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Set in a parallel universe, this mind boggling and comic tale of horror, gruesomeness and adventure is sure to keep you thrilled until the very end. It is centered on the saga of an undead boy who will save his kind from the purge of mortality, all the while battling his own fears and baser instincts.

Chapter EPISODE 1

“A Hizzztory Lesson….”

“Before everything existed there was nothing. As time moved forward, the universe came into existence. There is a lot of speculation about how this happened, some say it is an act of God or a higher or Supreme Being while others claim it is the aftermath of a clash between matter and antimatter but I digress. However so it came to exist does not change the fact that it simply exists and has done so for a very long time. Now you see, the universe, as we all know, is an amalgamation of many celestial and astral bodies. Out of these many bodies is our planet, Zerth. Compared to the other planets and stars, Zerth has experienced and supported various kinds of life ranging from the marvelous dinosaurs to the plants we see today. All these lifeforms had one thing in common; they consumed one or the other to continue living. This meant that no matter what you are, you were always running for dear life….. Well now it’s pretty much the same but at least we don’t have to run anymore.

At first though, Zerth had very harsh conditions and could not support any life but as the atmosphere became less unforgiving, microorganisms emerged. These microorganisms, with the passage of time, grew into various fauna and flora that inhabited the planet. The atmosphere kept changing and so did they.

So on and so forth, the never-ending process of evolution continued. As each species adapted and grew according to the ever-changing environmental and climatic conditions, it left behind its predecessors making them extinct. It happened with the amphibians, the mammals, and mankind and with Justin Zieber as well. No matter on which period of time you cast your eye upon, you will always find that evolution and extinction were ever-present. It’s like nature’s way of saying, “I’m bored and I need a change.”

Our kind was also the result of evolution. We emerged back during the latter part of the 18th Century. The French Revolution was in full swing and that is where the first of our kind came into being. It may seem disgusting to you now but our ancestors used to feed on the raw flesh of the fabled humans then and that is how we helped them evolve. Make no mistake though; they were no more eager to accept this natural change than they were to accepting that the bourgeoisie needed to be abolished at the time.

Even after having evolved, there was a long period where there was nothing but chaos. It took a long time for everyone to comprehend the capabilities of what they had become. Finally, a widespread understanding was reached and our kind began their efforts for a better civilization and to make Zerth highly sustainable because after all, this planet will be needed for a long time and our precedent species had very much set it on the path to self-destruction. We made great advancements in the fields humans had discovered at the time and then some more. Politics was not difficult for us as we are not vulnerable to the diseases they were and we had an abundant supply of “food” for everyone.

And at of all the worst possible moments, I let my excitement get the best of me and let out, “ZEEMAN IS SO FRICKIN’ AWESOME!”

“Mizzter Zim what…. you doing?” said the startled teacher, closing his book. Struggling to keep calm with everyone’s gaze on me and knowing what a catastrophic situation I had put myself into, I replied, “I wuzz listening …. to… Morgan Zeeman.”

“This izz history class… Not your bedroom!” Screeched the tall, one-eyed teacher, inching ever closer to me. For a second, I felt as if though my head was about to be ripped off by a crazed lunatic on the loose. I mean c’mon, when a tall, burly, one-eyed teacher whose face is missing an eye socket starts towards a teenage boy, frankly speaking it does kind of spell doom for the poor guy (which happened to be yours truly). Then, that second passed and I said coolly, “It wuzz better than your boring rumblings!” With that I had sealed my fate. Amidst the startled gasps of the class, I suddenly felt a deft blow to my shoulder and before I knew it, my left arm was on the floor twitching wildly. I let out a shriek and fell down on my knees while clasping my shoulder where my arm had been a moment ago. A little blood gushed out but it soon stopped as the shoulder started to heal itself. I tried reaching out to get my arm but the effort was in vain as it was snatched up by Mr. Jo-Z, our history teacher. Stifling myself from crying from the momentary pain from movement, I slowly pulled myself up and prepared myself for the terrible five minutes that lay ahead of me. “Your insolence ……. knowz no boundz it zeems! Punishment izz… no arm for a day…. I hope I made my point……. Clear. No dizturbmentzz…. from now!” he said with the signature slur that we all have, all the while waving the twitching limb in the air.

Grudgingly, I took my seat, leaned on my left arm for support (which I had surprisingly forgotten was torn off in front of my eyes) and tumbled face-first into the ground below. Sheepishly I got up using my remaining arm and settled back into my seat. Furthermore, my arm was used as a pointing stick for the rest of the lecture. This only increased the gurgling laughter of everyone in the class. Mr. Jo-Z smirked and then quieted the class. With my self-esteem now blown to bits, I sat there, trying my best to look cool and this time, remembered to use the remaining arm to lean on and listen to the lecture.

