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100 men and women all die at the same time and are all resurrected after 15 minutes. In that time years have passed in Heaven, where the blessed have been trained by Angels to do God’s work on Earth nd fight the restless demons. Something big and evil is coming to Earth and the blessed are pushed to their limits.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The next morning Charlie received a text, ‘we need to talk, love Mika.’ Immediately she opened her mind and thought of Mika, one of the 100 that lived in The Bronx New York, not far from her. Twenty couples lived in the U.S.A, the rest spread throughout the world. ‘The land of opportunity’ lived up to its name, for humans and demons alike. They flocked to the major cities knowing they would have not only prey but plenty of minds to twist into doing their evil deeds.
‘Hey Mika, what’s up?’ Charlie sent out into the head of the 5ft redhead.
‘The mission is going down the pan here quickly and we need help. We’re sensing loads more demon activity than normal and boy are they having fun. Apart from the rise in missing people, we have more than the average murders and rapes. The problem is gangs are turning up all over the city. We need to get these bastards back to hell before the big one comes.’
‘Who else have you called?’
‘We have Helen and Josh coming from Houston and Joe is busy contacting Trudy and Steve in Detroit. Can you get a sitter for your little bitch to go on a demon hunt tonight?’ Charlie thought about it. She didn’t want to bring her friends into this, but she knew the demon couldn’t blow her cover yet and this was what they trained for.
‘Okay where do you want to meet and when?’
‘Meet you at the Dark Room on Ludlow around 11 and dress sexy.’ Charlie could tell she was grinning and mentally grimaced.
She rang Val hoping he could catch her before work. ‘Hi Charlie, are you okay?’ Val answered in a worried tone.
‘I’m fine Val,’ she laughed. ‘Actually, I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor.’
‘Shoot!’ Val said. Charlie hesitated.
‘Well, I kinda have a date tonight, and was hoping you could do a spot of baby-sitting for me.’ She quickly pulled the phone from her ear as Val screamed down it.
‘Who is he? What’s he like? Tell all now you are such secretive moo!’
Charlie had her piece rehearsed for a time when Thad would have to make an appearance in her everyday life. She just hadn’t expected the complication so soon. ‘He’s a guy I met through work and has been keeping in touch to check I was doing okay. He rang out the blue and he has tickets to some celebration tonight and asked me to go with him. I know it’s short notice, so I can ask someone else if you can’t do it.’
‘No way! I was only going to Cindy’s to drink wine and watch Breaking Dawn 1 and 2, she’s camp Jacob and I am camp Edward. We could do that at yours just the same. Do you think Susie could watch it or is she too young?’ Charlie nearly choked on that.
‘I think she’ll be fine with it; she certainly isn’t squeamish.’
‘Brilliant! Is 7 okay?’
‘That would be fine Val and thanks, I owe you one.’ She smiled as she thought about the movie choice. Those things do exist in real-life but nothing like they portray them in the movies. The early fallen had made vampires and werewolves as another enemy to the Humans, but God had won them over after hundreds of years. The end of a free world wasn’t in their best interests. They wouldn’t be able to live and self-preservation made them listen to God’s compromise. If they gave up their evil ways, they could live among man. Vampires could drink when needed, but only enough to feed, but they would then have to make their prey forget. The Werewolves could hunt animals on the full moon and run free, then live normal lives the rest of the time. Both species lived longer than Humans, especially the Vamps, but when they mated, they mated for life, loving their soul mates deeply. God saw the power of this love and decreed if the soul mate was Human, they could turn them but only if they agreed. These paranormal beings saw the sense in this. The demons wanted to end man and therefore ending all other paranormal existence. Humans had heard the myths from long ago and the paranormal had become an obsession to them, but they never found proof because of God’s intervention. Twilight did get one fact right, though, Vamps could go out in daylight if the sun was weak, but they didn’t shimmer like diamonds in the bright sun. They would become weak with the bright rays. An hour of it would age them 10 years, so they avoided it and preferred the dull days of winter.
She sent her mind out to Thad ‘Thad, wake up’
‘Hey Sparky, what a wonderful way to wake up in the morning.’ He had called her Sparky for a while now, but would never tell her why. She didn’t know why she put up with it, but she had to admit, she liked it coming from him.
