Caitlin McColl

Hi there! My name is

Caitlin Mccoll

Vancouver, Canada

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Making a vow to a dying friend might seem like the right thing to do, but when that vow means a mad man is hunting for the secret you now carry as an indelible part of you, you might start regretting your choice. Anise Buttersby is one of the Secret Carriers, chosen to protect one of the most powerful secrets of mankind: Alchemy.

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About Me

I’m a girl with a dragon tattoo and writer of steampunk fantasy as well as dark post-apocalyptic stories (read: zombies!). I’m also one of those crazy people who actually enjoys running (which will serve me well during the zombie apocalypse). In my normal life, when I’m not training to run away from the undead or writing about evil villains, airships and giant mechanical men, I enjoy running races (if I’m honest, I run for the medals), reading, and spending time with my husband and dog.