Simon Goodwin

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Simon Goodwin

Tamworth, United_kingdom

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There is nothing more satisfying than reading about dragons and zombies and vampires and werewolves in settings that you know. Child of Woe, Dark Hunter is based in the real world, a world that is on the brink of being merged with a thousand other Realms, bringing them together amid blood gore and sex and melding them together with sarcastic intent

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About Me

46 years old, married with an almost obsessive interest in the apocalypse, which means I don’t get invited to many dinner parties. A Geek in every way, if it is classed as fantasy/horror/sci-fi, then no doubt I have an opinion on it. I have three books available on the ebook format at present but would love nothing more than to go into a book store and see my novels there amongst the greats.