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Jennifer Harris

Norwich, United_kingdom

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This is the story of a young girl called Sarah Murray, someone who holds dark secrets in her past, one’s that are to be revealed in brutal ways. She is an orphaned child who grows up in a world that is slowly been torn apart by war. Eventually Sarah joins the army and is sent in to the very heart of Europe. As the war rages on and becomes ever more destructive important lives are put on the line as the enemy becomes ever more desperate. It is Sarah’s regiment that is sent on a mission to try and stop the enemy before it is too late. But in doing so her own mysterious past will come back to haunt her. It is a story of the struggle against all the odds and a lesson in why you should never give up, however hopeless the situation maybe.

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About Me

Hi I’m Jenny and I’m 33 years old, don’t feel it though! I am a very happy person with an active imagination. I love telling stories, which is why I’m here. currently have the most boring job in a café and spend my whole time at work dreaming up new stories and plot twists, must drive my colleagues mad! anyway hope everyone likes what I’m about to share with you all