‘I want you to pick me up around 7.15 tonight and dress for clubbing.’
‘Wow, are you asking me out on a date? straightforward aren’t you.’
‘Pfft! We’re joining a few of the others for some full-on demon slaying tonight in the Bronx. Just in case it comes up, I told my friends we met through work and you have tickets to some club tonight and asked me to go.’
‘Our relationship is moving along quickly if you’re introducing me to your friends already.’
‘Just be here’ she barked and sent him a mental raspberry before closing off. Now she had to deal with the child from hell.
‘Susie time to get up, I have shopping to do.’ After explaining to her about her date and her baby-sitters, they left to find a killer outfit for the night.
She had just finished getting ready when her friends arrived. They looked over her tight black Lycra pants and the long deep blue bustier top, which cut low with laces fastening the front. Cindy whistled, ‘this guy must be something Hun, I see you’re going all-out tonight.’ Charlie blushed and turned away, missing the strange look Val had given her.
‘Thanks for this. I’ve ordered pizza and there’s popcorn and snacks in the kitchen. Susie has her soda and I bought some extra wine for you guys.’ Susie acted like a perfect little angel and had Cindy wrapped around her finger. Charlie felt a pang of worry shoot through her but before she could change her mind, the doorbell rang.
As she led Thad into the living room, she saw the dropped jaws of her friends and looked to see what they were seeing. She had to admit, he did look good. His jeans hugged his hips and ass, and the tight top showed every rippling muscle underneath. His smile lit up his chiseled face and reached all the way to those deep sapphire eyes… Which were now studying her. She jolted back to reality and she heard the demons’ thoughts…’hmmm come to mama.’
‘Gross’ she thought and began making introductions.
Thadius was a hit immediately, and before the women could drool any longer, she sent a message to get his ass up and stop flirting. ‘Well, ladies, it’s been fun to meet you, but we better get moving. Ready Sparky?’
‘Sparky?’ Val said laughing.
‘Yeah for some reason that’s what he likes to call me,’ Charlie laughed and caught Thad winking to the women as they moved to leave.
They got in the car. ‘So we’re off to the Bronx then. Where do you want me to park? …Great friends by the way.’ He smirked.
‘We need to be in Ludlow by 11 but I want you to park a few blocks away so we can take a look around and assess the situation.’ As they drove, he kept glancing over at her. ‘What?’ She snapped.
‘Nothing. Well, it’s just, erm…you look beautiful tonight.’ She was taken aback, that was the last words she expected to hear.
‘Thanks’, was all she could manage to say.
Thad pulled into a spot a couple of blocks from the club. ‘Party- time’! He chirped as they climbed out and started heading down the street. Mika was right to call them. They could smell the evil and could sense demons in small groups, all around the area. Three men and two women headed towards them and their evil radar shot off the level. Before they could get up to them, Thad had pulled Charlie into his arms and dragged her to a doorway as he locked lips. ‘What the hell?’
‘Just play along, we need them to pass, then we can follow’, he said in her head. She relaxed slightly then realized she was responding to the kiss, so she tensed again. She was not going there, they couldn’t.
The group had passed, and he let her go. ‘Shit’! He thought. ‘For one sweet moment that had been amazing, then she retreated into her shell as usual. What the hell do I have to do to get this woman to see me as not just her work partner?’
They watched the group turn into an alley and followed down. The action had begun quickly. They could see one guy currently pinned to a door, pierced through the shoulder by a large pole and two female demons beating and cutting two other men. They no longer looked like the young sexy women, their faces had changed to their true form. The man pinned to the door was screaming from the pain and terror of what he was witnessing right in front of his eyes. The demons lapped up the fear until Thad shouted, ‘Hey shitheads, why don’t you pick on someone your own size.’
Charlie sent a mental, ‘really?’ At the cliché. They ran towards the scene.
They didn’t carry weapons. They wouldn’t work on demons, and they could only kill humans if it was absolutely necessary. The 100 were weapons, blessed by the highest power. Every punch or kick would be painful to the demon, and when they had the chance, they took their hearts and destroyed them, sending them back to hell. They had to be careful as well though, as they could feel the pain from injury and the healing afterwards. Most injuries would heal in a short amount of time, but, still painful.
