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As Dana Burrows heads home from a long shift, she meets a young man about to end it all. Can she give him hope and convince him that life really is worth living?

Chapter 1

A funny thing happened on the way home.

why was a nice guy such as yourself, trying to harm himself?’ Matthew pursed his lips and closed his eyes.

‘Stay out of my business’ he mumbled, his eyes still closed.

‘well, I would, but I think I kind of know what you’re going through’ Dana continued, crossing her legs and folding her arms onto her lap. Matthew however, remained defiant.

‘look, just get the hell lost, you know nothing about my life’

‘Oh really’ Dana’s gaze was so intense it unsettled the young man in the bed.

‘I know you must have felt there was no other way out, That you had tried every other way of ‘living’ and it just wasn’t working, you see, I ended up in a psychiatric ward a few years ago because I tried to take my own life’

The young mans eyes were wide open now as he listened intently.

‘I’m sorry’ he whispered I guess I engage my mouth before my brains in gear.. but, how’Dana smiled a million dollar smile. The first since she’d entered the room.

‘how did I find the strength to go on you mean’?Matthew nodded, tears in the corners of his eyes. Dana thought for a moment before answering.

‘There’s no magic ointment,no quick fixes to make it better that’s the truth, I really thought I wanted to die, I just realised that in the end, life was worth living after all. I’m not even sure of the day or hour it started getting better, it just did’

Giving a small smile, Matthew thought for a second.’I just don’t know if what I have is worth living for’ he admitted ‘I really don’t know if I can go on’

Dana gently took hold of one of his hands. The young man looked up surprised, There was the light of compassion in her eyes. She seemed to be looking into his very soul.’Who are you?’ he smirked ‘some kind of guardian angel or something?’

Dana let his hand go and shook her head. ‘of course not, it’s just if I can save someone else the pain I went through, it’s all to the good’ Matthew nodded thoughtfully.

‘I don’t even know your name, don’t gaurdian angels have names these days?’

‘Of course!’ responded Dana with a slight laugh. ‘Dana Burrows’

‘Nice to meet you Dana even if it is under strange circumstances’ His colouring was returning to normal and Dana had been right, he was very handsome.

‘Um,’ Dana looked at him with amusement as he struggled to get his sentence out.


‘Just, thanks for what you did. Will you come nd see me tomorrow?I’m still pretty confused and…….’

‘of course, if you want me to, but, you know if you want the rest is up to you’ There was a nod of acknowledgement, before he settled his head back on the pillows.

‘Listen, Mr. Whitfield, I’m sure you need your rest right now, but, I’ll be bck tomorrow if that’s what you really want’

‘yeah, it is, and please, call me Matthew’ The dark circles round the young mans eyes reminded Dana he needed to rest and that she was about to leave. She rose, and went toward the door. matthew looked at her quizically as she paused there for a moment.

‘everythings going to be okay’ she tried to sound reassuring.

Matthew rubbed a free hand over his face ‘yeah, sure’ he responded wearily.

‘Goodnight Matthew’ The door gently closed leaving the sandy haired young man alone with his thoughts and ghosts once more.

An idea was already in the blondes mind as she closed the door as to how to ahow the young man that life was indeed worth living.

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