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K. R. Lane

Hi there! My name is

K. R. Lane

St. Catharines, Canada

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After Sandy goes through a bad breakup with her long time boyfriend, she lives in a constant state of depression. Attempting to help her, her best friend and roommate Mindy invites her on a week long camping trip with mutual friends that they hadn’t seen in what felt like forever. It isn’t long before Sandy starts to feel something is off, and the constant feeling of being watched overwhelms her. Once their site is attacked and only way out destroyed, what was supposed to be a retreat from the stresses of the modern world becomes a constant fight for survival with thrills at every turn. It isn’t long before they all realize that what’s hunting them isn’t the only thing they should be afraid of.

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About Me

I am a 23-year-old writer from Ontario Canada. I love all things paranormal and supernatural and I have been inspired to write about them. With each story I write, I also like to write a strong side/back story to go alongside the main plot. As I think this makes the story more interesting and enjoyable.

Favorite Things

Coffee any kind
Book Christine by Stephen King

Q&A with Vincent

How would you increase literacy?

The way that I write, I almost like having 2 stories in the same book. The main story which is the driving source of the plot, and a secondary story line that flows with the main plot.

What are the ingredients for a blockbuster story to you?

showing the true sides of human nature. This includes love, hate, betrail, redemption, forgiveness, and revenge. All that I chose to include would flow with the plot line

What are your top stories that entertain and/or inspire you?

real life stories of the paranormal and supernatural

Do you have any advice to aspiring writers?

Yes, never give up. If something is bad, then rewrite it. You never know how much your work will be loved until it's out there for the world to see.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I believe it started with books and movies that I didn't like the endings or thought the story should continue, but never did.