Kera Van Graan

Hi there! My name is

Kera Van Graan

Gauteng, South Africa

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Kyria Salyeria is a Member of the Slayer Family – a prestigious and powerful family who just happen to be Warriors with magic blood – and in order to join their Ranks, Kyria has to attend SMT Academy and be trained by the most powerful Slayer of all. However, Kyria’s attendance at SMT will either help her Family thrive, or slowly slaughter them all

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About Me

I am twenty-two and I have been writing stories since I was in Grade 2. I am an eccentric/shy person with a deep, forceful love of Horror and all things weird and wonderful. All my life I’ve wanted to be a writer and if I don’t scribble something down every day, I might just turn into the Monsters I write about. And no one wants that…I don’t really do bio’s very well because I think its hard to describe myself in a certain amount of characters and that’s why I just babble at the end. That’s me