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On JORAH’S eighteenth birthday, he has to become a ‘man’ in The Society, in which men are deemed inferior. Jorah is given the role of fire fighter, and is immediately requested as a Match by a local government official called MELISSA BLOOM. Jorah’s ‘father’ figure, VICTOR, is strangely happy with Jorah’s role, leaving Jorah wondering if there is anyone left that he can trust. The only person Jorah feels he can trust is the kind of person The Society hates almost as much as men in general; his best friend, TOBI. This is because Jorah and Tobi are Double Blanks; homosexual men.

Males in The Society whisper of PREM LAHKAR; the only one who managed to remove his tracking counter but Jorah knows that this is just a myth to make men feel better. Jorah also knows that women are not to be trusted, yet life becomes even more complicated when Jorah discovers Victor and his biological mother are having an illicit relationship.

To add to his turmoil, a fellow fire fighter named LOGAN, hints that The Society may not be all it seems. Oddly, Melissa is also acting out of character and comes to Jorah’s aid after he is arrested for attacking his sister, SKYE. When Melissa is made responsible for him for a week, he is abused by Melissa’s sister, DAISY. Coming to Jorah’s rescue yet again, Melissa informs Jorah about something called Amendment 219, which would make everybody equal. Jorah has been convinced all his life that women are evil, yet he isn’t sure what version of The Society he should believe in anymore.

When Tobi is arrested for being gay, Jorah has no choice but to help Tobi commit suicide to help him avoid torture. Devastated, Jorah is even more heartbroken when Victor doesn’t comfort him but warns Jorah to keep quiet about his homosexuality. Finding instead, comfort in Melissa, Jorah even begins to believe that change could happen. While in his new role, he is becoming increasingly confused after Logan gets angry with him for trying to save a baby from a burning house; Jorah finds an empty cot but the baby seemingly disappears into thin air.

As Jorah’s suspicions about The Society begin to deepen and Melissa’s assistant, QUINN, confides in him that Melissa has been receiving threatening notes, Jorah wants to ask Melissa herself for answers. However, when he finds her in her cellar the evening of his first night shift, Melissa says she can’t fight for the amendment anymore, causing Jorah to storm out. Although betrayed, when a call comes in to say her house is in fire, Jorah rushes to save her.

Yet back in Melissa’s house, Jorah is knocked out by two strangers. When he wakes up, they inform him he is outside the walls of The Society, in a place called Orbital. Jorah initially wants to return, not believing that one of the rebels he has met is none other than Prem Lahkar. He and the other rebel, MAE, also claim that The Society was built on lies; a fabricated nuclear bomb forty years ago, and a belief system that used to be the reverse.

When Jorah hears from Victor again in the form of a video, Victor also confirms the stories Jorah’s been told and that he was Melissa’s ‘father’ figure as well. Moreover, Victor asks Jorah to give Prem a chance. A few days later, Victor is reported for having a relationship with Jorah’s mum by Skye and is arrested. Despite their argument, Jorah vows to save him.

Meanwhile, Jorah is equally comforted and irritated by Prem, who reveals he is attracted to Jorah and they start a troubled relationship. Jorah finds it hard to harmonise his new feelings for Prem and the suspicion that Prem is planning something sinister after they attempt to overthrow The Leader.

When Jorah and Melissa are finally reunited, and discuss plans to topple The Leader, he reveals his misgivings about Prem. Things grow tenser after Jorah publicly stands up to Prem, yet Prem waits to confess in private to Jorah that he does want an all male government in order to make women pay for the past; which Jorah finds he can’t support. Unwittingly, Jorah creates a divide in the rebels and soon enough, the two of them are on different sides; Prem leading the men who want male only dominance and Jorah; pledging his allegiance to Melissa and equality for all.

When Jorah goes back into The Society, Jorah says goodbye to Prem, even though he wishes he could change Prem’s mind. His goal is to save Victor and thwart The Leader’s plans to hand over power to her daughter, Octavia West.

Back in The Society, Jorah’s plan to save Victor turns into a nightmare when they are caught and Victor is killed. Both Mae and Jorah are injured; with Jorah’s injuries causing him to pass out. When he wakes up, he is tied to a bed and is confronted by Octavia West. Octavia tries to manipulate Jorah and get him to betray Melissa, yet Jorah doesn’t trust her. Octavia threatens to kill his friends, revealing that she has captured all of them. Just as Jorah is considering giving in, someone shoots Octavia and everyone else in the room through the window.

It is Prem who saves Jorah, claiming Melissa has invited him to join his government if she succeeds. Jorah passes out again and wakes up back in Orbital. Prem tells him The Society is falling and it looks promising for Melissa but no one is certain what the future holds.

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