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Finding the one. What does it mean? For London girl Evvie Star, it meant finding the one person that could set her free; and his name was Marcus Kane. From the moment they met in The Crow nightclub, he both irritated and enchanted Evvie; his touch left her wanting more.
Can Evvie leave her past behind her and fall for the shark diving Marcus?

Chapter Chapter 1


Chapter 1

The Music pumps through my veins, and the beat dances on my skin. Friday night at The Crow Club is my favourite night of the week. I make my way to the bar, waving my hand to Justin, the bartender, for another drink while the next band sets up on stage. The lead singer has already made his way through the crowd in a very jerk like fashion, swaying his way around all the girls that think they stand a chance with him. Idiots!
“Here you go Evvie.” Justin slides my glass of vodka across the bar giving me a wink.
“Thanks Justin. What do I owe ya?”
“On the house baby girl.” His attention turns back to the blonde that has been drooling all over him the entire night. I love my brother, but he really needs to learn to keep it in his pants!
I jump, almost spilling my drink, when a hand curls around my waist. I can feel his faint breath in my ear causing my shoulders to arch up and the hairs on my arms to stand on end. I “Hey jerk! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I spin around and stop in my tracks. Emerald green eyes are staring at me; Goosebumps flow up my arms, and I realize I’m starring right back at him.
“Sorry, I came over to talk to you and someone pushed me from behind.” The crooked smile on his face, however, leads me to believe otherwise. I stand back for a moment taking him in. Tall, dark, and very handsome. His thick, dark, scruffy hair falls over his eyes, the same emerald eyes that just gave me Goosebumps now wander up and down my body. and the collar on his leather jacket sits up. Who does he think he is, a member of the Grease?
“Yea, well keep your fucking hands to yourself from now on please,” I huff and turn my attention back to the bar.
“Ouch! Feisty little thing aren’t you?” The jerk pulls out the bar stool next to me. ‘Rude much? Asshole!’
I yank the scrunchy off my wrist, and pull my fire red curls into a ponytail, turning my attention back to tall, dark and arrogant. “Well, some jerk just decided to not only try and put his hands on me, but now he won’t leave me alone to enjoy my drink!”
The music begins to blast through the speakers, and I can feel the bass through the floor; my body instantly reacting to the rhythm. If I had any chance of ditching the leech, the dance floor was the perfect place to do it. I don’t bother speaking to him; I just grab my bag and make my way down to the dance floor.
“Hey! Are you running away from me already?” A hand grips around my wrist, “Will you at least have a drink with me?”
My head tips back as I try and think of the nicest way to tell him to leave me alone. “OK, listen, I’m not looking to ‘hook-up’ with you. I don’t know who you are, but I don’t just talk to any guy that thinks he has a shot. Now, if you don’t mind, I have to get ready to go on stage soon.”
“Hey Evvi, is this guy bothering you?” Justin shoots me a worried look across the bar.
Smiling I wave my hand up to him. “No bother at all Justin he was just leaving actually.” I turn and give him a smile. “Not if you don’t mind letting go of my hand I have to get ready.”
“God, your full of yourself aren’t you?” He lets go of my hand and brushes the hairs off his face. “For your information, I wasn’t looking to hook-up with you.” His face comes so close to mine that I can feel his breath on my neck. “And I KNOW I have a shot with you.” His hand coils around my neck and he pulls me closer until his lips touch mine. God this guy is hot. His lips trail over mine; not kissing me, but teasing me.
All of a sudden, he lets go and walks away. He left me hanging, and really pissed off.
“God what a complete ass” Who the hell does he think he is thinking he can treat a me like that. “hey ass hole….” I scan the room, my eyes darting around looking for him, but he has ducked completely out of sight.

I scan the room, my eyes darting around looking for him, but he has ducked completely out of sight.
“Evvie. You’re up next.” I take one last look around before making my way backstage.
I’m so frustrated that I cling on to the mic as I walk onto the stage. The band starts up, and the words flow from my lips. This is where I am free; free from all the shit that I try to forget. I close my eyes, singing the words to myself, and the crowd. A familiar feeling washes over me sending my head spiralling my eyes open, and horror sparks up in me. I scan the bar for Justin, but I can’t see him. My hands shake uncontrollable I try to focus on the rest of the crowd but I can’t take my eyes of Drake and the girl standing next to him fire red hair, he made her look just like me even the clothes she wore she looks scared almost like she is about to cry. I try to look away, but he just stands there, smiling at me. What the hell is he doing here? My mind races at the sight of my scumbag ex standing there, listening to me sing.
I turn to the band. “I need to get of the stage right now!” Taking another look in the crowd I see that he has vanished but the girl just stands there watching me, then it hits me like a bolt of lightning straight to my fucking heart, I know her she ran when I did…..but then if she didn’t get away that must mean. “Fuck.” I drop the mic and run backstage, bumping straight in to tall, dark and arrogant.
“What the hell! Where are you going in such a hurry?” He pulls on my arm.
Panic runs through my veins my only reaction is to fight my way free I try to pull out of his grip, but he only pulls me closer; chest to chest. I try pulling back but he keeps hold tight “I need to go! Let go of me.” I begin to shake. I can’t breathe as the panic sets in. He found me, Drake really found me.
“Hey what is it? Your shaking like crazy.” His hand curls around my waist. “Just breathe, slowly and tell my what is wrong.”
“I can’t. I need to get out of here.”
“Let me help you Evvie.” He holds out his hand, searching around me for Justin I look into his eyes and nod my head.
And so we run.

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