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My story is unfiltered and straight from my heart , it has been waiting for the readers to indulge. I believe we’re all winners at the end as we have a vision and our art makes it possible through pen and paper.

Chapter CHAPTER 1


To earn my respect and love 
To sort out my heart and soul problems 
In coming I had patience and now holding pieces of my broken 
Sorrow was meant for a very flesh 
Misery sure can pass 
Problems are created and solved by creators 
The winds of tragedy can pass 
if you leave me; 
Times have changed as minds were 
meant to change and choose. 
Jealousy will stand if meant to 
but love can swallow it 
Love can be built,but I need you 
out of my life! 
I need to love,trust and dream again 
Come on leave me,I will see my way out of this dark tunnel 
of lies and deception! 
Leave me!

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blessing ndlovu

Montreal, Canada

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