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We are at a world, some years ahead of us, when genetic engineering has exceeded bioethics’ limitation. Sense8 meets House MD and Inception, transforming us into Schrodinger’s cat. The story is like an adventure computer game in terms of a mind game. The reader has to keep on decoding constantly the storyline along with the main character.
What we chose to look at each given point forms our perception and in the end makes every possible outcome to collapse to one reality. Each time the main character fails to see or comprehend a clue, she finds herself at a dead-end, forcing her to go back and try again. Sometimes, even though it seems that she found the correct answer, the missing piece that appears later on, alters what she considers as truth.
Do we have any control over what we chose to define as reality or is it a vicious circle where our perception and nature’s laws keep us trapped?
We are following Janus, a woman with a unique ability to have access to other people’s consciousnesses. She struggles to discover her true identity -that’s blurring due to genetic experiments- while she‘s constantly manipulated by carefully given fragments of information. She is willing to sacrifice everything and everyone she comes across in order to find a man, she has been sharing consciousness with for years but she hasn’t found him yet. The mystery man shows up in her mind every time her life is at risk, pushing her willy–nilly to the way out.
She is a biologist working on a virus that induces activation of genes that control hidden abilities. She gets the virus and her ancestor’s skills emerge, those of a serial killer included. She kills her boss Paul, who contaminates pc gamers with the virus, fails to commit suicide and decide to go back to her team.
Her team consists of two other men. Mark, a doctor who makes sure that transgenic human participants with technical devices implanted on them will survive the tests while they are experimenting on breaking time barriers. He is determined to make it happen because the woman he loved, Lisa, is in a coma and her mind transferred on a quantum pc. He is obsessed on bringing her back; give her a body so that they could go on with their lives as a couple.
Alex is the mastermind behind the experiments. His main goal is to find the only human who already knows how to break time and he uses every mean that technology and scientific research has to offer along with his manipulation’s skill. His secret is that he has reincarnated more than once and has clear recollection of each one of his previous lives. In every life he comes across the same man. They fight and the man kills him. This time he is determined to find him and kill him first.
Alex helps Janus find Jim the man whom she’s been looking for but she manipulates her to kill him. Jim doesn’t die but he’s in a coma and Janus has to wake him up before he dies. She‘s been told that she carries Lisa’s DNA. In fact she’s pregnant with her clone. She connects with her and once Lisa realizes that she’s dead she destroys every data and device she can access, causing deadly injuries to Janus, Mark and Paul.

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