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My name is Elle (well simply L), and I am a Spark.

I feel I should start my story with some history on Sparks. It was believed at the beginning of time that the world along with humanity was created by a single Spark. The process of evolution was altered, for if it was only the work of a single Spark, they would be God himself. Over the course of 2,000 years the Sparks lived, manifesting themselves with humans. They passed the gene from one to the next without the knowledge that it was there, generation to generation. Until one day, it died.

Chapter 14


June 17th, 1902

“Anastasia?” Alexander called the moment I opened the door.
It had already been a long night. Even though I liked and respected Alexander I had felt as if he was becoming more distant. He would often run off late at night with Nicolai, they would return at the wee hours of the morning.

“Yes, sir.” I sighed and started to make my way to the study my heels clicking on the hardwood floor.

Once that sound used to make me feel comfort now it only irritated me. Why were women’s clothing during this period so uncomfortable? What I wouldn’t give for the clothing of the Greek and Roman empires. These corsets and butt pads were almost too much. I longed to be comfortable again in my clothing. Wished for my feet to feel relief from the pressure of tightly laced boots. Sure I have adapted over the eons of existence but nothing can compare to the feeling of a corset digging into your rib cage. I couldn’t quite grasp the need for an unnatural waist.

“May I speak with you?” He asked motioning for me to make my way through the door.

I dropped my sword outside and proceeded into the room. Alexander had done quite well during his time as the family head. The study had been recently redone with additional bookcases added in order to house the increasingly large amount of literature about the non-human world. Each predecessor had passed down their documentation of the vampires, wereamimals, witches, fairies, and other beings. Alexander had the books bound and the paper cured in order to maintain his hunter’s library.

“What can I do for you sir?” I asked brushing my hands off on the outer skirt of my dress. It is always quite amazing the amount of blood an undesirable could spew.

“Nicolai has been sharing some concerns about your work.” He took a seat behind the desk and looked at me.

“Since when do you trust the word of the darkness?” I scoffed.

Over the last few months it seemed that whatever Nicolai had said was the word of God. Sometimes I thought Alexander was confused on who was from God’s intentions and who was from Lucifer’s.

“You are getting careless.” He rolled his eyes.

“Oh please, sir. You know better than to think that.” I grumbled crossing my arms across my chest.

“It’s true Anastasia, your assignments have been reported in the daily news at least twice this month alone.” I knew he meant well with his accusation but I knew better. The only way they could have made it into the news was if it was leaked.

“I don’t believe this.” I moaned as Alexander stared at me frowning.

“I think it’s time you start thinking of retirement. You’ve been doing this a long time. Maybe it’s time you follow in the steps of your sisters and find a nice human man to marry and pop out six or seven little Sparks.” My mouth dropped open. Never had any of my previous employers suggested that I follow in the footsteps of my sisters.

“This doesn’t sound like you.” I raised my eyebrows at him.

“How many generations have you served?” He retorted not taking into account my previous statements.

“At least a dozen, maybe more.” I answered.

“Don’t you wonder why you haven’t found your meaning? You have been the same for some time. I have known you my entire life. Never a boyfriend, never a male caller.” His expression said he was concerned but his voice was annoyed.

“Never had the need for suitor sir.” I explained.

“It’s not very becoming of a lady. It’s a new century women have their own social standards.” He shrugged.

“Oh please Alexander!” I yelled at him.

Where was this all coming from?

“Anastasia! I think you need to take time to think about this?” He demanded.

I huffed and turned on my heels and left the room my shoes echoing with each stomp. The moment I hit my room the anger had completely consumed me. I knew there were scorch marks on the banister from my hands, that there were water puddles from my stomps. Every elemental that I could pull was littering the outside hallway. I opened my door and slammed it behind me.

Who did he think he was telling me how to run my own life? He knew better than anyone my reasons for not conforming to my genetic profile. I didn’t want to be tied down to one man, and it was always one man, having a slew of children then watching my spouse die. It didn’t help much that the only emotions I felt were peace and anger. I didn’t even know what love was or how it even started. When I looked at a human male I didn’t see a white wedding.

