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my story is based on the book which i recently launched and i think it will make a difference as it makes people realize where they coming from and why they should be rooted in God. For without God life is a disaster so its important that we align our focus and attention on the Creator

Chapter 1

root your life in God

When God trusts you enough to carry his package so that you may deliver it as it is, it is a humbling yet overwhelming responsibility as you will be questioning your capability of fulfilling the quest. Many times, you are initiated a task and you just think of how you will mess it all up before you have even started. I remember when I started my first job I was clothed with a nerve wrecking momentum because I was afraid of messing up

Sometimes I would just drop stuff without even being aware; my manager used to repeat himself mostly because my mind was just not at ease. It’s those moments when you put yourself on a scale and ask yourself if you are worthy enough to do this or should you just pack your bags and go because they is lot of doubt in your mind.
Nevertheless, our God is amazing for He calls the unqualified, the rejected ones and the weak in heart and transforms them into dynamite. When you take your time to look at His magnificent creation then you realize He elected you to be in it for a reason He saw it worthy that you ensemble the ultimate right for you are able never mind your situation or what people say about you, you withhold the factual to experience the fullness of His beauty.
It sounds too good to be true it is something that we cannot fully absorb because we lack the appreciation of the love of God, He has entitled us with kingship title yet we kids but God He sees the Kingship in us not the kid in us.
It is an amazing overwhelming honor for as much as we do not deserve it grace has made it possible the Love of God in abundance. Therefore, as the mail carrier you have every right to deliver the package to its rightful place for God has anointed and elected you with love to contain and deliver that package in you.
He is God of miracles full of love and mercy and when He elects you, it is not by mistake but it is because it is in His will. He just needs your availability He will do the rest do not be kowtowed to your present circumstance but allow your mind to be fixed and aligned on God for He knows us before we even born hence He is aware of our fears and our flaws.
Lean and dwell upon the Lord and above all pursue Him allow Him to define you and by giving you your true identity walk in His steps of righteous and trust Him enough with your weakness’. For He shall turn it into your strengths balance yourself unto the Lord both in good and in bad times for He is not a God of season but of past, present and the future the Alfa and the Omega, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
He already trusted us to carry his package, to do his will for he has birthed visions in our hearts so that we may not dwell on the present circumstances but in the purpose and the visions inserted in our hearts. In other words, we are not born empty but we born with a purpose, which is powerful enough to transform the cries and the servitudes of life to suit our own instances.
No one is born limited the only limitation is to talk and walk by sight for it limits us to dream and foresee what is beyond in other words your present failures and weaknesses intimidates you to believe in the potentials vested in you hence you become motionless failing to move beyond what your sight can perceive.
I used to wonder how does a ship float on top of the water carrying containers and thousands of people on board yet it doesn’t sink. Although we have heard about the Titanic but on an integral perspective, great and larger ships, which are, equipped with five star facilities moves on water swiftly without sinking. Even humans we possess a technique, the ability to hover on the surface of the water when we swim without drowning but only if you trained how to swim.
I came across one of the most con-vincing principle, principle of buoyancy, explained by Archimedes. That a ship will float when the weight of the water it displaces equals the weight of the ship. Anything will float if it is an object, it will displace its own weight in water before it reaches the point where it will submerge. As the ship is loaded, it sinks deeper, displacing more water, and so the magnitude of the buoyant force continuously matches the weight of the ship and its cargo.
Archimedes figured out that the metacenter had to be determined which is a point where an imaginary vertical line (through the center of buoyancy) intersects another imaginary vertical line (through a new center of buoyancy) created after the ship is displaced, or tilted, in the water. A human body initially floats in water due to the buoyancy created from the air remaining inside the lungs, once it is full of water; the body begins to lose its buoyancy and eventually sinks.

