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This story is of magical creatures fighting back, against their own kind. It focuses on the elementals, who’ve been on earth since it first began. Years later a threat comes to them and one girl, Isadora has to stop it. But at the end she will discover that Ashton isn’t the only threat against earth and it’s humans.

Chapter 2

The Middle

It has been three years since Isadora first ran away, she’s been going by the name Mia and living in a town house. It wasn’t that worst place to live, but not exactly the best. She has been practicing her powers since she got there, learning to control them at the same time, with air, she can now create tornadoes, as big or as small as she needs them to be. She feels stronger now, and ready to see her parents, although they might not want to see her after all she ran away.

She has been in town for a couple of days, before she finally worked up the courage to see them. She walked up to their door and knocked. She waited anxiously, but after a few minutes no one came. She looked around and the lights in the kitchen were on, and their vehicles were in the drive way. She knocked again, this time more loudly but still no answer, she started to worry now. She slowly opened the door and stepped in to the hall way. Right away she could feel something was wrong, she started to check all the rooms, nothing, and the last room she was to check were her parents. As she walked in, she knew they weren’t there, she turned on the light and sure enough no one was there, there was however a note on their bed.

“Dear Isadora,

I got word that you came back into town, welcome home. Now you aren’t going to like this, but I have your parents, I’ve had them for a few months now actually. You see in order for me to continue with my plans they had to be out of the way, don’t worry though I didn’t kill them…yet. There is still a position open for you, join me and I will promise you that your parents will live, don’t and they will die a slow painful death, and don’t think for a second I won’t kill, because I killed my parents, I have no trouble killing yours. You have one week to find us, I will give you a hint though; we can be found at a place where both your parents could use their powers (if they still had them of course) ha ha, good luck.



That son of a bitch! He has no idea who he is messing with right now. Isadora left her parents her room and went back to the hotel she was staying at. She had to have a plan, because although she could easily beat him, he most likely had people guarding him, and she wasn’t sure if she would have enough strength for that. What to do, what to do? Well I suppose first thing is; I need to find help but not from this town. Isadora grabbed her candles, set the circle up and called the elements to her.

“Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit please help me. I need to find people that are not with Ashton, that don’t want him to rule, I need you to go tell these people where to find me.” She felt the elements leave her, to do her bidding, she sincerely hopes it works. Now for the second thing; to figure out where he is keeping her parents. Normally she would use the elects to help her, but in the off chance he sensed them there, with him and her parents, it would mean trouble, it would mean he knows she can control all of them. It was getting late and she had come up with nothing, she needed rest so she made sure everything was locked, climbed into the surprisingly comfy hotel bed and fell asleep.

“Ashton, I bring word that the girl got the note.”
Ashton turned around, using a cloth to clean up his bloody hands. He had been torturing the chief all day today, tomorrow it will the chief’s wife. He enjoyed it very much, just cutting into their skin and having the elements heal it, just to cut it again.
“Excellent, how did she look?”
“Excuse me?”
“Did she look upset, angry, how did she look?”
“Oh, she looked pissed off.”
“Alright, thank you Doug now go get me Geoffrey.”
“Do I have to?”
“Stop being a pansy and go get him.” Ashton started to heat up with his one element, to let the idiot know he wasn’t kidding, which worked. Geoffrey was the best tracker he had ever seen and not one you want to mess with. Geoffrey could control fire, and like Ashton he loved to torture people. That is why they worked so well together, he had Geoffrey track down Isadora and he did, only he couldn’t get close to her, her powers somehow made it impossible, he had said she was using them as a barrier, an elemental could not go to close to her. Of course with her guard being down from trying to find her parents, they’ll be able to get close enough to her to grab her. He turned around to heal up the chief’s wound.

“She’s stronger than you, you won’t win.” the chief said, after his wounds had been healed. He was looking straight into Ashton’s eyes, he always did, even when he was being tortured.
“That may be true, but she isn’t stronger than me and my followers combined, and when her powers start to drain her out, it’ll be easy to grab her.” Ashton walked away and left the chief to spend the night in the cold, dark basement with just the smell of blood all around him to keep him company.

