Eyvonne Leach

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Eyvonne Leach

Georgia, USA

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People who have been abused in any way try to find any means of escape. What if there was an escape route through their mind and a positive belief system! Everybody wants something to believe in and someone to show them unconditional love, This book will give them examples of how a girl names Abigail made it through by escaping through her mind.

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About Me

Born Eyvonne Walker March 17,1980 in Nashville, TN, I has always had a passion of writing to help others overcome. I am what some would call a visionary and dream chaser. I am a single mother of 5 sons. I believes in helping others succeed when they feel they can’t make it, So I started a non-profit in 2008 to service the needs of victims of Domestic Violence, Rape, and Homelessness. Half of the proceeds from this book, will go towards building a shelter for the women and children we serve.