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She’s seventeen and her life has forever changed. She must look for answers. Just who is her dad? What do these powers mean? Times running out. Will she be the hope the people are looking for, or will she be the reason for the death of all humans? How do you know what to do when you don’t have all the answers?

Chapter One

The Beginning

I woke up to the sound of music. And I mean this literally, the movie sound of music was playing when I woke up. My mother always got me up early for birthdays. This was my seventeenth.
“I have a very special gift for you.” She called up to me. So I get out of my warm comfy bed to go meet her in the kitchen. Our house was lonely, my father had to work around the world, and I haven’t seen him much since I was ten.
“Here is your gift.” It was wrapped in deep blue paper, blue being my favorite color. I opened the box to see a shiny, light blue sea shell necklace.

“It is a gift from your father, he unfortunately couldn’t be here.”
“Of course he couldn’t, he’s never here.”
“Honey, you know he loves you, but his business, keeps him away from us.”
“Mom, he doesn’t even call us.”
“I’m sorry, you feel like this about your father. I have to leave for work. Have a good day at school and don’t freak when things start to happen.” She kissed me goodbye and left the house before I could talk. Don’t freak when things start to happen? What the heck is that supposed to mean? I kept thinking about it as I got ready for school. My best friend Allie came and picked me up. I put my bag in the back, as I usually did. I sat in the front seat

“Happy Birthday!” she leaned over and hugged me. I hugged her back. She pulled away from the house and towards our not so lovely high school.

“So, what did your mom get you?” she glanced over to me. I pulled the necklace from around my neck. The seashell was covered by my t-shirt.
“She gave me this, but it was from my father.” She quickly glanced at it.
“It looks pretty, and I am sure it would look even prettier if I could see it properly.” She kept driving. We talked about our nights, and what was new when we pulled into the school parking lot. She parked in her regular spot, at the end, under a tree. We got out, I grabbed my bag and we started walking to our lockers.

“Now that I see it better, it is very pretty.”
“It is, although it would have been better if my dad had given it to me himself.”
“You know, I’m sure he thinks of you all the time.”
“You are starting to sound like my mother, actually that reminds me, she said something very weird and left me right after she said it.”
“What did she say?”
“For me not to freak when things started to happen.” I looked to my best friend. We had reached our lockers, she was opening hers when I told her this, and she stopped opening the door.

“I know I don’t get it.”
“Well, we will talk about this later; we better get to class before we are late.”

I got to my history class and we were learning about Greek mythology. I usually don’t pay much attention in class and I was not about to start. I was staring out the window when Mrs. Ikes called on me.
“Kara would you care to answer the question?”
“I’m sorry, could you repeat it?”
“Certainly, who was Poseidon?”
“Poseidon is god of the sea and protector of all water and creator of horses, back in the day, when sailors wanted a safe trip they would drown horses for him, his symbols are dolphins, tridents and 3 pronged spears, his weapon is also the trident, which if he is angry he uses it to shake the ground and make sailors have a bad trip, he lives on the ocean floor in a place made of coral, gems and drives a chariot pulled by horses.”

I look to the teacher not knowing how I knew all of this. The whole class is sharing the same look of utter shock, including the teacher.
“Uh well that’s correct.” Luckily before she could ask questions I had no answers to, the bell rang. The rest of the day went by slowly.

For last class I had hospitality, luckily I had Allie in this class. Allie came up to me right away.
“So, everyone is talking about your answer in history class this morning.”
“What would you like me to say? She asked me a question and I answered it.”
“Kara, you weren’t even paying attention, nor do you study, plus you just learned about Greek mythology today.”
“I don’t know I knew that stuff okay?”
“It’s just weird.”
“Yes it is.” I stopped talking to her to pay attention to chef. We got to work. I was just putting my ingredients into a bowl when Allie came over.
“Only ten minutes till your exact time of birth!” she smiled at me. The earlier conversation forgotten. Chef came in and was telling us what we needed to do for five minutes when my neck started to burn. I lifted my necklace to see a light blue/red, type of cloud I guess, around my shell. I pulled Allie off to the side where no one could hear or see us.

“Allie, there’s something wrong the shell.”
“What do you mean?”
I show her my necklace and the blue/red glow around it. It is still warm in my hand. I watch as her face turned from shock to curiosity.
“It’s warm too, here feel it.” I put her hand around the shell. She quickly let it go.

“It is warm; maybe it’s some gimmick, which they use to keep it interesting?”
“It doesn’t feel like that.” I look at my watch and notice only 1 minute till my birth time.
We watched the clock strike 1:00 that when it really started burning. I let it go, it didn’t fall back to my neck though, and instead it floated in the air. We look at each other both confused.

