my compact?” I grabbed her purse which rested next to my muddy boots and searched around in her deep junk filled purse feeling for the compact.
“Jese what do you have in here?” I asked in awe at how many unnecessary items she hauled with her at all times. There was no doubt it weighed over ten pounds. I found the compact and passed it to her.
“Just the necessities,” she said as she powdered her face and drove with her knees while looking back into the rearview mirror.
“You don’t even have to tell me, you’re my best friend, I already know.”
I twirled my hand inside her purse amongst the array of mystery products. I clutched on to a long skinny plastic object. “I got five bucks this is a medium point fast roll purple Bic pen,” I said as I pulled out a pen.
“Oh right on the money honey.”

I dug in for a second try.
“This could be Orbit gum. Let me guess spearmint fresh.”
I pulled out the same exact item, and took a piece of gum.
“It’s the only kind I ever chew. You know that.”
“Ok third try.”
I felt around for one last try. Tampon … too easy, house keys, wallet, Burt’s Bee Lip Wax, that’s when I found a nail polish. EB wore makeup in seasons so I knew it had to be one of six colors.
“Nail polish … I’m guessing in Sun burnt Autumn Ray,” I said confidently.
“Damn, how did you know?” EB said as she hit her palm on the wheel.
“I’m your best friend,” I said as I gave her a bump of the fist to her shoulder. “And you are wearing it now.”
“Whew, that makes me feel better. I almost thought you were getting ESPN on me.”
EB had a special way of always misconstruing things.
“No sweety it’s ESP. ESPN is the sports channel.”
“Well shit how would I know? All my mom watches is QVC.”
All these letters were bouncing around in my mind, yet all I could think about was four letters
P-H-I-L. EB and I gave each other one last look over before we walked though the thick grassy lawn to Darren’s house.
“You’re an 8.9,” EB told me. “The skirt could be a tad bit shorter, and I see and under ground pimple coming, but don’t worry it’s not noticeable.”
“Well you noticed,” I said as I felt my face for a bump.
“I’m your bestie. Don’t rub it you’ll smear your blush.”

She had a point, she was my talking, walking, vanity mirror who gave me input whether it was needed or not. I looked EB up and down. She was like a manikin. Anything she wore looked fabulous on her.
“I give you a 9.1, the outfit rocks, but the summer tan is fading Irish girl.”
EB and I switched purses and walked up to the front porch.
“OK it’s 10:03 if we split up meet me at 12:15 for a makeup touch up in the basement bathroom,” I said.
EB and I had grown up playing with Darren while our parents had monthly poker and movie night. Not many people knew about Darren’s secret basement bathroom which worked out in our favor. We had no curfew since EB’s mom and dad took a three day trip to their lake house one last time before winter.
“OK, but let’s try to stick together for as long as possible.”
I clutched the purple purse on EB’s shoulder and said, “Believe me I’m nervous too, just act cool.”
“Remember fake it until you make it,” EB said as she led us calm and collectively through the open door of the house that led to the foyer and dining room.
House music blared out of the surround sound speakers of his conservative country decorated home. What once looked like a civil war history gallery now looked like a frat party free for all of Girls Gone Wild. Plastic cups sat on the shelves aligning the wall. Girls were passed out on the plaid couches in the den. I heard splashing in the pool behind the back patio of the house overlooking Darren’s twenty acre lot of property filled with hiking trails, ponds, and woods. We walked through the house towards the back patio where a majority of the crowd hovered. I squinted to adjust from the bright house lights to the dark patio barley lit from the blue light of the in ground cement pool. There was no sign of Robbie or Phillip, so we decided to grab a drink from the plastic table full of beer and cheap bottles of alcohol. EB began mixing two pink and yellow concoctions.
“Whoa, wait, what are you making us?” I asked alarmed at the alcohol selection ranging from vodka to bourbon.
“Don’t worry you’ll like it,” EB said assuring as she stirred the pastel liquid in the plastic white cup with her pointy finger and handed it to me. “It’s called Josie’s getting lucky.”