The center of buoyancy of a floating object is cohabited by the concept of gravity. When an object is soaked in liquid, some of the liquid is displaced as the object occupies the space. The volume of displaced liquid is the same as the volume of whatever part of the object is below the surface. The shape of the volume of the displaced liquid is the same as the shape of the part that is flooded, because the object itself is displacing the liquid. Center of Buoyancy of the object is located at the center of gravity of the volume of the dis-placed liquid. It is the point through which the upward buoyant force seems to act.
As technical as it may sound, the overall idea that is being enlightened is an ideal concept of balance that we turn to underestimate. For gravity and buoyancy to concise, they should be a state of balance and it applies to the establishment of many theories and protocols that we see operating and influencing on us. Nevertheless, what I love is it is a system which was first introduced by God and it came to man as a break through since man was able to understand the hypothesis behind different forms of creation.
It is a concept originating from a biblical perspective to explain social and scientific theories. This is important to be cognized, for it can change the way you live your life and the quality at which you live your life.
Ever wondered how does the universe function and operate, there is gravitational force between the moon, earth and other planets, that tries to pull it toward to the latter. This constant tug on the moon as it moves around the earth has a “centripetal” force.
This force is in a state of balance as the “centrifugal” force, which pulls the earth and keeps the moon in motion, maintains it. It is the balance between the centripetal and centrifugal forces that keep the moon in orbit and other planets round the earth.
Why does the centripetal and centrifugal force balance each other? Because otherwise the moon would come crushing into earth. However, why does the moon not come crashing into the earth? Because the centrifugal force exactly balances the centripetal force, the “centrifugal” and the “centripetal” acts on the principal of balance, we also do not negate the effect law of gravity as it helps the moon slosh tides around the earth, stops galaxies from drifting apart, and holds your soup in the bowl.
God in his majestic creation he used a critical principal to sustain everything He created, the system operates on a principle of balance that sustains the principle of buoyancy. Balancing is a technique applied in day-to-day ways of living even when you driving you need to observe clash balance because failure to do so can lead to the jerking of the car.
Nevertheless, God presented a system when He created heaven and earth. One of the greatest basic fundamental principles to observe, applies, and understands if you are a Christian. We can also look at rock balancing an art in which rocks are poised on top of one another in various positions adapted from the natural form of balancing rocks naturally occurring geological formation featuring a large rock or bolder resting on a glacial till. David said, “Even though I walk through the dark valley of death, because you are with me, I fear no harm,” Psalms 23:4.
What I concluded from this verse is even if am positioned on the edge of life or tip of a razor as long as God is in me I can balance myself in Him. If a rock can rest on a glacier for ages without following what about me as He lives me.
Now one would wonder but how can I do that and what effect does that have on my life and the current struggles that am facing? God has favored his children and they is no doubt about that actually in the course of the book we articulate the grace and mercy which God has over his children which is again another indication of love from God.
However, God He did not negate the weeds to grow amongst the plants, in other words he did not prevent us to go through troubles and hardships. God’s creation is subdued to a form of hardship or temptation.
This form of hardship can be stress, marriage problems, sickness, or any other drawback of life. In the world, they are lot of toiling and suffering that is something we can all agree. But looking on the concept of balance, stating at the position that you are in they is something amazing which God did on His creation which I believe marks a significance as to how we can copy with the hardships of life in the process of delivering the packaged in us. God made sure they are good and bad seasons in life such that none of the two should exceed the time frame of each other.
Good and bad seasons cohabit, they concise it is more like light and dark-ness, but as much as they cohabit, they do not mix, they are enemies, yet they act on a human influence. Your ability to act on good or let me say utilize on good can enable you to overcome bad in other words the momentum to dwell in the good will equip or balance you with the fortitudes of life.
Such that when the bad comes you are able to hold on the good, the fortitudes of good can balance you to fight against the servitudes of bad until you pass or overcome the bad seasons of life. Despite the sun, sinking bringing in night we for sure know a new day shall come, no darkness lasts forever but only those who are equipped for the night will not be miserable when it is approaching for they know they are ready for it. If the bad season ap-proaches as long as you ready and equipped for it will not have effect on you. You will actually flourish in it for miracles happen during times of difficulty. Bad season should actually catapult you to reach the heights of success just like an eagle it flies into tornadoes for it uses that as a force to fly higher.
Now you wonder why they is so much suffering in the world and why people seem not to be able to notice the approach of good seasons they only know the bad ones. Even depression has become one of the most hardships which human race is failing to overcome and which is something that is sad. It is an indication that our mindset is fixated on the bad side of life. We have not conceded God’s word and love to cultivate in our hearts, we have not permitted our eyes to see further than they can see in other words we have not sanctioned the power of vi-sion and hope to entice us in believing and tapping into the nature of God. Therefore our eyes are only glued on our present misery for without hope they is no faith for its only faith which can make you realize that the present hardships does not define your state of level and your present does not mean that’s is your final report for it can be changed.
The sense behind this book is not about the problems or hunger of life or to blame God why we go through problems and hardships. For we re-joice in hardships for that is when we know were God’s miracles are and that is when we strengthened emotionally and mentally.
So the purpose of this book is about how to deal with that failure or hunger in your life, such that you may live a Godly favored life by adopting some of the principles which our Father initiated himself as He authored the heavens and earth.
When life withdraws from you it can keep you to be within a certain level, but you need to be so aggressive and be prepared that when life adversaries propels you will be able to balance yourself. Rest yourself in the favor of God such that the bolster will sustain you by developing the dexterity to maintain your offset through the highs and lows of life. So that you cannot actively get involved in either one but can strike a balance of being in between for it fortifies the stages of your instances.

