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The mind is a cruel master and can strip you of everything you once were.
When you find yourself serenading the Devil time and time again, do not wonder why you are still in Hell.

Chapter 5

Through the Looking Glass

My bed sheets cling onto my skin. In my ghoulish dream I am drowning in an inky sea. A small boat bobs on the waves moving towards the horizon. I reach for it but the moon opens its mouth and swallows the boat whole. I taste salt upon my lips. I grin into the whispering darkness and feel minnows swim between my teeth.
Day-light is miles away yet I am now fully awake. My naked body stretches out upon my bed, my arms stretch out in front of me. I can see vivid blue veins and tiny red dots. Each vein is a road leading to some place, missing miles mapped out from elbow to wrist. Each dot is a reminder of where I have been. The warmth on my bed begins to cool. I shiver and rise.
The artists body had once been like mine, smooth, perfect, uncut. I spent hours breaking the mirror into bite-size shards and spent even longer fixing them onto his face. Cut after meticulous cut, a million small squares of skin lay on the floor and in their place the looking glass now shines. I have turned him into a creation even he would have been in awe of. The broken promise of divine love hovers in the air. I look at him and the image before me looks back. It smiles at me and murmurs to love it forever more. I take the boy in my embrace and feel his cold, hard skin press against mine. He utters sounds of tenderness from bloody lips and takes my breath away. Ever so gently I lay him on the bed, caress his hair and tell him I will forever be his. Then as the night touches our temples and christens our love holy, I lean to him and kiss his ruby lips.
I will not think of the anguish you have rained upon me my beloved, for tonight this boy is here with me to share in my woe. I will shun your bitter existence! I curse the love-affair we had that left me to wander the streets at night searching for you…for you.
This is all for you.

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Christine Bottas

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