I took a giant sip and coughed because of the wicked drink’s strength. It was so strong it could have killed a school of fish.
“Why so strong?”
“You need to loosen up girlfriend. I can tell all this Phil stuff had been stressing you out. You just need to relax and have fun.”
I wanted to tell EB it was so much more than Phillip. I couldn’t get the stupid, annoying, new boy out of my head, and I was deathly afraid of Larisa. Deep down I know she had plans to destroy either one of both of us, and it would only be a matter of time before she followed through on them. A drink and a half an hour later I was feeling the warm buzz rush through my flimsy body. I tried to rationalize to EB I was half her size and should drink less, but she refused to listen. I was moving my body back and forth to a slow and steady beat by the balcony as EB looked down by the pool and waved to Robbie. He smiled and waved her down.
“It’s ok go,” I said as I nudged her down the staircase leading to the pool. I’ll find the girls soon.”

I actually wanted to be alone; it was exhilarating to be independent under the influence. I found myself chatting with students from the groups I normally ignored. It was entertaining wandering around the house aimlessly without a care in the world. I looked at my watch it was now 11:20. I had almost an hour before it was time to meet EB in the basement bathroom. I walked back up to the balcony where the music was playing. I tossed my arms in the air as I danced in circles by myself. If all my friends were having fun with guys I could have fun by myself until I found Phillip.
“Well you’re having fun,” said Phillip as he stood next to me with his hands on the railing and a smile on his face that glistened in the moonlight.
“Fun?” I asked caught off guard as I stumbled into him and gripped onto his fleece to stand up. “Fun is my middle name,” I slurred.
“Glad you made it here,” he said as he tapped my thigh.
Fireworks began exploding out of Darren’s back yard as Darren a tall and lanky boy with curly strawberry blonde hair ran around the sparks with a Halloween mask on.
“Oh no fireworks! This is an easy way to attract some cops.”
“Darren is such an ass sometimes,” Phillip said. “He’s going to get us all in trouble.”
“I think he’s still on probation.”
Darren stole a teacher’s car and ran it into an ice cream shop after she failed him for missing too many classes. She told him better luck in summer school and handed him an incomplete on his credit card.
“Do you want to take a walk or something?” Phillip asked. “All this noise is giving me a headache.”

It wasn’t exactly how I had planned, but was far better. I looked at EB’s cell phone from her purse. It was now 11:30.
“Well I have almost an hour until I have to meet EB, so yeah lets get out of here,” I said as I clutched onto his arm.
Phillip led me down a flight of wooden stairs through a group of hacky sack reefers and behind the pool towards a dirt path that was lit by the moonlight. I looked back and saw EB alone sitting on a two person rocker. I didn’t think much of it, she was probably taking a break from Robbie, or he was fetching her an adult beverage so I continued to follow Phillip to a pond at the end of the path.
It was the longest five minutes of my life. Neither Phillip nor I spoke one word until we approached a dock at the pond that led us to a small four person row boat.
“This is so much better,” said Phillip as he stepped onto the boat and held out his hand for me to grab.
“You want me to get in the boat?” I asked in shock.
“It’s actually quite comfortable.”
“Aren’t we going to get in trouble?”
“Listen Darren is lighting up blocks of dynamite. I doubt he’ll miss a drift wood boat, besides we need a good getaway escape incase the cops show up.”
The thought of Phillip kidnapping me made my heart pound stronger though my chest. I clutched onto his strong, yet smooth hand and followed him onto the rocky boat.
“Whoa,” I said as I slipped.
“Be careful, don’t worry I got you.”

We laid down beside each other. “You play football with those hands?” I asked as I ran my finger across his palm. I was to the point of my tipsiness where I didn’t censor my thoughts as I spoke out loud.
“I wear gloves,” Phillip chuckled. “Don’t you watch me play?”
“Yeah but I just watch for your number” I confessed.
The truth was I watched his tight butt more than the game.
“That’s pretty cute. I’m flattered you remember my number.”
