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When I was twenty-three years old, I made the personal decision to undergo LASIK eye surgery to free myself from wearing glasses and contacts. In high hopes of gaining 20/20 vision, I was left beyond devastated after the surgery went wrong and I was left to live in a LASIK nightmare. Just when I thought my life was over, it was truly just beginning. God had a bigger plan. This one decision changed the course of my destiny. I was given a new sense of vision—“LOVE VISION.”
Love Vision is an intimate story about my vision loss and how I was given a special gift: a new sense of vision that opened the eyes of my heart. I will take you on a personal journey, one in which I confront tragedy, fears, and demons after my Lasik nightmare. You will see how the power of “Love Vision” allows me to transform pain into a passion for finding restoration for my mind, body, and soul.
I will share with you the secrets, tools, and resources I discovered that enabled me to find hope, healing, and vision. This is a must-read for our generation! We are living in a society that brainwashes us daily about what we must do to achieve personal success, physical beauty, power, and happiness. Our minds, belief systems, and the way in which we view the world have been polluted. We are a generation without a VISION! The message contained within Love Vision will touch your heart and awaken you to the truth that you’re chosen for a higher calling and purpose. It will give you a new perspective that will allow you to view yourself, others, and the world from a place of love. It’s time to get your Love Vision on!

Chapter Chapter 1

Black Out

There are certain days, events, circumstances, and choices that change you and your life forever. February 3, 2005, was one of those days for me. I was striving to enhance my physical appearance and had made the personal decision to undergo LASIK eye surgery to free myself from wearing my glasses and contacts.
I was beyond excited about the new vision that I would gain from this twenty-minute procedure. Yes, I was nervous…very nervous. I remember sitting in the waiting room filled with others, uncertainty written all over their faces. As with any cosmetic or elective procedure, there is always a risk that something could go wrong. Thoughts raced through my head as my anxiety increased.
“Heather Beasley.”
My name was announced by the young, attractive sales consultant who had been with me since my very first LASIK consultation.
I stood up and followed her to a small room, where she instructed me to take a seat and relax. She took one look into my eyes and said, “Nervous…huh?”
“Extremely,” I muttered as my heart began to race faster.
“Take two of these. You’ll feel much more relaxed and ready for the procedure,” she calmly said, handing me two pills. After she gave me the little plastic cup filled with water, I quickly took the sedatives to calm my nerves. She then led me back to the waiting room and quietly said, “I’ll be back soon to take you to the surgery room.”
A few minutes later, everything seemed to be going very hazy. I started to feel extremely relaxed and less tense. As I slowly flipped through the pages in the fashion magazine that I was holding, I suddenly heard my name called to report to surgery. I stood up and followed the consultant to the surgery room.
I was briefly introduced to the surgeon who would be performing the procedure. I looked him directly in the eyes and said, “Please do your best job,” as the feeling of unconsciousness overtook my body.
“Just relax. I’ve performed thousands of these procedures over the years. You’re in good hands,” he said confidently. That somewhat assured me; I had already done my research and had chosen one of the most reputable surgeons in the industry. Even famous athletes and celebrities went to this guy.
As the chair reclined backward, I meditated on the surgeon’s words. He began performing the surgery on the right eye. A few minutes into the surgery, I realized something had gone wrong. I began to hear the doctor expressing concern to the medical staff that there had been a serious complication.
“We have had a complication with your right eye. Do you want us to continue the surgery on your left eye?” he asked. In that moment of my sedated unconsciousness, I murmured yes.
The two sedative pills had completely altered my state of consciousness. My mind was like Jell-O….I felt like I was in a dream. After my surgery was completed, I was led to one of the medical examining rooms. All I remember from that moment was complete and utter darkness. Everything that I could see was dark and extremely blurred. Soon I heard the voice of the consultant, who had just led my father back to the recovery room. My father entered the room and sat down beside me.
The surgeon proceeded to explain the complication that had occurred during the beginning of the surgery.
“A very rare complication has occurred. During the surgery, there was a slip. This slip in movement resulted in the unintentional cutting of the cornea on your right eye. This complication is referred to as a ‘free cap.’ A free corneal cap occurs when the corneal flap incision is cut all the way around the eye, so instead of leaving a hinge of attached tissue to adhere back to the patient’s eye, the intended flap is a freestanding piece of tissue. In your situation, the freestanding tissue was replaced and aligned in order to adhere and heal itself back to your cornea. This is a very rare complication, and your healing process is going to be very difficult to diagnose. As for your vision, it’s nearly impossible for us to predict how much of it will be restored.”
I had high expectations of seeing 20/20 after surgery, so it’s an understatement to say that I was devastated to have such a serious complication. The result of this complication was serious physical, mental, and emotional pain. I went to numerous medical specialists, but none could offer me a solution. My complication involved vision loss accompanied by severe nerve pain in my eyes, vision-quality defects such as ghosting (faint secondary images), reduced contrast sensitivity, night-vision disturbances, floaters, and an extremely severe and untreatable dry-eye condition. I felt very alone, depressed, and hopeless as I went from doctor to doctor and heard the same negative reports.
After endless medical appointments to some of the most respected and trusted eye specialists in the country, I still had found no hope or relief for my pain. I knew that I was going to have to be the one to find the answer to help me heal physically, mentally, and emotionally from the extreme pain that my body could no longer endure. The day that I made the decision and commitment to find healing for myself was the day that I acquired “Love Vision.”
“Love Vision” is the change in your perception—physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually—when you decide to view everything from a place of “Love” and not fear. Choosing to focus your mind and energy on the emotion of “Love” and not “fear” will completely change you and your daily life forever.
The vibrational effects of choosing “Love” will enable you to nurture, love, and care for yourself in a way that will bring healing, peace, hope, and restoration into your life. This innate “Love” that you will begin to exert on a daily basis toward yourself and others will change the course of your life. By choosing “Love” over “fear,” you will be granted the power to fulfill your destiny. Fear will no longer be able to hold you captive physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually. Love will liberate you!!!!! Freedom, hope, peace, and massive miracles are waiting for you!!! It’s time to change your perception. Chose “Love” over “fear,” and get your “Love Vision” ON!!!!!
I hope that through reading about my personal story and the new perspective that I gained from acquiring “Love Vision,” you will be able to relate your own life experiences to the words that you are about to read. This book is dedicated to you and to your story. You’re about to be awakened to the truth that you are the author of your own personal story and that at any given moment you can choose to change the direction of your life. Your past story does not define you and dictate your future. You have the power to change your present and future.