Grumbling a started to pull my clothing off piece by piece. After about thirty minutes of struggling with all the components of my outfit I was finally laying on my bed in my night clothes ready to let all the anger go with a good night’s sleep. Alexander would understand the wrongs he had committed this night and tomorrow he would apologize for even suggesting that I leave the business.

I was just about to turn off my bedside lamp when an envelope was slid under the door of my bed chamber. This is not an uncommon action in the Greene estate. We all received our orders via envelope as to not see the face of the person requesting the service. Everything we did was in secrecy. Alexander would receive the requests. He would then evaluate the severity of the request. If there was a potential need or a group hunt we would all go together otherwise he just sorted out assignments to each of the workers along with information on payment. There are only two long term assassins employed, myself and Nicolai. We are polar opposites but we have been the constants in each Greene males lives. They know us from birth through death. We are also the only non-human creatures employed by the Greene estate. It was always an ongoing joke that hunters have two immortal assassins on their side.
I opened the tiny envelope and pulled out the assignment card.

Elizabeth Bradly
Known Procurer of Dark Arts
Last known location:
1st Street
To find and eliminate the threat

New orders? Hadn’t Alexander just told me it was time to hang up my blade in exchange for a life of servitude to a man? I closed the card and stared at the door quite puzzled by the new assignment. Still orders were orders and I had to carry through to the end no questions asked. I wandered back to my bed in a daze, crawled under the covers, and fell quick asleep still holding the card in my fingers.

When morning came I awoke with a void inside of me that I couldn’t explain. As previously stated I knew of only two emotions, however this felt different. I felt like something was wrong though I couldn’t pinpoint quite what it was. I dressed in the confines of my women’s dress and made my way to the downstairs kitchen in hopes of finding the required sustenance I would need for my days’ work. I ate quickly, grabbed my blade from my room, and secured it to my back, hidden among a cloak that I had worn for many centuries.

1st Street is not far from the Greene estate and is known for being an area of witchcraft. Humans were obsessed with the unnatural world and would seek out these beings for fortune telling, seances, and in some cases magical potions for their own selfish use. I had many assignments on 1st Street in the past so it was nothing new to me to walk down the alley ways searching for my target.

I had never heard of Elizabeth Bradly which meant she was new to the city. After a few questions from my personal contacts I was able to pinpoint a location of the target. I found her standing at an intersection holding the hand of a small child. If her path was as it had been described she would cross the road and head down an alleyway towards 2nd Street. I knew the alleyway well and welcomed its secluded darkness that would cloak the witch’s death.

I followed closely, making sure to remain hidden until she hit the dark alley. The little boy was squirming all over the place telling the witch that he did not want to go down the alley that he knew it wasn’t safe. Astute child I must say. If only the witch had listened to the boy.

Two steps into the darkness I plotted my attack. Using the shadows as my cover I made my way ahead of Elizabeth Bradly. When she was close enough I sliced my blade across the throat of the unsuspecting witch. She made a sick gurgling noise as the little boy began to scream. When the woman’s body fell to the pavement I looked down at my now disposed target. Blue eyes that shined like the sky stared back at me. I could feel the power leaving her body but it did not feel evil in any way.

The little boy searched through the darkness to find the assailant as he screamed for help. He flung his little body over the woman’s chanting “Mama please wake up.”

No emotion was felt at that moment. I had no pity and no shame for what I had done. There were orders, and orders were to be carried out no questions asked. That is when I heard the voice that shattered my entire life.

“Phillip? What happened?” It was Alexander. He had ran from the other end of the alleyway and was now pulling the hysterical child from the woman’s body.

“She’s not waking up daddy.” The little boy sobbed.

Daddy? I watched in awe from my darkened hiding place confused by what was going on. Alexander Greene had married Margaret Stout ten years earlier and they had three beautiful daughters together. He was a loving and caring father who worshiped the ground that his wife walked on.

