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The first authoritative investigation into allegations that a Hollywood screenwriter fell victim to a lethal kidnap operation by the CIA.

“I acquired an unseen file; an autopsy report for a Hollywood screenwriter that alleged murder.

I was an unemployed PhD graduate and failed comedian, living in a flooded house with two small children and my ex-wife.

So it seemed sane right then to find conclusive proof that this man had been murdered in a staged road accident by hit-men from the US government.

I left my home in rural England with a cameraman in tow to retrace the screenwriter’s final moments in California.

If this death was really an assassination, I was in increasing danger. But if it was just a stupid accident … God… don’t let it be that.”

Set against a political backdrop marked by war, sex and blackmail, The Writer with No Hands unveils the never-told true story of Hollywood’s forgotten rebel, Gary Devore, and Dr. Alford’s search for the brutal truth in a world where everyone lies for a living.

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I am author of The Writer with No Hands.