Charlie kicked out and sent the first one 10 feet down the alley. Thad had another in a headlock, punching the shit out of the hideous face. He twisted her head, breaking her neck, then plunged his hand into the grotesque chest and pulled back with the heart. She screamed as she realized what he was about to do, and he smiled, then burst the beating organ. He blew out and once more the heavenly breath cleaned him up; he loved that trick. He turned just-in-time to see Charlie demolishing the other heart, then the demon bodies turned to ash and disappeared.
Charlie placed false memories of a gang attack in the victim’s brains while Thad called an ambulance. ‘I hate having to leave them like this,’ Charlie said.
‘Yeah but we need to get moving, we have more work to do tonight.’ She nodded and they hurried out of the alley as they heard the siren in the distance.
They only managed to walk a block when they spotted another demon dragging a woman, his thoughts clear in their minds. ‘Shame I can’t play with this bitch, but gotta make it look gang related. I’d love to fuck her real hard ripping the bitch wide open as I shoot my load. Shit, I’m getting horny just thinking about it.’
‘I’ve got this asshole, you get the woman Thad,’ she said in his mind.’ Thad grinned, he couldn’t wait to see her take this twisted son of a bitch down.
Charlie walked up to the guy and said, ‘hey big boy, wanna play?’ Her hand shot out and grabbed the demons’ crotch, squeezing and twisting it at the same time. It screamed as Thad shuddered from the double whammy. A mangled dick from a blessed hand, he almost felt sorry for the creature…almost. She grabbed his face with her other hand, searing the skin until it bubbled and blistered. She gave the demon an uppercut punch which would have sent him flying but she kept him rooted by his genitals. Thad had changed the woman’s memories and had sent her back to her friends. He was now clearing his throat and pointing at his watch. She took the hint and finished the job, letting out the heavenly breath to clean up, then she was ready to move on to the club.
As they entered the club. Thad put his arm around Charlie’s waist, playing the part of a couple out on the town. The place was definitely named correctly, they could hardly see, it was so dark. They eventually spotted Joe at the bar, his 6ft 6 height, and large body were hard to miss. He looked strange next to the dainty Mika, but they were a couple in every way. They had fallen in love in Heaven, as had several of the other couples. As she got up to them, she noticed Helen and Josh arm in arm and it didn’t look like it was for show, they both looked like models and suited each other. ‘Jeez Heaven must have been the perfect dating site, thank goodness I don’t feel that way about Thad, and he only wants to get in my pants; he has commitment-phobe written all over him.’ She looked him over as he stood at the bar, flashing that dazzling smile at the women ogling him. He could have any one of them she realized. He would never be interested in her except maybe as another notch on his belt. Trudy and Steve came over to join them, both blonde haired and looking so much alike they could have been brother and sister. At least they still looked like a working partnership and not a couple.
She turned her attention back to the group as a whole and just as they started, Thad joined them with a JD and coke for Charlie and a single malt for himself. Friendships were forged in Heaven but this group was very close, almost like family. ‘Well I was right to call you wasn’t I, you can sense the evil here?’ Mika started.
‘Y’all got more of those evil critters here than we got in the whole o’ Texas,’ Josh drawled in his southern accent.
‘We just sent three back to hell on the way here…well, Sparky put one down in her own sweet way, the beast sure had it coming, though. So, any idea what’s going on?’ Thad asked.
Joe leaned forward, ‘We heard a couple of them talking last night. They’re starting their attack by making people fight among themselves. With so many gangs here, it won’t take long before we have full on gang-wars, with the demons behind it blaming rival gangs. That’s why we decided to call in you lot. We need to send as many back to hell tonight as we can before it gets too crazy that there’s no going back.’
‘I think we’ll be needing similar help in Detroit before long. No question, demon activity is rising quicker than expected but nowhere near as bad as here.’ Trudy said and a look of fear flashed over her face. They sat for a moment then Charlie looked at Mika and Joe.
‘Do you have any plan in mind after assessing the problem?’
