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Julian, a mixed race boy from a broken home is 17 and in his last year of sixth form. After losing his mother in sudden and mysterious circumstances, he grew up with hate and resentment in his heart. His loving father, unable to tame him lives a life unfulfilled. Julian has long since lost faith in religious and academic institutions. God, to him, is nothing but a 3 letter word said by the delusional.
But, he’s about to be thrown in the middle of a war between two beings from a realm above the heavens. A war that transcends time and space, whose battle ground has become the very fabric of existence itself. Its warriors, like fallen Angels, live among us — hidden within a program designed for their rehabilitation.
Julian will rediscover beliefs and emotions he had long since discarded, have them brutally tested, witness things no other mortal man has — and through these trials discover the true meaning of faith.

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About Me

Growing up in London have led me to develop a vast array of interests and hobbies. These include participating in testosterone fuelled sports, playing Japanese Go, and listening to a whole spectrum of musical genres and being equally captivated by Science fiction, crime drama and Biopic thrillers. These interests have helped to create a mind that perceives the world and people in it in unique and diverse ways. Bringing a certain eccentricity that flows throughout my work.