Jody Scott-Smith

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Jody Scott-smith

Dalton, USA

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“HS changes everything,” BFF Annie says. Kara admits she doesn’t get it. Annie even shows up after the first day to insist they go to the Student Union, aka The Onion. They head for a table in the crowded hangout. Looking for an escape, Kara sees a ‘restroom’ sign. On the way she misses a stair, her life is never the same. “Talk to a boy, how?”

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About Me

I live in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, but not always. I moved here from Anchorage, Kentucky to raise a family. My stories are inspired by my daughter’s friends, who often discussed their parent’s divorces, remarriages, and single parent situations. I was impressed with how they coped, at the same time excelling in school and forming friendships with boys and girls. Parents have no idea how important they are and their influence….kids learn from example.