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Ever thought of marrying a stranger you flirted with on Facebook?

Chapter 1


Assalmoalaikum warehmatullahi wabarakatuhu!!!!
So finally I have gathered some strength to write my very first story. I hope it would get so far in portraying how a Muslim should and should not be.

I will also try to maintain a balance between humor, glee & sorrow and I hope you guys would like and support this piece of work (:

Please bear in mind that some parts of this story may highlight the way you or someone you know might have been through during chatting with an unknown guy on Facebook which is just a coincidence and doesn’t attacks on anyone’s self esteem or personal space. My work is solely of my own imagination and DOESN’T encourage girls/boys (especially YOUNG ones) to start chatting with strangers on Facebook just to find their prince charming or sleeping beauty.
I would again say that all parts of this story are purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to any event, person or situation is purely coincidental.

Also note that some parts of this story contain mature content and strong language so proceeding to read this piece is solely up to you since there are those who actually read mature material even if they are warned about it. Those scene and acts are just put up to clarify the character’ identifications and to give the story a realistic feel since there exist people who commit such forbidden acts even after knowing that they are sinful.

[Keep in mind that those parts don’t represent Islam because my religion strictly prohibits acts like drinking alcohol, beating and abusing women, hugging/kissing them without a legal relationship etc. Islam is perfect. Muslims are not!!!]

P.s this is an extreme rough work so I am genuinely sorry for my horrible writing 😡

And lastly, Thank You again for giving this book a chance!!!

Enjoy at your own pace!!

“But my beloved daughter Hayin, I don’t want you to go there”. Taher Ahmed spoke in a shallow voice.

“Nothing will happen to me Baba. Don’t you know how strong I am?”. She wrapped her arms around his neck, almost swinging there.

They were having breakfast the next morning she had received her scholarship letter from The University she had applied at 2 months ago. Taher Ahmed loved his elder daughter so much that he couldn’t afford her to go to another city. Even if it was at a walking distance.

He was her only guardian and wanted to protect her in every possible way. Perhaps that’s what he had seen in his dying- wife’s eyes who suffered from just a small hit by a football when he had taken her to a near by park to have some fresh air. The injury was quite a minor one and went unnoticed but at time, it became such gigantic that it took her life away.

Even if the hit haven’t had happened, there wasn’t any way Taher Ahmed could have stopped nature’s doing. It was her time to depart, leaving her husband behind with their 19 and 16 year old daughters: Hayin and Hadfah.

It was a drastic catastrophe and whenever Taher Ahmed try remembering it, a shiver ran down his spine. He remember how his beloved wife was gasping for breaths, how her eyes were conveying the message to protect their daughters for life and even though she couldn’t said it verbally, both husband and wife knew each other so well that Taher Ahmed ultimately felt what she meant.

He was being conveyed an unmade promise through her eyes and that’s when she left.

Leaving all behind.

“Baba!!!” Hayin said in worry, almost shaking his shoulders and making him come out of the painful memory.

“Ahhh its just your mother always comes in between when ever I think of sending you far from city. Its just..” He sobbed. Toughly.

“I miss her so much”. His shoulders suddenly fell.

She quickly took him into a warm hug to comfort her loving dad without even realizing when tears started rolling down from her own eyes.

Eshaal- her beloved mother was her best friend, her comfort zone, her meaning to life and an endless support and after she left, Hayin wasn’t able to swallow this appalling reality. She knew soon she will have to step out of her comfort zone to take care of all the affairs herself as she was the only elder feminine figure left in the home.

Eshaal’s sudden death changed Hayin to bits and bites because back then she used to be a carefree and freedom loving girl hanging out with her friends at their homes or staying awake late using Facebook. She wasn’t ever a practicing Muslimah but became some-what one after her mother’s death. She was in her second year of university when all this happened and its been 3 years now yet the wound still seems so fresh.

Eshaal was the manager of every household chore but now Hayin had to do all this. Handling a whole house was never her forte but still she tried her best to manage well.

“I miss her too Baba” She said between tears.

Taher Ahmed parted and gently wiped her tears. “Your mother always makes us emotional. Doesn’t she?”. A slight yet bright grin lingered over his lips.

“If you really don’t want me to avail the scholarship, I am not going anywhere. I informed just because I want to have a good career so that I may fulfill my responsibilities better”. Her eyes never leaving her palms.

Taher Ahmed kissed her forehead softly. “Its me who is responsible for you and Hadfah my sweetheart but if this opportunity is what makes you feel good, I will never stop you since it was your mother’s dream that you pursue your post-graduation from a renowned university.” He paused to breath remembering his past talk with Eshaal.

“I will talk to the higher authorities for the authentication of this scholarship and the hostel you will stay at but by the way since when you started poking in the matters of responsibilities?”. He said with a fake emphasize, almost grinning at his princess.

Hayin chuckled. “Ever since you started giving more attention to Hadfah than me”.

She knew her father loved her more but still she wanted to divert his mind from Eshaal’s memories- at least for now.

“Oh com’on kid, you know you are my favorite and will always be”. Taher Ahmed said with a big smile.

“Excuse me, where do I belong then? Did you by chance adopted me?”. Came a voice from the stairs where Hadfah was standing with her college bag on shoulder and hijab on head. Her face could easily deliver the possessiveness and jealousy boiling inside.

It was now Taher Ahmed’s turn to chuckle.

Hadfah was his beloved too but its just he had spent more time understanding Hayin as Hadfah had always been a brilliant student and could be found wherever you see a pile of books and geek stuff.

He stood from his chair and took Hadfah in a warm hug but she retorted back.

“You don’t love me anymore just because of my dwarf sized sister”. Hadfah faked tears.

Taher Ahmed almost laughed at her innocence.

“First of all good morning my princess and for your kind and cute info I love you both so much and can do anything for your smiles”. He gobbled Hadfah’ chin mildly.

“And don’t ever call her dwarf, she is 5’4”. He said still controlling his upcoming laughter.

It was Hayin’s turn to grab his forearm tight making Hadfah more jealous of the situation.

“See, I might be dwarf sized but still I am Baba’ favorite. No one loves you dear angry bird”. She said laughing making them both smile at her stupid possessiveness towards her father.

Hadfah quickly jumped in between and hugged them both with her all might.

“God!! I love you both and don’t you dare call me that red freaky stuff with weird nose and monstrous hair again”. Hadfah almost sobbed on getting such a weird title.

“By the way Baba you just said you will do everything for me? Can you make me a pancake before leaving for office?” Hadfah said innocently.

Taher Ahmed laughed whole heartily on this and before he could speak, Hadfah added .

“You cook better than Hayin and I don’t want to give my test by eating burned yet tasteless pancakes”.

It was her turn to make Hayin jealous and her hit just went on-spot.

Hayin jumped on her younger sister almost choking her breaths.

Taher Ahmed acted as a middle man and separated them both who seemed on the verge of starting World War III.

“We both are insane. Aren’t we?”. Said Hayin between small grins.

“I guess we all are”. Taher Ahmed winked and turned his back towards the kitchen counter to make pancakes while both the sisters sat on the dining table chatting about their latest activities while watching their beloved, handsome and stylish looking dad who was busy in assembling breakfast for them.

Hayin was proud of her little family who could do anything for her and for them she could take any risk of the world but little did she know, this family will soon be parted because of a small mistake.

A mistake of getting married with someone on Facebook.


Author’s Note:

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Peace and Love,


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