Victoria Roberts Siczak

Hi there! My name is

Victoria Roberts Siczak

Crossville, USA

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A journey into the unknown, “Prophecies & Premonitions is the second in the three book series Paradoxical. Spiritualists, mystics, psychics, and scientists have been called by the Great Power that governs the universe to save the whole of existence. Portals have opened, worlds are colliding, and galaxies are disappearing. What have we wrought!

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About Me

Always a storyteller, somehow my thoughts flow better on paper, or rather e-writing…lol. Now I can put what my family calls my (fabrications) in print for those like me who have a intuitive imagination. I am an avid reader, enjoying books of all genres, and will watch a good movie once in awhile. Most of all when I am not sitting at the laptop, I am playing with my four grandkids…who love the weird little tales I tell. I usually lay my ideas upon the dog when we walk as she doesn’t mind.