Thom Cahir

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Thom Cahir

Providence, USA

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Americans are fed up since 9-11 and want to strike back after recent attacks in the U.S. and abroad.

9-11 Avenged tells how a group decides to do just that by hunting one of the most deadly al-Qaeda terrorists still at large. However, they don’t realize they’re not the only ones tracking him and simultaneous attacks cause havoc for all involved.

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About Me

Thom Cahir grew up reading Cold War spy novels by Ludlum, Forsyth, LeCarré and Clancy and started writing “9-11 Avenged” while working as a staffer at the Providence (RI) Journal.

Working in the newsroom, he started out writing obits, worked in Features for a time and then went on to cover high school, college and semi-pro sports.

Currently, Thom works as a community organizer and activist, and is already planning a second novel entitled, Economic Warfare.