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T.c Chadinha

Christchurch, New_zealand

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I’m an ex-Murder and Robbery Detective Captain from South Africa. I write from experience. From the heart. And the readers will feel that. I take them on an authentic journey through a labyrinth of bloody corridors. Thrilling and fast-paced. Gripping.

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About Me

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: T.C Chadinha was born into a loveless family in the year 1966, in the rough mining town of Brakpan on the fringes of Johannesburg, South Africa. In 1987 he joined the South African Police Force and was recruited into the Security Intelligence Unit—the equivalent of America’s CIA. He was employed as a covert operative in high-profile criminal operations across Africa. On T.C’s appointment as a commissioned officer he became the founding commander of the Counter Intelligence Unit