Troy Kechely

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Troy Kechely

Bozeman, United States

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Montana rancher Frank Redmond is ready to abandon both home and family. It’ll take a stray dog to remind him where his loyalties lie.

A pensively introspective but hard-hitting read, Stranger’s Dance delves into the challenges and desperation of Montana ranch life in the 1930s and how animals can prove the catalyst for human healing.

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About Me

Troy Kechely grew up on a ranch west of Helena, Montana, where he developed a strong connection to the land and the animals he tended. That connection is evident in his narrative writing and formed the foundation for his debut novel, Stranger’s Dance.

A nationally known dog behavior expert, he is the author of The Management of Aggressive Canines for Law Enforcement, which teaches law enforcement officers how to avoid the use of deadly force against dogs during routine and high-risk encounters.