World’s Best Story™


World’s Best Story™ is the first crowdsourced literary contest and discovery platform where the story and its blockbuster potential is the star attraction.

The contest aims to find a manuscript that has the potential to be a smash hit in books and beyond – from movies, to video games, to graphic novels, to merchandise. Anyone with a story can enter their synopsis and sample chapter for the community to review and help select ten finalists.

It’s absolutely free!

Writers from around the world can submit stories for free in several fiction and non fiction genres while readers across the world vote on those stories using our easy and fun to use proprietary blockbuster story potential™ voting algorithm. All winning stories receive a pedigree building publishing deal represented by WBS Entertainment Inc.

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Where writers + readers meet!

Users are able to sign up via e-mail or their favorite social networks such as Facebook or Twitter account offering the possibility to promote, vote, and interact not only about their favorite stories, but also get to know the writers behind the stories.

Finding the next blockbuster
through the power of the crowd!

As the world’s first and only crowd-sourced literary contest, one of the cornerstones of the World’s Best Story™ contest and platform is the social media participation such as Twitter and Facebook via the specially designed platform to help writers and readers meet and connect through story. World’s Best Story™ distinguishes itself from other literary contests and discovery platforms by primarily focusing on the story’s blockbuster potential using the power of the crowd as well as rewarding readers who vote with fabulous prizes.

Revolutionizing the way stories are discovered!

World’s Best Story™ wants to bring media friendly excitement to the publishing and entertainment industry by creating a unique synergy between the public’s love of a great story, retail, and media, all in support of writing and reading.


Not only is the World’s Best Story™ contest a unique and excellent way to get your story discovered, the platform itself is a discovery and promotion vehicle for stories and their authors.

Right now, somewhere in the world, there is a story destined to be discovered and become the next blockbuster franchise! Will it be yours? Submit your story now!

Our judges and world-class team consist of renowned authors, agents, editors, scholars, as well as professionals from the entertainment and publishing industry.


WBS Entertainment Inc. represents literary and dramatic works with a presence in Canada, USA and several other countries. All WBS™ IP is represented by our world class brand development/ management team.

WBS Entertainment believes the end of your story is just the beginning.™

WBS Entertainment Inc.’s unique packaging model focuses on bridging publishing/entertainment stakeholder needs with pools of untapped bankable talent by means of it’s proprietary contest and discovery platform called World’s Best Story™(a division of WBS Entertainment Inc).

With WBS Entertainment’s background in both publishing and entertainment, we support our writers in a wide array of media format possibilities from book to blockbuster franchise.

WBS Entertainment manages every aspect of a writer’s career to help each writer make the most of the story’s blockbuster potential.

WBS Entertainment’s world-class team includes seasoned professionals in publishing, marketing/promotion, licensing, editing, branding, book cover design, and foreign/audio rights. We work with top agencies in Hollywood, negotiating film and TV deals as well as with top merchandising/licensing agents to maximize your story’s blockbuster franchise potential for both fiction and non-fiction stories.

Our outlook for 2017 and beyond focuses on making the World’s Best Story™ platform a premier destination for all things STORY!