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Evangeline is a woman living in New York . Every day is the same for her, until she meets Thomas. From that day Evangeline’s life changes. She starts viewing life differently. Soon she encounters with a wise individual telling Evangeline that she is destined for more in life. Evangeline soon goes on a journey of figuring out her true identity.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

She looked at him with gratitude as they walked to the elevators after doing all the paperwork and talking to the cop. Boy, did he ask a whole lot of stupid questions. Evangeline pressed upon the elevator button. She looked at Thomas as he was staring at his watch. However, her eyes got distracted as the elevator door opened, people swarming out like maggots coming out of their eggs . She almost fell, but a steady hand kept her going and into the elevator. Pressing onto the main floor, the doors closed.

“Thank you” Evangeline said looking at him with gratefulness.

“No problem” Thomas says with a smile.

The elevator stop at their destination. They get off and walk outside to be greeted with rain.
“Ack, hurry to the car” screamed Evangeline, but she was losing her grip of the crutches and their place on the ground.

Thomas noticed and without her permission he swooped her up in his arms, leaving the crutches to defend themselves. Evangeline had a heart attack, but went with the flow.

Thomas screamed “Where is your car”

“I don’t know, just run everywhere, and I’ll beep for it” screamed Evangeline, frantically searching for her car keys.

Evangeline starts rapidly clicking on the button trying to hear her car’s beep. Thomas is almost out of breath, but keeps running with full speed. Until he trips on a rock sending him falling to the ground and Evangeline flying to the moon. Thankfully she landed upon a puddle. Splash went Evangeline. She groaned in pain, but she refused to give up and kept clicking on that button. Beep. Went the car in front of her. Birds started fluttering and the angels started singing.

“Thomas, I found my car” scream Evangeline as she was getting out of her safety net.

She didn’t hear his footsteps, but she felt hands around hers, pulling her up to freedom.

“Thanks” she yelled at him.

“Thank me later, unlock the car” he yelled.

Evangeline unlocked the car and they both got in and started the car. They sighed of relief.
“Well that was fun” Evangeline says looking at Thomas.

“Oh yeah, loads of fun, this is my typical Friday” Thomas said with a spice of sarcasm.

“Really” Evangeline says dramatically.

Thomas looks at her as though she is insane “No, you silly goose”

Evangeline giggles “I know, you goose”

He smiles at her “we should get you home, eh”

“Hey, eh is my word” Evangeline said with a shove.

“Aww, do you mind sharing” Thomas says with a pout.

“Yes, I do mind, now shut up and where are my crutches”

“Oh umm I left them behind” Thomas says as though it was a regular thing leaving crutches behind.

“Thomas” Evangeline says trying to be calm.



“Bossy, much”

“No, I’m just assertive” she says in the sassiest tone making Thomas laugh as he went back into the rain to get her crutches.

Evangeline sighed and laughed at herself of the things that happen when you lend out a hand to help a person out. She doesn’t regret it at all, though because there is something about Thomas. He was weird, but it was a good weird. It was just an emotion that couldn’t be explained, but hey it made Evangeline smile. She watched the rain splatter on the windows simply daydreaming about everything that happened. She heard the passenger door open, as she snapped her head to see a very wet Thomas, but no crutches. Before she could say anything he jumped in and slammed the door. Evangeline decided to wait for his explanation of the lack of crutches.

He looked at Evangeline and gave her a half smile “Funny story about your crutches”

Evangeline scoffed “What happened”

“So I went back to go get them, but they disappeared”

“They disappeared are you freaking serious” Evangeline scoffs once more in disbelief.

“Yeah, I’m sorry” Thomas says with a guilty conscious.

Evangeline looked at him and knew he wasn’t telling the whole truth “Thomas” her sky-like eyes met with his unordinary brown eyes “tell me the truth of what happened to my crutches”

Thomas smiled “All right well I went to go get them, but when I was walking towards it, I saw some dude hovering over them, so I yelled at the guy that those crutches were mines, but I must have spooked him cause he got so startled that he started running, but he tripped on the sidewalk. So I felt bad and I went to help him up. Man, he was just a harmless guy and I could tell by his face, clothes and his smell that he was homeless. So I thought maybe he could use the crutches, like you now sell them and use the money for food. So I gave the crutches to him and he just gave me this disbelief look like I just killed his father or something, but he took the crutches and he hugged me. He looked at me and said thank you my son and walked off into the rainy abyss”

“Did you say you’re welcome”

“What” Thomas says looking at Evangeline.

She had her poker face on “I said did you say you’re welcome”

Thomas looks at her amazement “Wow, I tell you what happened and all you care about is if I said you’re welcome”

“Well did you” Evangeline asks?

