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First of all, it's fun! Imagine yourself as a high powered literary agent, hot movie producer, or a blockbuster author, well you can since YOU are the judge!

We give power
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Just by voting, you will be helping increase literacy, encouraging other writers and readers, and the honor of finding the World’s Best Story which will be enjoyed by readers throughout the world not only as a book, but other formats such as graphic novel, video games, TV, movies, musicals, and other course all the fun merchandise.!

You will be helping discover great stories for not only you but for people to enjoy around the world for decades to come!

Oh, did we mention prizes! Yes, readers also get rewarded just for voting, every time you vote on a story, you receive WBS™ points giving you a chance to win fabulous prizes!

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Through the power of the crowd, we can all help find the next blockbuster stories that will live on for decades to come. You have the power to help find the diamonds in the rough just waiting to be discovered.

The more stories you vote on, the more chances you have of winning. Since the World’s Best Story™ is not only a contest, it is also a powerful discovery and promotion platform, you may also vote on stories when the contest is closed while continuing to accumulate WBS™ points valid for the next contest. Stories are being submitted all the time so check back often.


Every time you vote on a story, you will receive a chance to win fabulous prizes!

The more you vote, the more chances you have of winning. Help increase literacy and get
rewarded, what more could you ask for?