It was 2:30 in the morning when Isadora heard a knock at her door. She turned on the light, and called Air to her for protection and opened the door half way.

“You’re Isadora correct?” the man who had asked was the most handsome man she had laid eyes on. He was tall, looked to be six feet, he was built pretty well too, not too big and not skinny either, he had bright green eyes and a chiselled face, with black hair framing his face. She than realized she had been staring and had not yet answered him.
“Ah, yes I am, and you are?”
“My name is Kai, I and many others got your message.” He looked behind him and she followed his gaze and saw that there were lots of people standing behind him, there looked to be about a hundred, maybe more.
“Oh wow, I definitely don’t have any room for you all of you here.”
“That’s okay, we have a spot, and somewhere where Ashton wouldn’t think to look.”
“And where is that?”
“The East forest.” He smiled at her, and man did he have a beautiful smile.
Isadora packed her things and they made their way to the East forest. The east forest, where their ancestors once lived and where other magical folk still do. Of course not all of them will be friendly, especially the gnomes they really didn’t like us. They made it there in just over two hours. The elementals may not live there anymore, but some of us really didn’t want to live far from it either, and with my dad being the chief, we had to live close. We entered the forest and into a clearing, about half way in, the whole forest was quiet, we were on guard. It was so quiet, but after a few minutes a voice came from somewhere within the trees.

“Why are you elementals here?” everyone in the group looked to Isadora to answer that question. She called air to her, for it to carry her voice.
“We need a place to stay, to prepare for a fight.” we waited for a response, when we got one it was from a different voice.
“And who is it you are fighting? The humans?” the voice laughed and faded out.
“No, one of our own. His name is Ashton and he wants to kill a lot of people, he killed his own parents, he has mine, I will not let him destroy anything anymore.”
“And why should we help you? You people seemed pretty quick to leave us.” the voice this belonged to was a gnome, he had walked out to meet me. Before I could say anything one of the guys in my group spoke up.
“Yes, but we left you protection.” I wish he wouldn’t have said that.
“Oh aye, you left us two guards, TWO and guess what? They only come out here a couple days a week to make sure we are still here, like we could leave anyways.” the gnome turned to me next.
“So lassie, again I ask, why should we help you?”
“You should help because he is a bad person, he thinks he is superior, I wouldn’t put it past him for him to come here and destroy everything. If I could I would take him on myself, but he has lots of followers and my powers would drain me, before defeating all of them.”
He looked to be thinking about what I had just said, he whistled three times, calling out the creatures to him. There are hundreds of them, there were more gnomes, elves, fairies and lots, lots more. He turned to them.
“Now listen up, the elementals will stay here and train, but you guys have a choice. You can either train with them or you don’t and you just stay here, watch them if you want. Now I won’t be training with them, you guys decide for yourselves what you want.” And with that, he left, she didn’t even know his name.

Everyone was just staring at one another, not really knowing what to say to each other, Kai stepped up. She could tell he was a leader, and seemed like a really good guy.
“look, we are going to fight, and some of us may not make it back, If you wish to stay alive please leave now but you won’t be alive for ever, not if Ashton wins.” The creatures all looked at each other, talking in a different language, trying to make a decision. In a way, I think they didn’t know what to do because they didn’t know us, we were strangers to them.
“How hard could it be to kill an elemental, just shoot one.” the voice came from an elf, one that needed Isadora could tell actually needed to see what we were capable of.

I called air and fire to me, my followers need to see what I can do always.
“As you know elementals can control one element, on occasion some can control two, which is the case with Ashton, he controls fire and water. However I can control more than one element as well. And I have been practicing, seeing what I was capable of.” I started moving my hands, creating small tornadoes.” Everyone looked a bit shocked, and in awe of it.
“As you can see, tornadoes are bad on their own, but I will add more to it.” I concentrated an added fire to it. After I was done displaying that, I let the elements leave.
“That is one reason it is hard to kill us, the other being we can use our elements as shields, nothing gets through them.”
“Well no wonder Ashton would want to recruit you, being able to control air and fire, you would be pretty powerful to have on his team.” Kristy is the one who said that and everyone agreed with her. Isadora knew her name because she was one of the few people who kept talking the entire journey here.
A fairy came to the front of her fellow people and spoke up. Now most people assume all fairies are small with wings, but they aren’t small, they are human sized with beautiful black wings.
“There is something you’re not telling us or them, what is it?” Fairies were also very intuitive and tended to know things before some of us did. My people were looking at me, I knew I had to tell them now.

