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I believe my story is the next block buster hit because it revives an awesome movie series with a new twist in the story.

Chapter 1

The Scene of the Crime

Chapter 1. The scene of the crime
It was a cold Thursday morning in December when we got the call we arrived at the scene only twenty minutes later at an abandoned refinery the smell was horrible it was a mix of rotten flesh and hydrochloric acid. I walk into the refinery and ask the detective on the scene “What happened here Roman?” “I don’t know it seems the victim was hooked up to a timer while she was hanging over a barrel of hydrochloric acid and when the timer reached zero she fell and her flesh was basically eaten away by the acid.” “We haven’t seen anything this gruesome since the jigsaw homicides.” “Do you think they could be related?” I said with worry in my voice “I don’t know for sure but he has left a calling card.” “A calling card?” “Yes because of the calcium in the bones they don’t get eaten like the flesh does and on her skull they found what looks like to be a jigsaw mark” said Roman “Well looks like Chemistry class came in handy didn’t it Roman?” I say with a little chuckle remembering all the good times me and him have shared over the years through high school and, college. He was even there for me after the murder of my late wife Desirae he used to be a good friend but now I question his existence… “Haha yes it did my old friend well I’ll finish up here. “Why don’t you go back to the office and see what you can find on the other jigsaw murders?” said Roman “Sure will buddy.” I said “And Thomas? Try not to stress yourself over these cases like you’ve done all the cases since Des’s Death will you.” “yeah…” I said cringing at the thought of my late wife’s death “Hey Rodger check the trash for any evidence instead of sitting around on your ass will you” Roman said “I already did they found a cellphone its heading down to analysis right now” Rodger says “I’ll check it out when I get down there” I say as I step into my car and drive away.

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