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Arwen and his friends are often told that because they are “only” eleven years old, they can’t really do much to make the world a better place. But that didn’t stop them from forming, last year, a club—The Spirit Within Club—which focuses on the spirit within each of us that makes us the same and enables us to do so much good for the world.

Of course, the path to bettering the world is not just filled with laughter and joy. There are a lot of bumps that Arwen and his friends have to learn to navigate. Building on what they learned in the first volume of the series but written to be enjoyed as a standalone, this second volume (of seven that will take them through high school) focuses on the general feeling is one of excitement tinged with anxiety that defines the last year of elementary school.

Arwen’s parents are having marital difficulties even as his workload increases substantially, and he deals with it by burying his head in the sand. Zeke is relieved that his chronic health problems seem to be doing better only to be shocked, late in the school year, by some very bad news. Egan’s membership in the Spirit Within Club is taking its toll on his friendships at his family’s Buddhist Temple. Marco is trying to keep detached from everything since his family moves a lot only to be told by his parents that this time, they are going to be sticking around, making him wonder how much he missed out on in a bid not to get hurt. Aiko is still dealing with the consequences of having changed so much from outgoing and chatty to quiet and introverted. Zafirah’s life is a little easier this year what with her Dad having a job and all, but there are still some difficulties to life as a Muslim girl—such as the ridiculously flat hair under her headdress. Ghada is having some major issues with the dichotomy between what her Bahá’í Faith teaches and the reality around her. The club’s newest member, MaSovaida, is also having similar issues, such as not understanding how the house of a devout Christian family like hers was robbed. And the club learns that perhaps they are not as inclusive when one of their schoolmates, Frank, calls them out for not including him in their activities despite his interest.

But, with the help of two special mentors, their parents, and each other, Arwen and his friends prevail and end the year ready to take on even more.

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About Me

I believe in the transformative power of the written word. A well-crafted and well-written story can have a powerful positive influence on readers. Case in point: the first book in my series, “Spirit Within Club”, has already inspired hundreds of preteens around the world to start their own community service oriented club. I hope to publish the rest of the eight-book series and share it with an even wider audience so as to inspire even more positive community-building action!