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Rae Catron

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Who could have known that three little words could easily change your life forever? Luke and Sabrina definitely had no idea how much could come from them.

Luke loves his best friend, Sabrina. Maybe as more than a friend. Sabrina knows deep inside that the feelings are mutual, but she’s afraid. She’s afraid of ruining their close relationship that they’ve had for almost 7 years. She’s afraid of getting so hooked on the idea of them being together, just to have it dissipate into thin air. She’s afraid of simply falling in love. So, Sabrina rejects Luke after he waited for 3 years to tell her how much love and attraction he felt towards her.

Read to join the crazy roller coaster of Sabrina’s life as she try’s to find a way to tell Luke her true feelings, along with some love, heartbreak, and lies sprinkled on top in “Unpredictable”.

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