Lucee Santini

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Lucee Santini

Deerfield Beach, USA

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Laugh out loud at the crazy situations Zoe gets herself in. Watch her fumble while she tries to keep up with the culture shock after moving from England to the U.S. Eventually she goes back to Greece to be a fashion model getting herself into more situations and writing letters to her parents as journals of her experiences.

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About Me

Lucee Santini was born in London, England to an English mother and a Greek father. Later, they moved to the United States where she spent sixteen years in Phoenix, Arizona. When she was 24, she moved to Miami Beach, Florida with just a free ticket and a friend’s apartment to crash at. After a brief modeling career in Miami Beach, she worked the night clubs and then became a makeup artist. Later she met her husband who is from the South of France and they now reside in Deerfield Beach.