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Peter Levrai

Joensuu, Finland

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“I think everything that can be seen … can be seen, if you know how to look. There are layers, parallels. Past, present, future, the roads not taken.”

Five strangers with the ability to see the unseen are drawn together. Darryl, a teenage boy who paints his visions, meets Rian, a teenage girl who can bend people to her will. Together they seek out Jake, a young boy who has dreams of the future and the past, Michael, a man who can see what other people are thinking and Mary, a woman who can see and draw out the potential in people.

They are united by their abilities and by their fear of the burning man, an unknown figure who haunts Jake’s dreams and Darryl’s visions. A figure who appears to be hunting them. As the five explore the extent of their abilities they come across others who can also see including Arnold, who can see the right thing to do and Helen, a woman who can see how the pieces fit together.

After a tragedy pulls the group apart they face a confrontation with the burning man which drags them into a larger fight beyond anything they could imagine.

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