Darrel Day

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Darrel Day

Ackley, USA

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Hungry for vampires, zombies and witches; this novel has them all. The islands hold secrets only spoken in whispers. Mia, nearly three centuries old is fighting for her independence. Michael, his humanity stolen because of an adulterous act finds a kinship in Mia. The battle between the living dead and the undead will intoxicate your mind.

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About Me

Darrel Day has written and published 11 suspense novels. He also published a Sci-Fi novel and a series of short stories titled “Witches of the Forest” that includes 6 parts. He has written two collections of his short stories. He published a biography for a victim of Domestic Violence titled “Stolen Years {A True Story of Domestic Abuse and Survival}” and a biography of a law enforcement officer and his life titled “Small Town Cop/ Big City Crimes {A Man, His Dogs and a Badge.”