“She is right, there is something I haven’t yet said. Ashton knows I have more power than what I am letting on, but he doesn’t exactly know what.” I looked around at the crowd, Kai nodded at me for encouragement.
“I can control all of the elements, I have been able to do that since I was a kid.”
“You can do what? Why didn’t you tell people?” Katerina was the type of girl that would brag about everything, which is very annoying actually.
“She didn’t tell anyone because someone like Ashton comes along, and then she would be in constant danger.” Kai said to everyone, he clearly was a smart enough guy. My people broke out talking to each other, it was getting very off topic from why were originally here. We needed to figure things out and we needed sleep, it was going on five in the morning.

I called air to me, to help make my voice carry and be heard again, over all the commotion.
“Be quiet all of you, look we need sleep and before we do that we need to get things cleared up.” I turned to the creatures, although I really should stop calling them that.
“If you will fight with us than please stay, If not than please go back to where you sleep, we could all use it right now.” They talked amongst themselves, about half stayed with us. A girl elf walked to me, she was really pretty, tall as most elves are, with long black hair and blue eyes, and pale skin.
“Isadora, I can take you and a couple of others in, it will rain soon and we want you to be dry.” I agreed and everyone was going into groups. Katerina, Kristy and I followed her to her home. It was in a huge tree, she had hollowed out the inside of it, it was actually quite beautiful and I was getting a De Je vu vibe about it. She had set blankets out for us to sleep on.
“What’s your name?” I realized none of us have asked this, so I was glad when Kristy asked.
“Selene.” She turned to me with a smile on her face.
“I knew you wouldn’t remember me.” I still don’t know why that made her smile or how I even knew her.
“I’m sorry? But how would I even know you, I’ve never been here before.”
“You’re sure about that are you? The reason I’m saying it, is because you seemed to know where to turn and what paths to take to get to our clearing, when most of you would get lost.”
“She has a point Isadora, you lead us straight here, I know for sure that I would have gotten lost.” Katerina and Selene both made good points, but they are wrong.
“I don’t remember ever coming here and besides Kai mentioned about how he had come up with this idea, to train here he knew.”
“No, he knew the place but not where to actually go in the forest to find it. Now back when we were little, you came wandering in here, right to the clearing, without a parent in sight. We played together, a memory block was put up, which you could easily take down by the way.” I didn’t know what to think, but when I tried looking back, there was nothing coming to me. I decided to try and remove it, no harm in it.
“If there is a memory block how does one remove it?”
“You call your elements, the rest you have to figure out for yourself.”

I went to my bag and grabbed the candles, lit them as I called the elements. I sat in the middle, the only light coming from my candles, Katerina, Kristy and Selene were off to the side being quiet.

“Earth please join me, and bring down that wall, Air please join me and blow away the mess so I may see my memory.” It had worked and I could now remember what I have forgotten.

I was ten years old and I had just heard the story from my father about the forest we came from and the creatures still there and of course after hearing this I really wanted to check it out. He kept telling me that it was dangerous and I will not be going, I started to throw a fit and he sent me to my room. I was a smart girl and had kept maps all my life, one being from the town and where this forest would be located. I grabbed my monsters Inc. back pack, put my map in it, a book, some snacks (I always had extra snacks in my room) and some clothes. I waited till my parents were asleep and snuck out, making sure I cloaked myself. As a little kid, you would be scared, walking in a dark town, late at night but you learned to be tough when you are an elemental. It took longer than what I had indicated, and I started getting very tired, but I managed to make it to the beginning of the forest. The woods seemed so calm and inviting to me, where as to most people they wouldn’t ever want to go in there at night, especially alone. I stumbled along, not even sure where I was going, I was so tired that I ended up passing out.