Phillip leaned back against the boat as it rocked softly. He extended his arms out fully behind him as he yawned and sat back to get more comfortable. I hesitantly laid back against Phillip’s soft warm fleece. A breeze blew my hair into my mouth and Phillip tucked it behind my ear.
“Do you know how long I wanted to get you alone Josie?”
“How long?” I asked him almost afraid to hear his answer.
“Long enough,” he replied confidently yet vaguely. “Long enough,” he whispered in my ear as he slowly moved down and kissed the side of my neck.
For this being our first time hanging out he wasn’t wasting any time putting the moves on me. I had pictured us in my day dreams talking for hours, sharing stories and telling jokes before we actually took it to the next level, but I wasn’t about to ruin the moment by talking now. Less was more, and actions spoke louder than words so I closed my eyes and tilted my head to the side as Phillip kissed me all the way down my neck to my collar bone and up my chin until our lips met. A chill ran down my spine and I shuddered. Phillip pulled out of our magical kiss.
“I felt that. Are you alright? Are you too cold?”
“No I’m fine.” I said as I rocked my knees into my chest.
Goose bumps were forming by the second, and I wasn’t sure if it was the crisp fall air, or Phil’s heated kiss. Phillip unzipped his fleece and wrapped it around my back.
“Here take this, it’s the least I can do after dragging you all the way out here.”
I accepted his fleece and leaned in closer next to him. While the fireworks in the yard stopped, new ones in every shade were flashing right before my eyes every time I looked at Phillip. Phillip and I rocked back and forth in the boat as we looked up at the starlit sky. We shared small talk for what seemed like three hours until he kissed me again. His hand slid up my zip up sweater, and I swore I felt his manhood stiffen as I let him stay there a moment before pushing away.
“Shoot, crap, what time is it?” I shrieked bending down to pick up EB’s purse off the floor of the boat.
I opened her phone to check the time. The screen glowed 12:56. I was twenty minutes late.
“It’s time to finish what we started,” Phillip said as he leaned in to kiss me again.
I wanted to kiss him, but I also knew if I waited any longer to find EB the whole night could easily be turned upside down and end in a fiasco.
“I’m sorry Phil, I have to go find EB I have her purse and I told her I’d meet her at 12:15.”
I quickly got up and almost tipped myself forward into the murky pond water as I jumped out of the boat. Phil got up and put his hands in the air with a confused look on his face.
“Wait! Don’t go! I”m confused, where are you going again?”
“To find my best friend, she’s my ride home.”
“Wait, hold up! I’ll come with you.” Phillip said as he chased me down the moonlit path.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard him. I wanted to slap myself in the face to ensure I wasn’t daydreaming again. Was Phillip Baker chasing me, Josephine? How quickly my luck had changed. I led the way quickly as my alcohol buzz wore off, through the crowd in the backyard, around the pool house, and down a dark flight of stairs to the basement. I grabbed Phillip’s wrist and pulled him behind me. It felt great to be more outgoing and in control.
The basement was dark and confusing with all its rooms and corners. The bathroom was on the opposite side near the staircase leading to the kitchen.
“Wow,” Phillip exclaimed. “How did you know about this? It’s a great spot!”
“I have my ways,” I said bluntly as I cautiously made my way through the darkness.
I hoped EB was still waiting for me. The party had gotten out of hand. Cars were double parked all the way to the main road. Graduated students three years ahead of us were crashing in on Darren’s party. I knew it would be only minutes before the cops would arrive to write us with warnings and send us home. I looked up at the bathroom light glowing on not only a furious EB, but Larisa and Rob. From the looks of EB clenching her nails into her fist I could smell trouble in paradise.
“I leave him alone for ten minutes and you sink your nasty claws into my man,” EB hissed at Larisa.
Larisa grabbed Robbie’s arm and pulled him closer to her.
“Actually he’s with me. He invited me,” Larisa said matter of factly.
“No,” EB demanded as she stomped. “He invited me the last Monday the first day of school.”