“What’s going on out here?”

We see it start to open there is a note in it, I take it, I also hold the necklace to my neck as chef emerges from around the corner.
“What are you two doing out here?”
Her gaze goes to where my hands are around my necklace. The necklace is still burning, causing me pain. Chef looks back up to my face.
“Aright you two, go and do your work, oh and Kara, I will need to speak with you after class.” We head in and start working. I went over to Allie after a couple of minutes and show her the note. I see her reading under her breathe.
“You’ll need this necklace. There are things you don’t know, but soon will, I’m sorry it had to wait so long, please put this on, love dad.”
She handed me back the note, she got some ingredients and whispered to me.
“What the heck is all of this?”
“I don’t know, but that’s the first thing of communication I have heard from him since I was ten.” I left her to continue with my work. The bell rings, I say bye to Allie and that I will meet her after I am done talking with Chef.

“Why did you want to talk?”
“It’s your seventeenth birthday and that necklace came from your dad, did it not?”
“Yes, how did you know?”
“I know your father, I made sure you were in my class, he wanted me to make sure you were and safe.”
She gets up and walks to the door closing it, so no one else would hear if they were to walk by.

“You may have a seat Kara.” I took the seat across from her. My mind was reeling with questions. Just as she was settling down into her seat I bent over in pain.
“This is happening quicker then expected.” She started to look around her office.
“What the hell is going on!” I yelled at her. The pain was getting worse by the second.
“Your mother didn’t tell you when she gave you that necklace, did she?”
“Told me what?”
“You’re the one.” She looked at me with hope in her light green eyes.
“What? The one? What are you talking about?”
“That necklace, it’s giving you your powers.”
“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Your father is a god Kara. He and many others are trapped. Hades trapped them; he has been looking for you since you were a baby. Now that you have come of age, he will be sending his best monsters after you. Everyone Hades trapped, they are waiting for you to set them free, to defeat Hades.”

I looked up at her, for the pain had ended. “Right and you’re totally crazy, those gods and goddesses that are supposedly waiting for me, they do not exist they are just myths.”

“I am telling you the truth, how would explain the randomness of this all?”
“The shell was just some party trick, and I just happened to get a stomach ache, you are crazy to think it’s anything different.”
I couldn’t hear another word, I need my mom, I need her to tell me this is all made up. I got up and I stormed out of there. I could hear her calling after me but I didn’t listen to a word she was saying, maybe I should have, maybe then the bad thing wouldn’t have happened.
I got into Allie’s car.
“Drive, now.” She did as I said. We were about five minutes away when she spoke.
“What happened in there?”
“Chef is crazy, that’s what.” I explained everything, the whole conversation. Allie pulled into the drive way. My mom’s car was there.
“I have, I don’t what to say about this.”
“There’s nothing to say.” I looked at the house and noticed that the door wasn’t closed properly; actually it looked like the glass was broken.
“Allie, call the cops.”
“What why?”
“Look at the door, there’s glass everywhere. I am going to check it out.” I got out of the car. She got out too.
“Stay here, and call the cops.”

I walked to the door. It was slightly open, glass everywhere. I opened it all the way now. I see some blood. I walk into the living room and find body parts. My mom’s body all ripped apart, the walls and ceiling was covered in blood some of it dripping down, and the dripping was all I could hear, like it was intensified. I screamed. Allie came running to me. I was down on my knees. I was crying, she was trying to drag me out of the house. I kept screaming. She got me out of the house, trying to calm me down as the cops arrived. I was kind of numb through the whole thing. I couldn’t bring myself to talk.

“She can stay with me officer, I’m her best friend.”
“Okay, make sure she eats, she will have to come down to the station tomorrow.”
When we arrived at her place I went right to sleep. I was so tired. I wanted to sleep and pretend that this all just one bad dream and that when I woke up my mom would still be there. I had a dreamless sleep.

