Brock Roberts

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Brock Roberts

Indianapolis, USA

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Within the realms outside Creation, all things are possible. It was there that the theft of the elements took place. It was there that true rage and hatred was born.
Now, the eldest of rivalries will clash to decide the fate of Creation with mortals and gods alike bound to the struggle. One soul. One choice. One Wielder of the Void…

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About Me

Brock Roberts was born in 1975 in the blue-collar city of Terre Haute, Indiana. The son of a steel mill worker and a hair stylist, he began writing stories in grammar school as a way to vent his creativity. It was at the end of high school that he first began to flesh out the rudiments that would become the Elderspire Saga. Drawn to epic tales of apocalypse and redemption, the scope of the narrative changed from the average fantasy tale to one of magnitude, scope and vision.