“Jesus.” Alexander fell to his knees and pushed the witch’s hair from y face revealing the thin line across her throat. His eyes darted around the alleyway until the fell upon me.

There is one thing about Hunter’s that not many know. You cannot hide in the darkness from them. They can see you even if you hid in the blackest, darkest section of a cave. He saw me and his face turned to fury.

“Phillip I need you to run back to 1st Street to the police. I need you to tell them that your mother has been murdered.” Alexander held the boys small face in his.

“Yes daddy.” The little boy said running off towards 1st Street as fast as his little legs would let him.

“Anastasia!” Alexander boomed.

My eyes shot from left to right in contemplation of running instead of facing my employer. I knew it would be foolish to run so I stepped out of the darkness and into the pale light of the alleyway.

“What have you done?” He demanded his fists clenched in rage as he looked from me to the fallen witch.

Instead of speaking I reached into my pocket and retrieved the order card and handed it to him with shaking hands. Never had I been reprimanded for doing my job. He started at it tears forming in his eyes.

“Where did you get this?” He asked folding the card and placing it back in the envelope.

“It was slid under my door last night.” I answered him my voice shaking. For the first time I was experiencing what fear felt like.

“You didn’t think of showing me this? Especially after the talk we had last night.” He rubbed his eyes furiously.

I could hear the sound of sirens emerging from the end of the alley. In no time the police would be on us.

“One is not meant to question orders.” I replied.

“One is not to kill an innocent either.” He growled.

Innocent? The only beings that were deemed with this term were humans. We were not to kill a human, unless provoked or if they were truly evil. I had felt the power in that woman, she was no human.

“I do not think I understand.” I said to him the fear surging further and further up my body.

Not many know of a way to kill a Spark. If anyone knew it would be Alexander.

“You wouldn’t. You are cold and lack emotional connection to anyone. You would never understand love.” He spit at me and I felt shame mixing with the fear.

“I did as the card said.” I tried to defend my actions.

“Yes, but if you had half a brain you would see this is not my writing.” He held tightly to the envelope.

“Then who’s is it?” I pled for an answer. If I had not done wrong why was I being punished?

“You let me worry about that. Head back to the house, pack your things, and head to my father’s. I do not think that I can forgive you for what you have done.

“What have I done?” I demanded, he had not answered a single lingering question that I had in my head. Banishing me to his father’s was about as far as forced retirement was.

“You murdered the mother of my son. God must be so ashamed of what his prized creation has become. Get of here Anastasia before I feed you to the cops myself.” With that he pushed me down the other side of the alleyway and returned to the body of the young Elizabeth Bradly.

I sprinted back towards the Greene estate and raced up the stairs to my room on to find a very dark presence sitting on my bed, waiting. I glared at Nicolai as I began to throw my clothing into the only bag that I owned. I didn’t keep much, had no need for sentiment items. There were a few things that I had kept over the years that meant a little something to me.

“Leaving so soon?” Nicolai laughed as I continued to pack my bag.

“I have no choice.” I growled.

“Oh it is such a shame that you have to leave so suddenly.” He as mock pouting and it irritated me.

“What do you want Nicolai?” I demanded beyond perturbed by his unwanted presence.

“Just wanted to say farewell to a dear friend.” He teased standing up and walking towards me.

“We have never been friends.” I answered monotone as he came to a stop not even an inch in front of my face.

“But haven’t we? Since the beginning of time it has been us versus you. Without the help of the human raids the White Spark would have taken over the world with its bunny rabbit producing capabilities.” He winked at me.

“Like your kind is no better.” I tried to go around him but every attempt to move I made he countered it.

“Obviously it is. I didn’t kill the master’s lover. I didn’t leave his only son an orphan. You know the boy can’t come here. What would dear Margaret say?” He bat his eyes at me and smiled like an evil troll.