“Well I came with him, and I’m leaving with him.”
“Rob is this true?”
Robbie stood in-between the raging girls with his head back in the air, he didn’t respond.
“Robbie who did you want to come me or her?” EB asked.
I stood back next to Phillip against the wall waiting for the right moment to interrupt. I knew it was too good to be true when Larisa stuck up for us. If she was already up to her nasty old ways I couldn’t begin to imagine the hell she’d stir the rest of the year.
Robbie cleared his throat. “Honestly? I wanted you both here.”
“Both?” EB said fuming.
“Come on Elizabeth you and I both know it isn’t going to work out, and I like to keep my options open.”
Larisa leaned back pleased at Robbie’s answer and twirled her long black hair around her skinny finger. EB clutched her nails deeper into her fist.
“Let me tell you something Robbie. If you think for one minute you can just stand here and disrespect me like this you’ve got the wrong girl. Real nice job Rob, you’ve gone from class to trash. As for you Larisa the one thing we had in common was Robbie, the only difference between you and me is that I don’t take sloppy seconds I make them. The next time I’m done with something I’ll be sure to toss you the scraps.”
I ran over to EB and put my arm around her as I glared at Larisa blushing with joy. I wanted to rip her extensions out piece by piece and strangle her with them.
“You came at the perfect time,” EB said as she grabbed her purse from my shoulder.
She pulled out her cell phone and held it in the air.
“You see this? She asked as she opened the phone and scrolled down the contact list. She highlighted Robbie and pressed delete. “You are no longer existent in my life. Done, I hope you’re happy with the choice you’ve made.”
EB stormed out the back stairs through the yard as I followed. I looked back at Phillip completely dumb founded as confused. It looked as if he wanted to tell me something, but I continued walking behind EB at a quick pace and just smiled back and waved. As much as I wanted to stay with Phillip I was glad I had chosen my best friend over my biggest crush. EB had held herself together tightly as if nothing was wrong, and the party was a bust as she waltzed past all the drunks without saying goodbye. As soon as we got in her car and the doors were shut EB cried harder than the time her father threw out her secret stash of lingerie. As much as I wanted to be back on the row boat in Phillip’s arms I was lucky to have found EB at the time I did. Tears rolled down her face as she sniffled and squinted to drive.
“For once your late timing came at the perfect time Josie,” she said through sniffles. “If it wasn’t for you being forty minutes late I would have never caught Robbie and that tramp.”
“Where did he tell you he was going?”
“I told him I was going to the bathroom. He told me he’d grab us a few drinks after a team tackle by the bonfire. Little did I know he knew about the basement too. I hate them, I hate them both.”
“He’s an asshole EB, he doesn’t deserve you.”
“I hate guys. I don’t know why I even waste my precious time. I have more fun with my girls anyways. Don’t you agree?”
I knew now was not the time to fill EB in on all the juicy moments of my eventful night. It would only bring her spirits down more.
“Friends are the way to go, they never let you down.”
EB gave me a half smile and said, “Josie you’re such a great friend. Thanks for sticking with me tonight. I saw the way Phil was looking at you. You really didn’t have to stay with me.”
“Don’t be delusional, you’re my best friend, we stick together no matter what. Guys are going to come and go in and out of our lives like handbags.”
I held my bracelet up to hers and rubbed it against hers.
“Best friends forever EB. Nothing comes between us, no guys, no rivals, nothing.”
“Best friends forever Josie. I always will have you back. Even when we are seventy playing bingo.”
EB and I spent the rest of the night lying on her bedroom floor flipping through magazines we had saved since eighth grade, eating a bowl of popcorn. It was just like the good old days of growing up when men didn’t consume our minds, and all we could think about was fashion, and summer. I rest my head next to hers as we lay on her floor.
“Where do you think we’ll be in five years EB?”
She thought hard for a moment.
“Probably doing the same thing we are doing now just not in my parent’s house. We’ll have a ridiculous apartment after we graduate college. Maybe a few boy toys on the side, but everything else will stay the same.”

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