Cynthia Clark

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Cynthia Clark

Nebo, United States

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i have a very extraordinary imagination. My demons are made of my nightmares that can become real. Are there different levels of the underworld? Do they really fight for domination of the earth? My characters come to life as the Keeper of Lost Souls and the Demon King battle for a queen they both need, and desire. A human queen .

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About Me

I am a small town girl from Nebo, N.C Most of my life has been spent between the Carolina’s. I work as an electric heat inspector, and when the day is done, i come home and write. I am a writer by heart and a laborer by trade. I have written several books, and I write a lot of poetry. right now I am working on a series of books. Most of my writing is for fun, but if I can sell some, then that is okay too. I am more into horror, action/adventure, than I am romance. Look me up on Facebook