“No, Evangeline I did not” Thomas looks at her as though she is beyond crazy.

“That’s very rude, Thomas”

“Yes helping someone out, but forgetting to say you’re welcome is very rude”

“Yes, yes it is” Evangeline says as she stares at Thomas as he just scoffs, but he keeps his eyes locked to hers, making Evangeline’s poker face crack.

Evangeline burst into laughter which made made Thomas laugh as well.

“Dear god, did you actually believe me”

“I did, I thought you were pissed that I didn’t say you’re welcome”

“Omg you are so stupid”

“Shut up and drive will ya”

Evangeline just shrugs her shoulders with a smug look on her face “Where do you live”

“Don’t worry about me, just drive to your place and I can find my own way home”

Evangeline looks at him with skepticism “Are you sure”

“Yeah, I am” Thomas says in a rather serious tone.

“Okay” Evangeline says with a curious tone.

She started driving in the direction of her home. It was pretty quiet making things a little awkward between the two of them.

Thomas looked at Evangeline as her eyes were glued to the road “So um where do you live”?
“I live on West 43rd Street”

“Damn, that’s a nice place”

“Yeah, it is, I live in the penthouse”

“Alone” Thomas asks.

“Oh no, I live with Timothy” She says with a smile.

“Timothy, who’s that your boyfriend”

“No, she’s my cat”

Thomas gives her a quizzical look “Why did you give her a boy name”

“There is no such things as boy names or girl names” Evangeline says looking at Thomas “ I found Timothy as a stray and decided to take her in, only I figured out Timothy was a her after I named her, and by then I didn’t want to change her name”

“Why the name, Timothy” curious Thomas asks?

“It was my father’s name, When I saw the stray, I just saw something in the cat and I had to name it after my father” Evangeline says as she touches her silver locket.


“Yeah” Evangeline says while she turns right into the underground parking and parking her car smoothly like a boss into her usual spot.

‘I guess, um I’ll see you” Thomas said rather straight forward.

“Yeah” Evangeline said dully.

Thomas opened his door, but before he stepped out to disappear forever, he looked back to Evangeline.

“I almost forgot I got you something” he says as he reaches to his inner jacket and revealing a tiny black box wrapped with a delicate gold bow.

“A gift” she says surprised.

“Yeah, a thank you gift for saving me” Thomas says as he gently grabs her hand and places the box upon her palm “do me a favor and open it, once I’m gone”

Evangeline nodded her head and Thomas had one foot out the door. But Evangeline grabbed his hand and lady like smashed her lips against his. Thomas’s eyes were wide open, but he responded back. As their gentle lips caressed each other with desire, and it was getting more steamy between them as she wrapped her hands around his neck, but Evangeline wasn’t too sure what was doing so she softly parted her lips away from his. Thomas bit his lip and chuckled at Evangeline, looking at her one last time. He gave a soft kiss upon her forehead and put his palm against her cheeks. Gazing into her sky-like eyes. He got up and walked down the echoey cave. Evangeline watched him leave through the back window. He got smaller and smaller, until there was no more Thomas. Evangeline sighed with happiness within her. She looked at the black box on her palm.

“I’ll open it when I’m at home” she muttered to herself.

She picked up all her belongings and as she took her steps outside, she remember the crutches were given to the homeless man “Fuck’ she yelled causing an echo of fucks.

She knew it would a painful journey, but Evangeline had hope within her, that she was able to make the journey without giving up. She inhaled. Taking a step with her right foot. She hissed in pain, but kept going. It felt like she was walking on a path of lego pieces. The door to the building was becoming bigger and bigger. She reached the steps leading to the door. Evangeline almost trips, but manages to defy physics and caught her balance. Inhale. Exhale. Up she went the stairs and her arm extended out for the door knob. She caught it and twisted it open, revealing the inside of the building. Her feet somehow brought her in and soon she saw herself against the building wall catching her breath. Evangeline plopped herself down to the ground where she was encountered with the delicate, festive rug. But as soon as she plopped herself down she didn’t want to get up. She decided to kill time by opening the box Thomas gave her. With her red nails she tugged off the gold ribbon, and opened the box. Her eyes went wide, for it was a necklace, the chain was sterling silver and the pendent was the moon. Evangeline was in awe as she viewed the necklace.The moon looked exactly like the one she saw yesterday, which is when she met Thomas. IT must be dumb luck or a lucky coincidence.She checked the box if there was anything under the cushion of the necklace. She convinced herself that there was nothing there, but her fingers tell a different story as they met up with a piece of paper. Evangeline thought it was probably the receipt, but when the paper came into her sight, it didn’t look like one. As she unfolded it a number was revealed with the name Thomas under it.

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