Like the shreds of the vale so are the eons of our dynamisms,
As the clock ticks, it signals its mobility, prompting us
The clock is in motion whilst we stuck in our yesterdays,
Circumstances are sometimes beyond our expectancies,
For we cannot fully define the outcome of the day but our souls
Depicts the direction, in which we are purposed as life roller coasts,
Lacking of foresight encrypts us, thereby impeding the nature of our callings
We are suppressed by the foundation of our tenacious souls in magnetizing’s,
The exact identity which defines us, for if the waves of brinies,
A way for us in the midst of the red sea for He perfects
Our souls to overcome any adversaries as long as we align our sentiments,
Intellects and our beliefs unto His calling, communing in har-mony in His mercy
For greater favor has fallen upon us, let our cry signify a roaring voice as
We overtake and control our shreds in the answers of our victory, even the galaxies
Are aware of our existence for we not ordinary but a special exposes
From His majestic image, up-roar and pandemonium the principle of balances
Let the aptitudes of the define favor Fortify in the times of scarceness


Chapter 1
Root your life in God

Enraptured in the captives of our mistakes as we cling in the shackles of regrets, contrived by different aspects of life blinded in the pathways of what holds us from those that mold us.
Malformed in the epitome of our souls weakened in perfections of opting what is right from wrong, articulated by the unseen in attaining the significance of life. Mystified in our thrills as we strive to impede the instinct implored in us, for fear overtakes and dilutes our beliefs.
Bleached in the terror of our sight, concealed in the invisible of preluding that what is noticeable as reality presents impossibilities saturated in the struggles of our anxieties, only by embracing and dwelling in the characterization of our faith, which will sustain us. Life is like a jag hammer, which drills the concretes of the nature of our walls without warning piercing out the path of imperfections tearing the weaker points a kind of circumcision, which we all go through ill equipped. A state of delinquency that deters the practical reality of our existence, it withholds us in our own enslavement, which shapes our thinking and vision as the practical perception and point of view of life.
Life in a phenomenal perspective is a funnel which channel us; a process in which we are entitled to its servitudes succumbed by the notion of being directed to where we are destined. The fact that we are alive is not enough although it is good to celebrate life, but it will be better and a development to our experiences if we can overcome our own fears. Though being stuck in them it does not necessarily mean that is the end of us but actually it is a phase in which we likely to discover how to accomplish our purpose in the midst our failures and fears. Before I express the definition let me quote one “Life is defined as a a characteristic distinguishing physical entity having biological processes, (such as signaling and self-sustaining processes) from those that do not, either because such functions have ceased (death), or because they lack such functions and are classified as inanimate”.
From this quoted definition, a para-phrased detailed definition eradicated from a little word with four letters yet it deters the magnitudes and it authors our future and plate a signature on the course of our journey to the future.
The focus is usually on how we com-plete the journey yet how we survive the journey and the forces experienced determines how we end the journey, as we contemplate lucidly upon the failures and trials encountered it becomes an inhalation as we reach the quest of our fate . In the process, we develop qualities and traits, which make us distinctive. It is survival amongst the fittest, a transgression that will qualify us in the direction of our destiny and dis-qualify us in the bondages of our flaws.
Sometimes we push an elephant with its tail then only to realize as time goes by we still rumbling with the same battle; however, we cannot negate the celerity ignited in our mortals as we rise and fall in the struggle of persistence. Some levels of life are actually constructive as we turn realize our significance as to how we are accepted and loved in our flaws through relationships and being with loved ones. Nevertheless, in all this instances we do not find completion if we do not return to our roots and align our minds with our Creator the one who created the heavens and earth.
