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Life is like a gift of your loved one. You should love it, care for it and always listen to your heart. By doing this you will create memories and those memories will bring smile on your old days so that you can die in peace.

Chapter 1

Untold Memories

On a pleasant morning when I opened my eyes  I saw a beautiful flower opening its petals and looking at me, she was the most beautiful flower on that garden.

I smiled at her and say hello, she was nervous but she smiled and shook her head saying hello in return.

There were flowers far away from us, so some times we look at them, we talked about them, we spent hours talking to each other, playing with each other and sometimes laughing aloud on some funny jokes.

We became best buddies and share everything with each other.. We were the happiest flowers in that garden.

One day we saw a man with a wooden basket hanging on his back was plucking the flowers,
I was frightend and worried,  not because that man could pluck me, but I was worried about her.
What will happen if that man pick her?

Probably she was thinking the same.I could see that fearness and that feelings in her eays.

One morning we saw few more beautiful and attractive flowers growing besides us, their beauty, freshness and enchanting fragrance forced us to became their friends.

We were happy and enjoying our company with those new friends but unnoticingly we were going away from each other, probably we were less attracted now and couldn’t care each other’s existence.

On the other day the gardener came and plucked all those beautiful flowers leaving two of us alone.

I was looking at her eyes and thinking ‘are you still worried about me?’,Probably she was also asking herself the same looking at me.

But why the gardener left us and plucked all other flowers?

Perhaps we were not freshed and younger anymore. But I could still see that smile on her face what I saw on the first day we met, I could still see that attraction in her eyes and petals.

Now I am no longer on that tree and can’t even see where she is. So, while lying on this dirty garden floor  the best I could do is regretting the time that I  did not spent with her.

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Debashish Mohapatra

gurgaon, india

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