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Michael Law is a fit and healthy student. Good looks and a beautiful girlfriend.
But things are about to turn for this handsome young man…
The dark world of vampires!

Chapter 1



The night was young. It was a cloudless sky, unpolluted by street lights, allowing the stars to glitter in all their heavenly beauty.

With a touch of frost in the air, it was a night for wrapping up, strolling arm in arm with a loved one on the white sandy beach.
Sam grabbed Mikey’s arm with both of hers, snuggling her head lovingly into his shoulder. ‘Let’s just walk forever’ she said. ‘This is just so romantic!’

Mikey sighed deeply. ‘I wish we could, but we both have work in the morning and you know how much we need the money.’

‘Aha, wrong Mikey boy!’ teased Sam. ‘You have work in the morning. I have holidays to take before I lose them, or had you forgotten?’
They had been living together for the last seven years, with Sam eagerly awaiting ‘the question.’

With a population of just under ten thousand people, Inchblae was a town by itself on the West Coast of Scotland. The nearest to civilisation being an hour’s drive away.

Michael James Law, a confident 34 years old, six foot four man mountain with ‘surfer dude’ blond hair was muscular with broad shoulders; a chiselled jaw-line and a six pack that any guy would be proud of. Twenty-eight year old Samantha Forrester was a would-be model, elegant in the way she walked and dressed, with shoulder length brown hair, which was cut to her facial curves. At five foot eleven, she was a decent height match for Mikey.
‘I’ll race you to the dunes over by the lighthouse’ Sam said playfully. ‘Last one there buys dinner tomorrow night!’

‘You’ve no chance.’ laughed Mikey. ‘You’re on!’

He was a bartender in the local bar at the end of the High Street while Sam worked in the Personnel department in the supermarket on the outskirts of town.

‘Ready, steady… before Sam could say ‘Go’, Mikey had taken off faster than a racehorse coming out from its gate.

‘Cheat!’ she shouted jokingly.
The dunes were a good half mile away. Sam didn’t stand a chance; the ‘Cheat’ was so far in front. Unless he slipped or ran out of breath, Sam would be buying.

Mikey disappeared round a bend at the start of the dunes. Sam stopped to catch her breath. ‘Ah well, I guess I’m buying.’ She muttered to herself.

Finally reaching the destination, Sam started looking for Mikey. ‘You can come out now.’ she shouted. ‘I give up!’

‘I give up!’ she repeated louder.

There was no answer.

‘C’mon darling, stop messing about!’ Her voice started to shake.

Still there was nothing.

‘Ok, the joke’s over, where are you?’ Sam was now mixing fear with anger.

All she could hear was the sound of the waves lapping on the beach.

Sam tearfully decided enough was enough after an hour, slowly starting the walk back.
The flat was empty; nothing had been moved since they left earlier that evening. ‘Where could he have gone?’ she thought to herself. ‘What’s he playing at?’
Desk Sergeant Ian ‘Mac’ MacLean was clock watching. With only an hour of his shift to go, the night had been quite uneventful.

He was a portly built, married, middle-aged dad of two and had been a Desk Sergeant for far too long, he couldn’t wait to retire.

‘Hey Sarge, would you like a coffee before you finish your shift?’ asked Hickey the newly qualified constable.

‘Yeah could do’ Mac said. ‘Anything to waste a wee bit of time’ he sighed! ‘Hey Hickey,’ he shouted. ‘Grab some biscuits while you’re through there!’

‘Sure thing boss!’ muffled Hickey, his mouth already full with a chocolate bar.
Hickey, a local lad, went to cadet school after passing his ‘A’ Levels. He had always wanted to be in the police since he was a kid.

‘Here you go Sarge.’

‘Cheers Hickey. Now go and wipe that chocolate from your mouth.’
Mac took a sip from his cup just as the front doors burst open. ‘Jesus! What on Earth was that?’ Coffee started to soak into his tunic. ‘Damn! Just as well I’m nearly finished!’

Finally, looking up, he saw before him a young woman in obvious, serious distress. Her face streaked with mascara, hair dishevelled and bloodshot eyes, Sam had reached the police station.

‘H-h-help, p-p-please,’ she stammered uncontrollably. ‘M-M-Mikey…Oh my good God….Mikey

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