Angie Myers Lewtschuk

Hi there! My name is

Angie Myers Lewtschuk

Monterey, U.S.A.

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In a suspense filled journey behind the Iron Curtain, the discovery of a mysterious young girl alone in the city leads a pair of women to become unfortunately entangled with the secret police. When separate events come together to reveal the girl’s true identity, the past joins with the present to alter the future of everyone involved.

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About Me

Angie Myers Lewtschuk was raised in the best small town in northern Utah, she currently lives a very athletic stone’s throw from the beach, would hardly mind if tomato sandwiches were served at every meal, dubs her favorite style pawn shop chic, wishes she had invented post-it notes, is obsessed with modern history, finds organized fun gauche, sees great amusement in the absurd and thinks life to be so strange that she often wonders if she might someday accidently discover the edge of the sky.