Kylen Coetzee

Hi there! My name is

Kylen Coetzee

Amanzimtoti, South Africa

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Wrath Of God is an intense psychological thriller that chronicles the life of deadly assassin Za’aphiel and his psychological struggles as he tries to find his purpose in life and whether he is a saving angel, a guardian or just a killer. It is full of intense action, heart-pounding drama, romance and gripping twists and turns.

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About Me

I am a very creative nerd that loves writing and doing as many creative things as possible. I write intense psychological thrillers and horrors as well as poetry and have my own cartoon strip called Lame Joke Larry. If a genie granted me three wishes they would be to become a published author, for Jeremy Renner to play me in my autobiography and for my own real life pokemon, Abra would be cool as my starter. I live to rise.