I woke up to a bright light in my face, I sat up in I suppose what you would call a bed, except that this bed was in side of a tree. I looked around, who ever lived here knew how to decorate, there were even windows, and well there were two. No one was in there with me, I got up and went to the bottom level, as I neared the bottom I could smell something cooking. I walked very carefully into the kitchen. There was a girl in there and she looked so pretty, she knew I was there, she turned around and offered me a plate of what she was cooking.

“Thank you miss.” I went and sat down, it really didn’t look appetizing this food but it did smell delicious so what could it hurt? I tried it, and it actually wasn’t half bad, I was just finishing up when she sat down beside me.

“Young girl, you should really be getting home, your parents will be worried sick about you.” I finished up my food, but I didn’t want to talk about my parents, I wanted to see the rest of the creatures. I turned to her after a couple of minutes.

“Are you an elf?” I looked at her as a bit of surprise went across her face.
“Yes, I am but what are you, you do not live in these parts?”
“I’m an elemental, my father is the Chief.”
“Then we really need you to get back to him, why did ya come here in the first place?”
“He told me a story of this place and I wanted to see it for myself. What’s your name?” She looked at me, I could see she was stubborn but decided to answer anyways.
“My name is Sandra, now come one we must bring you home.”
“Hi Sandra, no need, I left a note for them, they usually don’t wake up till noon anyways, which gives me a couple hours to explore, can I please do that?”
She was in deep thought, perhaps she wouldn’t want to have a child around.
“Listen, uh?”
“Pretty name, but I am not in charge, I shall have to contact our leader.” She got up and went over the phone, I could only hear her end of the conversation.
“Hi, it’s Sandra, I would like to speak with Atlas please.”
“A child, and elemental child is in my house.”
“Okay, see you then.” She hung up the phone and walked back to me.
“Isadora, Atlas, our leader is coming over, he will decide after meeting you if he wants you to stay for those couple of hours.” I nodded my head, we sat in silence waiting for him to come, and when he finally did I felt a bit nervous. He walked in and straight to me, he was a gnome.

“So yer the elemental child.”
“Yes, and you are?”
“Atlas, I am the one in charge around here.” he turned to Sandra now.
“Sandra, how did you come across her?”
“I was out last night, making my rounds and found her lying on the ground, I brought her to my place to get warm, she knew I was an elf when she woke up.”
“Aye, alright.” he turned back to me.
“Isadora, why’d did ya come here, to this forest?”
“My father had finished telling me the story of how we were once a part of this forest, than left but most of the other creatures stayed, I wanted to come here to see everything for myself, I ran away but I left a note for them.” Sandra jumped in.
“Her father is the chief.” Some kind of emotion went across Atlas’s face but she couldn’t figure out what it was.
“Alright, Isadora you may stay for a couple of hours and look around.” I smiled and he turned to Sandra.
“Sandra, you are to keep an eye on her and keep her out of trouble, you understand?”
“Yes sir.”
Atlas walked out and kind of slammed the door doing so, I was still smiling while getting ready to leave her house. I don’t know what I was expecting but it was beautiful out there, it seemed so peaceful and fun and just light everywhere, some clear patches but mostly just very big and very tall trees. Every creature had a place here, now so did she, well for the moment anyways. The residents there, looked at her not really sure how to react, most of them would completely stop to stare, this one girl came up to her though.
“My name is Selene.” she stuck out her hand for Isadora to shake it, and she did.
“Hello, my name is Isadora, what are you?”
“I am an elf.” she spread out her wings, and they were so beautiful, they physically made you feel calm, and they were so shiny. Her father had left the part out about elves having wings, although now that she thinks about it, she did notice something odd hanging from Sandra’s back when she saw her.
“You’re an elemental correct?”
“Yes I am.” that had gotten even more of the people’s attention, they wanted to know what I could do. They all just stared at me, waiting so I called Air to me. I went to piles of leaves and needles on the ground, with air, I had them all go into the air and spin around calmly, around the creatures and around the trees, from there I started moving the branches and soon it was like everything was dancing. Even then she knew not to call on the other elements, she needed to keep that a secret. All the creatures seemed to be impressed, she had made friends and she didn’t want to ever leave. She and Selene were instantly friends, Selene was helping Sandra in showing her around the forest.