Let us look at an example of an unborn baby in the mother’s womb how the two are connected. From a tiny cluster of cells called blastocyst nestled in the nutrient-rich lining of the female uterus developing as a ball of hundreds of rapidly multiplying cells that will develop into a baby through a series of stages. A little biology lesson, A pla-centa is an organ that develops in the uterus during pregnancy it links the fetus to the mother; this organ provides oxygen and nutrients to the growing baby and removes waste products from the baby’s blood. The placenta attaches to the wall of the uterus; the baby’s umbilical cord arises from it, in the placenta, the mothers digested nutrients pass through the umbilicus into the baby’s blood stream provides. Blood circulates through vessels in the cord, which consists of one vein that carries blood rich in oxygen and nutrients from the mother to the baby.
The point to note is the link is be-tween these two beings but what I like is the fetus depends on the carrier for survival. Imagine the consequence of removing the connection of the placenta from the uterus it means they is cutting down of nutrients and oxygenated blood to the baby inside the womb.
Which ultimately leads to death of the fetus but in the death of the fetus the carrier is not disturbed despite going through an emotional loss but life goes on. Which is the same kind of circumstance which we need to adhere to, we are the fetus which needs to be rooted to our God all the time, we need to grow in Him so that He may supply, equip us with the sources and abundances of life before life with draws from us.
We should always be sure we main-tain that relationship with our God, Such that we can be accumulative to the fruits of the Holy Spirit and to the growth pertaining to our spiritual life. Be balanced unto Him for we cannot satisfy the hunger and thirst of the soul without God in us. And we cannot flourish in life just like the fetus it cannot grow if they is not enough resources from the mother, if we don’t have connection with our God we will not overcome the famine of life in other words we need the Holy spirit to intercede and guide us.
The essence behind rooting your life in God is you are able to form a stable foundation in Him and it is through that foundation that we are able to discover and the capability within us. Fear is an emotion induced by a threat of insecurity.
That simply means they are no foundation to balance ourselves, that cradle becomes inhabited with fear. It is out of fear that when you perceive yourself you conclude you not worthy and you become depressed and miserable about yourself for you do not feel special enough. That psychological evaluation that you possess in your mindset, concludes that you going to mess up, you not good looking enough that emptiness and loneliness is the outcome of fear. The sad thing is you will not even attempt on anything and that brings you to be static in life.
Before a lion attacks a rabbit it roars and the minute it roars terror strikes the rabbit such that it will not even run but it remains station. For the lion knows it cannot run to the rate of the rabbit so the only way to catch it is buy inflicting fear in it just with a sound.
Finding your roots in God is “like a tree planted by waters, that spread out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit” Jeremiah 17:8. God will restore you to find that sense of secureness accompanied with the feeling of worthy, appreciated, cherished , buoyant and loved even when critics come they won’t affect your confidence or absorb your esteem for your soul is dipped into the provider of life and despite how you feel that won’t affect your success.
The wisdom of God can engross the fruits of fear and articulate intellect and a strong sense of intelligence. As I mentioned in the introduction I used to be one person who felt he was not the person I possessed that judgment and molded that attitude that I was just not the person. But because I was taught to root myself in God my life has changed for even if when life puts me on the tip of a needle believe me I can balance myself in the Lord and survive the season till it has passed for He dwells in me not outside.

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