Tanwa Adanlawo

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Tanwa Adanlawo

Regina, Canada

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A story that always ends with a curse. A story as ancient as “once upon a time” in the realm of Hiliax. A story of treason and love that runs deeper than anyone knows. Lillianett is the latest chapter in that story, a half-breed of two realms that at all costs must stay hidden from the people in her mother realm or it may cost her her life. For a year she must stay isolated from the people, and then she may return to Tarress realm (Earth). Unfortunately, Lillianett is hot-tempered and too quick to act, which makes her task that much more difficult. Can she succeed in continuing this story, or will she be the final chapter?

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About Me

If I could write for the rest of my days I will live happily. I have been exposed to a diverse range of people which makes my brain fun. I love all forms of art, both performing and creative. My hobbies are painting, drawing, puzzles and performing (spoken word and singing) I am a big believer is giving people chances and hearing both sides of the story before making a decision. I am an otaku which means I love Japanese cartoons and comics – don’t ask me why, it is currently an addiction.