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Rose, a Syrian girl, with her best friend, an old diary, left the country to escape from the war and find a better future in Europe. She is going to face a journey full of obstacles to make true her dream to become a great doctor.

It’s based on a true story.

Chapter Eighty-Three

Day number eighty-three

Day number eighty-three:
They are taking me back to Syria… I deserve it…
Two soldiers came to my house… Well, to Martin’s house… “You have to come with us.” They said. I didn’t ask, I just picked up my things and went with them into a jeep… I deserve it…
They took me to the airport and now I’m in the airplane, which is empty… I’m the only passenger…
No wait, the two soldiers of before, they just came in… I think they are going to stay with me… For security thing…
You know? I’m not sad or scared… I was expecting a something like this… Martin was great with me and I disappointed him… I repeat it again: I DERSERVE IT.
Mom, dad; I’m very sorry… I couldn’t reach our dream because you have a stupid daughter… I deserved to die… I shouldn’t go out from that prison… I deserved to be cleaned and be killed that day…
Well, my friend… I think those are my last words… In Syria, I will hide you somewhere and leave you, because I won’t have anything else to tell…
All this time spent with you… All these days were awesome with you… You accompanied me in this journey and I’m thanking you… I really love you my friend… I hope your next owner will be better than I was.

Dear Rose,
When I saw you the first time in the police station, I loved you. You were so innocent that I felt the need to protect you. I tried to make you happy doing as much as I could; it is because I love your smile.
When you told me your story, I swore to myself to be the bridge that link your dream to the reality.
I wanted to say sorry for being selfish; I shouldn’t asked you to marry me; you have your dream and you did all this way to see it becoming real, so I dared to help you.
The driver will give your new documents (Passport, identity card, the inscription of the university, a credit card and the keys of your new house).
Ps. He should have your phone too; call me whenever you want.
Good luck Rose.

The driver will give your new documents (Passport, identity card, the inscription of the university, a credit card and the keys of your new house).
Ps. He should have your phone too; call me whenever you want.
Good luck Rose.

My friend… When I got off the airplane… There was something weird in the airport… It wasn’t Syria’s airport… I was looking around surprised until a well-dressed man spoke to me : “Are you Rose?”
I stared at him… He spoke to me in English, and then I answered:
“Yes, I am. Who are you?”
“It doesn’t matter now… Allow me to accompany you. Please get in.” He said indicating a black limousine behind him.
I was so amazed that I accomplished his order without thinking. The car was going and I was looking out of the window… Red buses… big buildings… I had some doubt but when I saw the big bang, I realized to be in London… I didn’t understand what was going on until the driver stopped the car.
“We reached our destination.” He said.
I got off the car and the driver gave me a pack.
“What am I doing here?” I asked. “And what is this?”
“Please, open it.”
I found a German passport and an Identity card with my photo and my name… An inscription for the medical university, a credit card, a house’s key and a letter from Martin.
I read the letter and stared at the driver without saying a word.
“Your house is behind you.” He spoke after a minute of silence. “Before I forget… This is your phone.”
“Why Have Martin done this?” I asked again.
“Call him, but first of all go in your house and make yourself comfortable.”
Then, the driver went inside the limousine. “I will pick you up tomorrow at eight o’clock.” He said starting the engine and departing.
Once I was at home, I called Martin… He was laughing in the phone and said that he’s going to be in London tomorrow… I called Juliana too, my big sister… She was proud of me and she said that she would visit me one of these days…
I don’t know what to say my friend… I can’t describe how I feel now… I’m only able to tell you I’m super happy.
Mom, dad, Ali, Mohamed… Tomorrow, I’m going to start living our dream… I did it… You can be proud of me…
I’m sorry, I’m crying… I’m allowing myself to cry… I need it.
Finally, I’m in London in a legal way.
Now, I’m on the bed… This house is amazing… It has everything that I need… I want to thank Martin… I want to thank my family… My country and especially you my dear friend… You are the only one who really lived with me and shared everything that I had passed through…

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