Mika took a deep breath and began. ‘We have a few loners, a few in couples but the majority are moving around in groups infiltrating well-known gangs. We’re up to more than 70 different ones, some affiliated with others. I think we need to stick together and take those on first. If we sort the gang problem first, then it might give us our footing back.
They all nodded agreeing and as they finished their drinks Helen stood up, ‘Well there’s no point in preaching to the choir. We got a big old hole in the fence and we better dang well fix it.’
‘I think that means we should move,’ Joe said and they all burst out laughing, relieving the tension as they left the club. They headed along Division Street on the lower east side and had only walked a short way when they heard screams and shouts coming from behind a shuttered building.
As they drew close, the feeling of evil intensified. They came upon the scene of two groups of men fighting. It looked like an average gang fight, except one side were all demons. If it wasn’t for the sheer scale of violence, Charlie could have found the sight funny. Some of the demons were a few hundred years old, yet here they fought, some dressed in baggy jeans hanging down low with boxers showing. Some wore bandanas and leathers brandishing their flick-knives. ‘Yup,’ she thought, ‘some men never grow up.’ The sudden sound of Josh yelling ‘ye ha’ as they headed into the middle of the battle confirmed her thoughts.
There were seven demons there and eleven gang members but already two of them were dead, lying on the ground, gutted like animals. Charlie dived straight on to a demon’s back while he was busy slashing at a kid who couldn’t have been older than fifteen. She covered his eyes and her blessed hands tore screams from him, making him forget about his young prey. Trudy, who had been beside Charlie, pulled the young man to the side of the street to limit further damage. As the group engaged the demons, Trudy went around the gang members she could, making them believe they had to run away from a new gang in the area, not associated with any others. Four were too badly hurt to move and with the two dead, they needed to get these demons back to hell quickly.
The demon Charlie attacked had managed to swing her off, but instinctively, she managed to hold on with one hand. She swung in an arc around to the front of him and at the last moment, stuck out her hand and penetrated his chest. She pulled out the heart and as she crushed it, she blew a cheeky kiss to the crumbling body. Mika, who was quite small performed a roundhouse kick to one much larger than herself. The force knocked him back, and in a blur, she was in the perfect position to send him to hell. The rest of them finished their opponents off with equal speed, making the whole battle over in only a couple of minutes. They had trained well, but surprising the demons with their powers gave them the advantage, so far, it seemed their mission had gone unnoticed.
They walked through the streets, facing only small groups after that, they finished each one of them off. By the time, they decided to call it a night, they’d sent 34 demons back to hell. They stopped outside the Hotel the two couples from out of town were staying. ‘We need another couple of nights hunting, I don’t know about you guys but I can still sense a whole lot more in the area, and we can’t leave that amount to cause havoc.’ Thad said as they huddled together at the side of the Hotel entrance.
‘I can’t make it, though,’ Charlie said. ‘I have the brat from hell to watch, and I don’t want to push it and put my friends in danger.’
‘Hey don’t you go frettin bout nothin, y’all see to that bitch, we can put a dent in the bastards here.’ Helen stated with a huge grin, looking like she’d enjoyed the night and was looking forward to more of the same.
‘Listen,’ said Thad. ‘I’ll help these out, but if anything happens with ‘psycho Susie’ just let me know and I’ll be straight there.’ He was tapping his head as he said it as if she’d forgotten she could telepathically communicate with him. The rest of them arranged a meeting place and time for the following evening, and then, after hugs and saying their ‘goodbyes’, Charlie and Thad headed off to their car.
‘I’m going to need a major scrubbing session in the shower tonight,’ she said and shuddered.
‘Yeah, I know what you mean, this ‘blessed breath’ is a neat trick but you never feel completely clean till you’ve done it yourself the old-fashioned way.’ Knowing it wasn’t just her that felt that way made her feel much better. She thought she was being anal, but if she was, then she wasn’t alone.
She liked Thad, despite all his attempts to get in her pants. She supposed she should feel flattered; it’s not like he couldn’t get anyone to service him. She just wasn’t going to succumb to his charm. This was important business, and she didn’t need emotions clouding her actions, so she was keeping that wall firmly up!

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