“This was all you?” I asked narrowing my eyes. My blade was still on my back I could slice him. He wouldn’t die but he wouldn’t die, he would never die. Only the angel blade could take down a Spark.

“Guilty.” He smiled again and grabbed my face in his hands.

“All of this was you. The talk that I had with Alexander last night that was your doing.” I growled.

“Your time among the Greene’s has come to an end my love. I have a much higher power demanding my allegiance now.” He moved my head from side to side. “Not a blemish on your young shell. The last of your kind. If only the forbidden wasn’t in place I would make you my obeying wife.”

“I would never marry you.” I growled at him.

“Imagine the strength our children would have.” He laughed.

“Let me go!” I demanded fighting his hold he had on me.

“Alexander is mine now. No more special projects for his favorite assassin. No more late night chats in the office over the creatures of this world. You are now nothing to him. Yet, you are everything to me.” His eyes were shining with a redness that I had not seen before. Nicolai was consumed by the darkness that was inside of him.

“I will get him back. One way or another I will return.” I threatened. He didn’t seem too shocked by my reverie.

“I doubt that. So get your things and leave as you have been instructed. Alexander’s father is expecting you.” He let me go and turned to leave the room.

“You will not keep him.” I called after the dark being as he made his way out the door.

“He is the first of many that has succumbed to my suggestions. Otherwise you would have been banished centuries ago.” He disappeared outside the door as I shot an orb of acid towards his face.

I had served the Greene family since the Roman times. I had lived, breathed, and completed every task my employer had given to me. I had maintained my stance at the right hand of the Greene family since my first arrival. Now in a flash of stupidity I had been banished from the head’s home and forced back to the aide of my previous employer.

I threw the remaining items into my bag and flung it over my shoulder. Making my way down the stairs I found the house silent, the air inside had changed. I couldn’t hear the kids playing or Margaret’s beautiful singing voice. I was engulfed in silence.
At the door I turned to face the house one last time. I felt sadness mixed with the guilt and fear as I shut the door and proceeded my hundred mile hike to Alexander’s father. If anyone understood what I had done it would be him.

“Anastasia.” I heard a voice behind me and I turned quickly to see the face of Margaret Greene running towards me.

“Yes Madame.” I said softly as she came to a stop in front of me panting for her slight sprint in my direction.

“I don’t know what happened today. I cannot even pretend that I can understand why. Still, I want you to keep this. It will keep you safe on your journey.” She handed me a silver cross on a chain.

“This is your mother’s.” I said trying to give it back to her.

“No Anastasia. It is yours. You have been a friend and confidant to this family for many years. I consider you my friend as well. Please take it to keep you safe.” She pleaded.

“Thank you Madame.” I said softly as I placed the necklace around my neck. The small cross nestling into place.

“I will see you soon.” She promised me as she turned to run back towards the house.

See me soon? How could the wife of my employer say something so cryptic to me? Now my time with Alexander and Margaret had come to an end. May new adventures would occur while back in his father’s house but this was the last one that I had completed for Alexander himself.

With deepest regrets I returned to my journey. Hoping the train on 5th Avenue and riding it almost the full way to my old friend. He welcome me with hugs and admiration the moment that I stepped onto the platform. Carrying my bags we got into the stagecoach and made our way through the curves and hills of his land until we came to the immaculate home on the hill.

“I apologize for my son’s decision Jessabelle. I thought that I had raised him better than that.” The old eyes of Alexander’s father were full of pain.

“He is not in his right mind Henry.” I said slowly as we exited the stagecoach and stepped onto the bright grass of the manor.

“My son hasn’t been in his right mind for some time dear.” He gripped my hand tightly and led me towards the door. “There have been some changes since you were last here. I had Rupert replace the old bed in your room and I added a few
embellishments for a lady such as yourself.” He winked at me and I left out a soft laugh in response.

“Thank you for taking me Henry.” I said as he opened the door.

“I would never let him harm you. Son or not you have always been my most trusted and most loyal confidant.” He patted my hand and we entered into the home that I had known at the turn of the last century.

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