After coming to terms with my foolishness I mustered up enough courage to take a look around the class. To my left, the divas (believe me when I say that sassy is only the beginning of their definition) were scribbling across their notebooks then passing it to each other and laughing silently. Ahead of me, I saw the nerds (studious but really not the sturdy type. If you see someone who’s limbs detach from their body just because of running into a mailbox you can say for sure he’s a nerd) who were busy in taking notes of the lecture and lastly, at the back were the jocks (stupid, hunky and unbelievably egoistic) who happened to meet my gaze. This was certainly not going to be anywhere near my lucky day.

The divas are sleek looking and gorgeous with their hair tied in ponytails and their skin was cleaner than most with just the cracks showing on them. They are also very acrobatic and agile runners who could outrun a Cheetah if they chose to (which they do not because they might dirty their clothes). The jocks on the other hand, have a rather disturbing mentality, as they do not clean themselves that regularly and their skin is covered with all sorts of bits and stuff other than cracks. Meeting the jocks gaze after such a clumsy act only meant more trouble for the unfortunate, which happened to be me today. One of them pointed at me and then mouthed the words, “Meet me outside.”

It happened exactly as I had thought though it was rather hard to control my laughter at their antics. Apparently they knocked over a nerd, took his arms and flailed them around while making noises like a chicken. I bit my tongue to keep myself from laughing but I bit it too hard and half of it fell out of my mouth. Apparently the pain didn’t stop me from laughing but the sudden apprehension of the situation I was in did. I bent over to pick it up and (oh did I mention that jocks possess “inhuman” strength, excuse the pun, and have a very mysterious hatred towards posteriors?) I felt someone’s foot against my backside before flying violently into the bushes. Luckily I had grabbed the bitten half of my tongue and grasping it tightly in the now barely intact, remaining arm I started moving hastily towards the gate.

Suddenly the chicken-like noises stopped and I turned around to see Harriz flailing the nerd’s limbs while trying to catch me, followed by his friends. “You’re dead meat Zim!” he yelled. “Yeah fanks for felling me!” I replied and got to the school gate just in time to see the bus starting to leave. I heard Harriz’s footsteps closing in. He was onto me and he was shouting, “You run from me…. And I’ll break those legz!” I made it onto the bus just as it left the school and shouted “Maybe neff fime looferf! (next time loozerz!)”

It was a fine sunny day and I could feel that even more because of the sting in my wound. A slight breeze was blowing and I focused my mind on the streets to get rid of the pain. It really is wonderful living in this era, where the only fatal wound would be to the brain (I mean humans would have died obviously from that too but we’re different). We, the undead, have been blessed with partial immortality. We do age and die but wounds and poisons don’t kill us, I thought, while absentmindedly feeling the clot on my arm. All these thoughts flooded me since I was not walking now but speculating the quarrel of the two men who were standing on the pavement with their fists clenched. They seemed to be arguing on some matter which I could not understand so I moved closer to them. Bad move. One of them slid a knife through his sleeves and sliced the throat of the other. I backed away from them to save myself from being covered in more blood and the culprit ran off with his belongings. Luckily, a team of paramedics was passing by and saw the man with the slit throat. They got out, stitched his throat and then continued with their rounds. When they were almost out of sight it struck me like a thunderbolt that I could have asked them to patch me up as well.

I started shouting and waving the tongue in the air. They heard me and saw me waving. Finally the day seemed to be taking a turn for the better. They turned around, waved back at me and disappeared out of my sight. I stood there dumbfounded, watching the empty road then made my way to the hospital after realizing what had happened.

Such is our society. The system was established by those who came before us to ensure that we remain safe, even if people did try to kill each other. All cities and metropolises have been built on a similar structure, with easy to remember and pronounce street names so that it would not be difficult to get around no matter where we are.

Now this system is abused by people like the assailant I mentioned earlier to make it a regular system for mugging because even if you are fatally wounded, you would most probably be patched up by paramedics who are always on duty around the city. The police are mostly successful in catching them but some are wiser than the others and make it impossible to identify them properly by using fake identities.

Amidst all these thoughts I walked on for what seemed like an eternity before realizing that I had left the hospital two streets behind. So I trekked back and went to the I.P.U. (Immediate Patch-up Unit) for getting treated. Afterwards, I left the hospital having paid the bill and made my way for my home. As I neared our street I felt a strange uneasiness within me, which urged me to make my movements faster until I finally broke into a sprint. I caught a whiff of a strange smell. Instantly a craving awakened in me to get to wherever it was emanating from. I ran wildly towards it, only stopping to make sure whether the direction I was going in was right or not. Gradually I had reached the back alley connected to our apartment complex. The scent was strongest here. I slowed my pace here, like a predator not wanting to alert its game. All this was happening instinctively, as if I’d been doing it for a long time. Gently, I sniffed around and finally reached the spot from where the strange smell was coming from. Under the dying embers of the daylight what I saw was only a blood stain. But it was fresh. OH. SO. FRESH……



I live with my parents and am an only child. Both of them work so I usually have a spare set of keys with me. I stood at the entrance to our apartment, unlocking the door and then I felt a strange presence behind me. A hand settled on my shoulder before I could turn around. Terrified, I sluggishly turned around to gaze into the darkness. Then something breathed on my neck. I caught it in my periphery and staggered back towards the wall ……

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