Ashley Chunell

Hi there! My name is

Ashley Chunell

Boston, USA

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I think my story could become a blockbuster because not only is it an uplifting, love story between two, young men, but it is also a story of hope and courage. The story focuses on equality and tackles tough subjects like coming out, gay-bashing, homophobia, disownment and suicide, all mostly based on real-life events.

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About Me

Ashley grew up in Boston and has been writing her entire life. After penning numerous song lyrics, poems, short stories, articles & fanfictions, it wasn’t long until Ashley created her own characters & wrote & published her debut novel “Masterpiece” & her GLBT Noah and Ronan Series. Ashley puts real life into her books. A lot of the homophobia & ignorant remarks in the Noah and Ronan Series were based off a things Ashley heard & witnessed in real life, making her stories even more real to her.