The Storm

Following the severe complications and pain that resulted from my Lasik nightmare, my world began to shatter. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “When it rains, it pours!” Well, I was desperately stuck in a storm, with nowhere to find shelter.
A few months after my surgery, I found out that my father was cheating on my mother. My mother made the decision to file for divorce. Shortly thereafter, my dad ended up seriously dating one of my mother’s best friends. My father and I had a horrible falling out when I openly expressed to him my disapproval of his behavior and actions. I was no longer welcome to live in my parents’ home, and the tension between my father and me grew.
This was the darkest period of my life. I was in such a deep state of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain. I had nowhere to go. For a few weeks I crashed at a friend’s house, but she was still living with her parents, so my time there quickly came to an end. My grandmother invited me stay with her because she knew that I desperately needed somewhere to go. My time spent with her was a blessing; she was a woman of great faith. Every day, she encouraged me with positive talks, scriptures, and prayers. She was and is to this day the most grounded woman in faith whom I’ve ever known in my life. She was determined to instill in me a renewed sense of hope and faith in God so that I would believe he still had a plan for my life. She knew the darkness and pain that I was facing, but she didn’t let that deter her from speaking truth and faith into my life.
Her light ignited within me a small amount of hope. This hope became stronger when I began to pray and ask God for his direct wisdom and guidance in my life. It was through this open communication with God that I was able to develop a relationship with him. I told him everything. I was able to freely unload my pain, fears, and sorrow to him by telling him exactly how I felt. I began relying on him for strength. Each new day began to bear more light, and I became more grounded in my faith. Things started to truly change when God started to show me that he still had an incredible plan for my life. Despite all of my current circumstances, God was speaking to my soul and telling me that he was going to use my story to help others. At the time, this was hard for me to comprehend—I was desperately ashamed of the physical and emotional pain I was experiencing. How would I ever be able to open up and share my true story with others? Who was I to inspire and encourage others to have faith and hope in their lives? At the time, I didn’t know how to answer these questions, but….God knew the answers, and he was planning to give me an opportunity that would change the course of my destiny.
The opportunity was a job offer in sunny South Florida. I had been praying for a sign from God and felt as though this was it. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I dreaded the icy cold winters. From the age of five, I prayed to God, asking him if I could live in Disney World. No joke. I had always dreamed of moving to Florida! But I never imagined that I would be given the opportunity, especially during a difficult time in my life like this.
My friends and family thought I was crazy, but I said YES and moved to the Sunshine State with only a few suitcases and my 2002 Honda Civic. I knew that I desperately needed to change the course of my life. I felt as though this was a God-given opportunity that the Universe was giving me. It would take me away from my current environment, family, and friends and force me to create the changes that I so desperately needed. This would be a new chapter in my life. Was I scared? Hell yeah!!! But I knew deep in my heart that God was calling me there and that this was part of his plan. I can’t even explain it to you…but deep in my heart…I knew that I had to go. So I said YES! It was that simple. I said yes to the Universe. I began packing my suitcases with all of the summer clothes that I owned. Little did I know that it would be in the Sunshine State where the lightness would overtake my life.
This was a huge leap of faith for me, since I knew no one in Florida. I clearly remember saying good-bye to my family and friends on the day that I left Pittsburgh. I was leaving everything that I had ever known behind. It’s very strange though, even though I was scared sh*tless, I didn’t let fear control me. There was this energy of love, faith, and hope that started to rise up in my soul. It’s hard to explain, but I can distinctly recall the feeling that I had sitting in the airplane as it took off. It was a feeling that I never experienced before. Even though I was at one of the most difficult times in my life, I began to feel a supernatural power come over my mind, body, and soul. This undeniable energy began shifting my energy. As the plane ascended into the air, I felt as though my new life was about to begin. It was a plane ride that I will never forget. I had so many questions that were racing through my mind. How long would I live in Florida? Would my job work out? Would I be able to financially support myself to live on my own? How much am I going to miss my family and friends? Will I be able to make new friends and build a life for myself? Will I even like the area that I’m moving to? Am I making a huge mistake? Will I be able to do this all on my own? All of these questions kept racing in my mind. During that flight, I had an epiphany. I realized that there was no way I could predict my future, and that I would have to live in order to answer those questions. The feelings of being scared started to dissipate in the air. I was ready to start a new beginning, regardless of what unfolded. When the plane landed, I was excited to see my new surroundings in Jupiter, Florida. This would soon become my home.