“Isadora, it is time to go now.” the gnome had come up to her while she was using her powers to lift one of her new friends; a fairy named Elizabeth, in the air.
“Do I have to?”
“Yes, I don’t want your father being concerned.” I looked down but I knew he was right, I put Elizabeth back down, said my goodbyes and started following Sandra out of the clearing and back into the trees. We didn’t talk much on the way back, I didn’t really have anything to say. Sandra was asking me something when she was thrown back against a tree, I looked around to see my father and mother and what too appeared to be a friend of theirs, although she’s never met him. My mother had called for me to go to her but I went to Sandra to make sure she was alright.

“Why would you do that? She was bringing me back home.”
“She shouldn’t have come for you in the first place, no one will take my daughter, and I am the chief.”
“She didn’t take me, I ran away, I ran here and she’s been helping me, their leader wanted me gone but I convinced him to let me stay for a couple of hours.” I was angry but I had to try to control my emotions, the wind had started to pick up which I know was my doing.
“Isadora, why on earth would you want to come here? The creatures here are no longer a part of what we do, we do not interact with them anymore.” My dad was struggling with knowing what to say, of course that did not help with my anger. The wind really picked up now, everyone’s hair was whipping around and the leaves were starting to fall to the ground because of my anger.
“Isadora control your emotions.” But I didn’t want to, it felt good. I was ready to do more damage when Sandra’s hands went on each side of my head, she was whispering something and a sharp pain was in my head, than I blacked out.

After having just remembered all of this, I turned to Selene, standing and staring at me from the kitchen, holding a plate of food for me. Selene started talking.
“Sandra was a teacher of mine, she put the block up to protect you, air is the closest element to you, and when we’re young it is hard for us to control our emotions and with the way you were acting, that much power, she was afraid you’d hurt somebody. Elves have a certain power, we are good when it comes to making someone forget something. So she put up a memory block and your parents took you home, in your mind, you never ran away to come here.”
“Were my parents scared?”
“Yes they were, they didn’t know what to think and they thanked her for doing what she did to protect everyone.”
“I wonder why their friend didn’t do anything.”
“I’m sorry? What friend?”
“There was a guy there, he had a scar on the left side of his face, he was about their age and standing right there with them, Sandra would have seen him.” Selene looked confused, and worried she looked at Katerina and Kristy.
“Would you girls excuse us?”
“Oh of course.” they went into the room they’d be sleeping in.

“Isadora, there wasn’t anyone else there, just your parents, you and Sandra, she never mentioned anything about some man, just the parents of a child who ran away.”
“What? No, I saw him he was there that day.”
“There is one way to find this out for sure, we will go see the fairies.” I didn’t know what was going on but we walked to the part of the forest where the fairies all stayed, we knocked on the one door, apparently this fairy was the eldest and knew more than anyone.

“What’s going on, I was trying to sleep Selene.”
“We need you to view her memory from when she was little.”
“Because she saw someone others didn’t.” The fairy’s eyes went wide and rushed us into her home, it was slightly smaller than Selene’s and not as well decorated, there was flowers everywhere.
“Okay, Isadora I am going to go back into your mind, to see the memory from when you were here with us, it may hurt a bit.”
“You know my name, but I do not know yours?”
“It’s Elenor, now stay still when I do this.” I did as she asked, but it was hard because it hurt not a lot but still, it seemed like hours passed before she finally released me. She was just staring at me.
“Is everything okay?” I reached out my hand to touch her but she stood up and looked around before being able to talk to us.
“Well, he was there but he was cloaked.” I just, couldn’t believe it, I was in disbelief.
“How is that even possible? I wasn’t cloaked so how did I see him?”
“Isadora, would you mind explaining this whole cloaking thing?” Selene asked me, she clearly was confused.
“As elementals, when we want to turn ‘invisible’ we call our element to help and we picture ourselves blending in with the environment, no can see you, especially when you are cloaked and the other is not.”
Everyone was in a state of confusion, no one knew what to think at the moment because it wasn’t possible for that to happen, it couldn’t be but I’ve been doing a lot of the impossible lately.

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