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Award Winning Author, Dianna Bellerose captures the romance of two people who madly fall in love and their turbulent life because of parent’s disapproval.
The main character Nancy is a beautiful, heartwarming, loyal wife and mother. But, her traits are not enough for her disapproving and manipulative mother in law

Chapter 3

Finally Freedom

The big day slowly approached, and Nancy, Tom, and Jen left the country and the troubled home. It was a long and overwhelming trip. Everybody was happy because this was a new beginning for the whole family. Nancy’s father was waiting, along with his second wife, at the airport. Nancy was happy to see him. She had not seen him for a long time. He took them to his house, and they had a great time catching up. He had prepared a welcome dinner. The food was wonderful and everyone was very friendly. They were living in a two-bedroom apartment. One of the bedrooms was prepared for Tom, Nancy and Jen. Everything inside the house looked brand new. The bed was covered with white sheets and a blanket. Next to the bed, there was a baby crib for Jen. There were new baby clothes on the top of the crib. They had to live with Nancy’s father’s family for a short time, until Tom could find a job and they could move into an apartment.
Nancy was very grateful to her father, and everything was going so great … but not for long. Once in his own home, Tom started gradually going back to his old ways of drinking and being abusive towards Nancy. Jen again had to witness scenes of her father drunk and attacking her mother. Tom had no mercy towards Nancy even in Jen’s presence. One night at 3:00 am, Nancy had to call her dad to ask him for help. She cried, “Please, Dad, come and help me! Tom is so drunk, and I have no control over him. I want you to come and talk to him. I can’t talk to him. He won’t listen to me, and he’s hitting me. He’s threatening to take Jen with him and I’ll never get to see him or her again.”
Nancy’s father said, “I’m coming, and I’ll do whatever I can to help. Don’t talk to him anymore until I get there. Try to calm the situation down and stay away from him.”
Nancy said, “Thank you, Dad. I’m so sorry for waking you up. I’ll be waiting for you!”
Randy arrived at their apartment cross. He had never ex-pected Tom to have the guts to lift his hand to his daughter while they lived close to him. Tom had already left. He was afraid to face him. Nancy’s was badly bruised, and she was crying hysterically. Jen was by her side shaking and scared to death. Randy decided that the best thing to do was to call the police and report what had happened. The whole house was a huge mess. There were pieces of glass scattered all over the floor. Everything was out of place. There were obvious signs that someone out of control had created the scene. It was extremely disturbing and, at the same time, sad for Nancy’s father to witness this. He loved his daughter and granddaughter, and this was the last thing he wanted them to have to go through. Nancy’s face was badly bruised, and her arm was covered with scratches. Good thing was that she was not hurt more seriously. She and Jen were sobbing. Nancy’s father was angry and did not know how to make things better for her and Jen.
The police came to Nancy’s apartment and saw the bruises on Nancy’s face and hands. They took pictures of the bruises and scratches she had all over her arms and hands. The scratches were a result of her trying to defend herself. Nancy told the police the whole story of how Tom had got drunk and had started yelling and screaming for no reason. He had a habit of starting an argument whenever he decided to. It was not hard for him to find a way to start a fight.
Nancy told the police the story of what had happened that night: “Tom came home from work. Before dinner, he had several drinks. After dinner, he had a few more drinks. Then suddenly, he jumped up and decided to start an argument about something. I told him to stop, and he decided to leave the house and drive somewhere. So I tried to stop him, and he started to push me and then he hit me because he wanted me to let go of him. Finally, I couldn’t hold on to him any longer, and he broke free and ran out the door.
“Jen followed him, and I ran after them. He picked up Jen and ran out into the parking lot with her and got into the car. I tried to open the door, but it was locked. He was threatening to run away with her and never come back. So, I started to beg him to let her go, and she jumped out of the car. Then we went back to the apartment and I called my dad.”
One of the police officers asked, “Do you have any idea where he might be?”
Nancy answered, “No, I do not know.”
Then the officer asked her, “Can you tell us what he looks like and what kind of a car he’s driving?”
Nancy answered, “He drives a black Honda, and he’s five, seven and has dark brown hair.”
The officer said, “Thank you. If he shows up, call us right away. He has no business here until the judge decides what’s going to happen with him.”
Nancy, Jen, and Randy were all speechless. They could not believe what had just happened. This was a wake-up call for Nancy’s dad about what Nancy had to bear when she was living in Europe, far away from him. They talked for a little while, and then they got a call from the police informing them that they had found Tom sleeping in his car. They were taking him to jail, and the police gave them the option of picking up the car, so they would not have to pay for towing.
Tom spent the night in jail, and the judge ordered him to stay away from Nancy for a period of two weeks. During this time, he was secretly calling and apologizing. Nancy was busy running the business, spending time with Jen, and housework. She was disappointed and hurt because there was not much of a difference in Tom’s behavior. This realization was eating at her soul and making her feel hopeless and helpless. Tom did not show much affection for her or Jen. He had not changed. The only difference was that they had the means to take vacations and buy a nice car. Tom was a good businessman, and they had been able to get into a good business. It was not easy for them in the beginning, but they both worked hard for a long time. They were able to buy the dream house they had always wanted, but their relationship was like a rollercoaster. When the great recession hit the country, things got even worse.

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