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From the ancient past to the distant future, what happens when the fall of humanity begins from within us?

Millions of years ago, a squirrel preparing for a harsh winter witnesses strange grey creatures killing a woman. Whilst she is dead, the squirrel gathers seeds she had dropped, placing them in its dray. In present day, a group of gold miners in the frozen Bering Strait come across the preserved seeds in a frozen dray. With each keeping a seed, events start to unfold. Mysterious flowers grow having strange affects. One man brutally killed by a swarm of bees, a woman developing psychic abilities, but physically falling apart, another regressing to a barbaric primitive form and others approached by men in black. Before long, the entire town of Garrington is swarmed with brutish Neanderthals, whom gradually evolve and begin renewing their society. A group of survivors, untouched by these changes, try to escape, guided by a man from an ancient secret society. One whom knows the truth, of Greys coming to earth millions of years ago, genetically modifying Neanderthals into modern humans. But now they are regressing, waiting for a new god to arrive and begin a new world. But as the conflict wages between modern human and new Neanderthals, what were the Greys really doing, and what is the purpose for the flowers?

A novel mixed with science fiction and survival horror, which will leave readers guessing what will happen next, what is the truth, and who are the heroes, who are the villains? What is the virus, and what is the cure? Who do we want to survive?

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A loving father and hard worker with pagan beliefs. Am a passionate writer of horror, fantasy and science fiction, as well as children’s fiction. Wish to create a massive mythology that all stories are part of. Whilst working as a teaching assistant in a primary school, am teaching children how to write and self publish the work as part of a creative writing club.
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