JW Lawson

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Jw Lawson

Hitchin, United Kingdom

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Joanne’s identical twin daughters, Maggie and Annie are accused of hideous crimes. Annie is in jail. Maggie has amnesia. The press called them psychopaths, yet Joanne believes that they are innocent… until she discovers her murdered god daughter’s dolly in her home. Joanne now realises that one of her girls is a violent murderer, but which one?

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About Me

I am a day-dreamer. As a child, I would escape from the boredom of learning into a world of my own – a world that enthralled me and captured my imagination. From the age of five, I have written prose and poetry and a few years back, I was published in a number of anthologies. That wasn’t enough for me though – my dream was to write a thriller and so my imagination went crazy again and I self-published my new book Mummy’s Little Angel. Although I’m a company director, writing remains my passion.