From the moment that I arrived at the Palm Beach International Airport, the Universe began placing the appropriate people, circumstances, situations, jobs, opportunities, and resources into my life. Each one directed me a step closer to fulfilling my destiny. The first few months of settling into my new environment, were jam-packed with activities and responsibilities with my job. One day, my job required me to venture out into the community in order to complete some necessary errands. Since I didn’t know the area that well, I was relying on my GPS to guide me to my destination. Unfortunately, I got lost. I had no idea where I was. So, what’s a girl to do? I saw a Wendy’s Restaurant on the side of the road and I pulled over. I figured that Wendy’s was a pretty safe place and that I could ask one of the locals for directions. Once I got inside, I first needed to use the restroom before I asked anyone for directions. When I entered the bathroom, there was a young girl around my age standing at the sink washing her hands. I quickly said hello and then told her that I was lost, being that I just moved to the area and didn’t know my way around. She looked at me and smiled and began to laugh. She said, “You’re never going to believe this…but I’m locked out of my apartment. I can’t find my key and my roommate is still at work, so I figured that I would come here to kill some time.” In that awkward moment, we both began to laugh. After leaving the restroom, we continued chatting. Her name was Jenny, she was super-sweet, funny, and smart. She said to me, “Since we are here, would you like to get something to eat?” I laughed and said “That would be great, as I’m really hungry.” So we ended up grabbing a bite to eat and ended up talking for over an hour. We both shared where we were from, the colleges we attended, and how we both ended up in Florida. Jenny was new to the area as well, as she moved with her roommate from North Carolina for a new job and to live closer to the beach. We both were in similar uncharted territories. Getting ready to leave, she said “This may sound kind of strange, but do you want to exchange phone numbers? Since you don’t really know anyone here, maybe we could hang out sometime and I could introduce you to some of my friends.” I smiled and said “I would love that. I really enjoyed talking with you.” So, we exchanged phone numbers. The rest is history. Jenny and her friends ended up becoming my best friends and Florida family. I will never forget the memories, laughs, crazy times, and challenges that we all shared. Together, we experienced living our lives’ to the fullest in our twenty’s. I truly believe to this day that meeting Jenny in the bathroom at Wendy’s was a divine appointment.
Shortly after meeting Jenny and her friends, I ended up winning a contest on the radio. I called when I heard the call to action on my favorite radio station in order to win tickets for a VIP event in West Palm Beach. I was so excited when I found out that I won! I’d be able to take my new friends to the one of the biggest events in the city! We had a blast! That night I ended up meeting a few people who worked for the radio station. Little did I know that I would end up working with them. A few weeks after the event, I was in my car driving and listening to the radio station that I had won the contest from. A commercial came on that announced that the company was hiring new Account Executives for their Sales and Marketing team. I was very intrigued. This sounded like something that I would really enjoy doing. I felt as though this could be a great opportunity! They were holding an upcoming career fair in the city, so I decided to go. While I was there, I was able to reconnect with the people who worked for the radio station, that I had met at the VIP event a few weeks earlier. I was able to find out more details of the job position that was available, and I even scheduled an interview. The interview went great and I ended up getting the job! I was working for one of the top broadcasting companies in the country!
My job as an Account Executive was to sell radio space and to help write the commercials for clients. I find it very ironic that I ended up working in this role. You may be wondering why I said this. The reason that I believe it to be so ironic, is because the first time that I heard about LASIK eye surgery was from a radio commercial. Prior to making the decision to get LASIK, I kept hearing a testimonial radio commercial that was hosted by a very famous athlete. I swear I must have heard the commercial at least fifty times. The endorser raved about his experience and the freedom that he gained from the short and painless procedure. The repetitive message and call to action that I heard, impacted me. I felt as though I needed to have this procedure. I ended up responding to this call to action. When reflecting back to my time as an Account Executive, I see it as a blessing. I was given a rare opportunity to learn the media industry inside out. I learned how the media crafts call-to-action messages that tell people what they need to do, buy, have, maintain, and achieve in order to be happy. I also learned a lot about how advertising and marketing directly impacts our society. All of this information that I gained, would later help me to fulfill my purpose.
Over the past thirteen years, I have been blessed with amazing opportunities that allowed me to build an extremely successful career in sales and marketing. I have been able to work for some of the most successful and well-known companies in their respective industries. Through these various work experiences, I have been able to learn more about myself and my interests, passions, gifts, and talents that God had given me.
By attending a women’s success seminar in Miami, I discovered life coaching. This seminar changed the course of my life. It was at this event, where hundreds of women gathered to be inspired and encouraged, that my heart finally found its true calling.
This new career path was calling me. It was speaking to my heart. I knew that I had to say yes! Deep inside, I knew that this was what God was calling me to do and that this was part of his master plan for my life. In choosing to become a life-coach, I was then able to answer the questions that I asked myself right before my move to Florida. These were the questions that I now could finally answer: How would I ever be able to open up and share my true story with others? Who was I to inspire and encourage people to have faith and hope in their lives, in others, and in the Universe?
Now, answering those questions is easy, for I know who I am and what I’m called to do in my life. I am called to share my message of “Love Vision” with you so that you can ignite the faith, hope, and passion in your life and be set free from fear. Sometimes you just need to say “YES” even if you’re scared to death and know that your decision is risky. RISKS REAP REWARDS! Say “YES” to YOU, YOUR GOALS, and YOUR DREAMS. Saying “YES” will change the course of your life.