I woke up to the smell of bacon. I wasn’t very hungry but I feel that I should go down. When I entered the kitchen, Allie was the one cooking the bacon and hash browns to go with it. She didn’t even look back to me when she spoke.
“You hungry?”
“Not really.”
“Well you need to eat at least something, it is already noon.”
“Didn’t realize I could sleep for that long. Where is your dad?” Allie’s mother had died a few years ago from a drunk driver. They still don’t know who it is who killed her.
“Had to leave, something came up at work.” Her dad worked for the police. It suited him. He was tall and well built. He had a look of authority. He was someone you definitely did not want to mess with. Most people around town had a crush on him. The women have been trying to get with him ever since his wife passed away. It is sick. She wasn’t even dead two weeks before they came. He has gone on a couple dates since but he always says the same thing, “They aren’t her.”
“Oh.” I sat down, her cat Kiwi jumped on my lap. She lied down and purred. Allie handed me my plate of food. It didn’t look all that appetizing for me.
Allie kept looking at me. I knew she wanted to say something.
“What it is it?”
“Look, this whole thing, I am sorry it’s just so weird. Something weird happened with your present and it is definitely no party trick.”
“Are you saying you believe Chef? That some monster did this to my mom?”
“Honestly yes.”
“You are just as crazy as she is, a monster did do it, of the human kind. I need to take a walk.” I left before she could say anything. She lived by a forest, so I walked in there. I knew which path to take so she couldn’t find me. Everything was just too weird. Now Allie was going crazy. What was this world coming to? The nature felt nice to be in. The birds were singing their song. I started to think of my mother and her death; I started to re-live my memories of us together. She had always been there for me. Now I have no one. I started to cry. It was too much. Everything was falling apart. It started to rain. No one would be able to see me cry now. I could no longer hear any of the animals. That’s strange. I stopped walking, listening and hearing nothing. I feel as though some one is watching me. I had to look around, but I saw no one. Weird. The rain had stopped. I started to head back to the house when something big stepped out of the trees about ten feet ahead.
It was big, and I mean big, bigger than a bear on its hind legs. It looked as though it had wings. It turned around. It had three heads. This can’t be possible. I must be hallucinating, I am going crazy. The thing saw me. It charged. I ran. I screamed. A scream that didn’t even sound like mine. I turned around seeing the thing cover its ears. I didn’t even know it had any. I kept running. I heard flying from up above me. I looked up. It was the thing. I screamed again, even louder. Its flight altered and headed towards the ground. It landed in a pile. I turned and ran the other way. Not stopping. I made it inside Allies house.

“Kara are you okay? What happened?”
“I think I’m going crazy. Something chased me. I need to see chef. We need to leave before it finds us.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Just go!” I grabbed her car keys and pushed her out the door. I sped to chef’s house.
I opened her door with out knocking. She ran to the door. She stopped in her tracks.

“Kara? What’s wrong, what’s happened?”
I explained to her what had happened, to Allie to.
“I am starting to believe that something weird may be going on chef, you need to help me, what was that thing?”
“It was one of Hades monsters.”
I looked to Allie; she seemed to be out of it. Just staring at the floor.
She looked up, a bit startled.
“Are you okay?”
“Am I okay? Are you okay? This is too weird, that thing was after you. It could have killed you! Why is this happening?
She was looking at chef now. Chef tired to explain things when there was big crash from up stairs.
“You two, hide now.” Chef grabbed something from her closet. It was a sword. The ting that had chased me earlier was now in front of us.
“Get out of my way!” it shrieked. It could talk. That makes things worse.
“You will not harm her.”
The creature seemed to grow bigger. It spread its wings and extended its claws. It dived for chef. Chef didn’t even have a chance. She managed to stick her sword in the things arm. The beast was stronger however. It ripped her apart. We ran. We could here it come after us. We made it outside when there was a loud sound. Then everything went black.

I awoke in a hospital. Allie was standing beside me.
“Allie? What happened?”
“The thing grabbed you, and threw you to the ground. It must have thought you were dead because it flew away.”
“What was that loud sound?”
“That would have been your scream. There is an officer sitting outside your door. He needs to ask you questions from this murder and your mom’s murder.”
“Let him in, it’s best to get this over with.” She opened the door for him. He came in. He was tall, at least six feet tall. He had sandy blonde hair. He seemed to be in his early twenties. He had light green eyes. He seemed nice. He asked Allie to leave. He pulled a chair and sat next to me.
“How are you feeling?” His question threw me a bit. I realized I was in a hospital bed and I did not know what was wrong. My head hurt, I think I may have gotten a concussion other than that I was fine.
“Well physically I am okay, not sure about mentally though.” He smiled at me.
“The questions are just routine.” He asked away, I answered with out saying anything about Greek myths being real. If I had I would have been declared crazy. He was finally done with questioning of both murders.
“Sorry that took so long. I am finished now, you should get some rest. Don’t worry, we will find the killer.” I doubt that I thought. I said thanks and said bye to him. I tried to sleep. I kept dreaming of my mother’s death. The way the blood dripped down the walls. Her body parts scattered. Her head on the couch, staring at me. The smell of something rotten, was making its way into my nostrils. My dream changed. Not to anything better. I woke screaming because of it.

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