What Is “Love Vision”?!?!?

Through my own personal experience of enduring “vision loss” and extreme physical pain, I was enlightened to find healing through accessing a new type of vision. It was at my darkest moment of hopelessness, pain, and despair that “Love Vision” fell upon me. Although it was but one glimmer of light, this light contained enough “Love” to cast out the hopelessness and darkness that I could no longer live in. It was at this moment that my life really changed—forever.
It was a miraculous moment in which I believe a power much greater than myself, opened the eyes of my heart. At that moment I realized that “Love” was the only hope that I had left and that my life was worth living. It was this epiphany that awakened me and ignited me with the power to access my “Love Vision.” For this new vision opened my mind, body, and soul to a whole new perspective that enabled me to view and live my life with love.
This perspective changed my destiny and gives me the strength every day to live a life that I love. We are all called to live a life we love. But we must have a VISION for our lives, and that VISION must be full of love.
Love Vision was written with the sole purpose of inspiring you to open the eyes of your heart, mind, and soul in order to live the life that you were destined. It is my goal to become your personal one-on-one life coach as you read Love Vision. I will walk beside you as you confront your biggest fears, challenges, struggles, and demons in order to gain freedom and reclaim your power. Step-by-step, I will guide you to gain clarity on your desires, goals, and dreams so that you can create a VISION that will enable you to fulfill your destiny. I will help you to create a strategy and plan that will that will contain the steps you need to take on a daily basis to start living a life you love.
I will share with you the powerful steps, visualization techniques, and exercises that I used to transform my physical pain into a passion to change my life—physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. You will be guided to authentically connect to your mind, body, and soul in order to get your “Love Vison” ON—or should I say, “OM”! This new vision that you’re about to access will drastically transform your perception of yourself, your life, others, and your ability to live in a way that you have never even imagined. This is the beginning of healing.
Are you ready to live a life full of passion, inspiration, courage, faith, and strength? Then turn the page; you are about to be awakened to the truth that our generation has been too long awaiting. You’re chosen.
Prepare to dig deep within yourself to access your innermost passions, strengths, and internal resources. You must be ready to discover the fears and limiting belief—systems that have been deceiving, cheating, and holding you back for years from fulfilling your true destiny and calling. “Love Vision” will reveal to you that you’re “chosen” and will instill a faith in you that you have the power to accomplish anything that you put your heart and soul into.

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